Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summerday on the porch

Today I have spent the whole day out on the porch.  It has been a warm summerday and I have really enjoyed the sun.  Irene visited me and we had strawberries and icecream with the  coffe. 

While chatting with a friend sewing down bindings is fun.


I finished these four mugrugs. Going to make more of these for the marked in august. 


I also finished the inside bindings on these four toiletpurses for men.


I really love the look of these crazy angels I have made.  And I know that I have to make more of these.  Hope they will sell at the marked.

011 - Kopi

And the last finish is this little purse with a owl.  This is for my needlturn class in september.

14 finishes in a couple of days. 
I really enjoy my summer vacation. 


And I still wonder how it is possible to sleep like this. 

Saying for today:

If there were to be a universal sound
depicting peace,
I would surely vote for the purr

~Barbara L. Diamond


Grete said...

Høres ut til å ha vært en perfekt dag! Og du har virkelig fått gjort mye! Denne dagen har vært en skikkelig vitamininnsprøytning-måtte vi få flere!

Hanne said...

Well done on all your projects :-)

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

What a fabulous market it is going to be with all your lovely goods! Just a pity we all here in Australia can't come.

Lynda said...

Wow ... that's impressive. Love the angels. They are such fun.

Gra said...

You are getting so much done!!! And all your projects look great. I have no doubt they will sell very well.

De said...

What a productive vacation you have had. Love all your makes!

sewkalico said...

You are being amazingly productive! Love that owl!! Gorgeous. I hope you do well at your market - I am sure you will. Those crazy angels are such fun!!! And so is your crazy cat. I love how our cats can sleep just about anyhow :)

amala said...

i absolutely adore your angels.
and rusken is so, so, so sweet! looks like he has done a lot of yoga...

Susan said...

So many lovely projects, you really are making the most of your holidays. I don't know how your cat sleeps either!

Ondrea said...

I love those mug rugs with the little birdies on them. The owl is cute on that purse too. You really are making a lot of projects.

As for your beautiful cat, he is just doing what cats do best- sleeping. They all sleep in those weird positons, I know mine does.

Anonymous said...

any cooking or cleaning happening over at your place?

RandiT said...

Snakk om å ligge i vinkel men det gjør da vitterligen katten din !! Masse flotte saker her:)

Anne Lise said...

Fantastisk mye flott du har fått gjort ferdig her. De crazy englene er jo bare helt skjønne. Utrolig hva en solskinnsdag kan gjøre for noen...:-))

Melody said...

Well done - so many finishes

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

May Britt...your projects are amazing.....

Debbie said...

Lovely Owl purse is it a pattern? I love Owls and have them scattered all over the house.

Florence said...

Your cat is amazing !

The purse seems very tempting !!!

Dolores said...

You have been so productive. I really like your little owl purse. Is there a pattern for it?

Anonymous said...

I love your angels! To bad I live in Canada!

Flöckchen said...

What sweet projects you finished!

Are these your design ore can I buy these pattern anywhere?

Our cats are sleeping so too - how ever cats can relaxed so?

Have a nice sunday!

Greets from germany!


SANDRA said...

Hi May!
I Love your blog.Your work is wonderful!
I love the "saying for today",too much!
hugs from Brazil!


Birthe Marie said...

Mye fint på bloggen din! ...og herlige engler!!! Har du lagd mønsteret selv? Kan det kjøpes noe sted? Kunne virkelig tenkt meg å lage slike. :-)

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