Sunday, July 03, 2011

Tour de Fibre 2011

Hanne and I have started Tour de Fibre 2011, so please join us if you want :) Congratulations to Tor Hushovde who won the yellow yersey today.

I guess you all know that I always have some stitchery to grab on-the go whenever I need one. And this weekend have prooved how smart that is. I have stayed almost the whole weekend at the hospital with my mother. She has pneumonia and has been very sick. And also having dementia, I have stayed there with her to keep her calm.

I have been stitching on AnnAKa's new christmas BOM. And these days I finished block #1 and almost block #2. Feels good to sit besides my mom's bed and stitch. She is feeling much better now and will perhaps go home to the nursing home where she lives in a few days.

But I have block #3 ready to go :)

Small steps on my BOM from Lappemakeriet. Got a new package some days ago and I have traced all parts for the blocks. I try to have all blocks done before the next package arrives, and so far I have been clever :) So this evening sewing on these blocks and just relax with a glass of red wine.

Rusken and Frida enjoys summer evenings out on the porch. I wonder when I can enjoy some time out there. Still waiting for summer to come.

Saying for today:

To us, family means putting your arms
around each other and being there


Hanne said...

It is good to keep the hands busy in stressful times! Thanks for kekeping me company in Tour the Fibre :-)

Siri said...

Takk for kommentar. Du kommer nok godt innunder kriteriene, du! Du har allerede begynt å tenke på jula, ser jeg. Lurt! Den kommer før vi aner! Hilsen Siri:-)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

So sorry to read your mum is not well May Britt, I home she is on the improve...lovely stitching..

Becky said...

I hope your Mom recovers from her illness quickly. And you are a wonderful daughter for staying with her and giving her the comfort she needs. The stitchery is gorgeous!

Nanci said...

So glad to hear your Mom is doing better. I love your new BOM stitchery. Is this from a book or did you purchase it as a BOM. I looked online but was unable to locate it.

Laila said...

good luck on your Tour the Fibre. :-)

aussiequilter said...

great idea to have pieces ready on hand! Hope your Mum gets better soon and your life returns to somr normality cheers Teri

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi May Britt,

I love AnnAKA's stitchery blocks. Its great they were there to help you in your time of need.
Hugs, Sharon

Ondrea said...

Many angel hugs to you and your mum during this time. It is good to have some stitching to keep one calm.

Sølvi's blog said...

God bedring til mora di. Og ja , det er bestandig lurt å ha ett håndarbeid i veska.

suz said...

So sorry to hear your Mother isn't well. Hopefully she'll be better soon. Handwork is a great way to stay relaxed.

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