Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tour de Fibre–Tour de Quiltshop

Day 21, part one:

Woke up early this morning, and was browsing around on internet.  Then suddenly I discovered that there is a new quiltshop Kreative Ingema at Flisa (my hometown),  just half an hour driving from where I live now.  Was Hanne difficult to ask joining me on a little Tour de Quilt ??

It was difficult to find the opening hours, so I phoned the quiltshop owner, and she told me she had closed all July.  But when I told her I had a friend visiting and we wanted to go on a quilt trip today, she said; I’ll open the shop for you.  She delayed her vacation for some hours to welcomed Hanne and me in her quiltshop.  Talk about service!!!


Half an hour driving and we arrived the quiltshop. The door was open for us and Inger Marie was waiting for us with a big smile.


It is a small shop, but she had a lot of wonderful fabrics.


In all coulours.


Patterns and quilting notions.


Inger Marie (the shop owner) was so sweet helping us.


I know I will be coming back to this quiltshop.  And she told us she  is already planning to expand the quiltshop.


Back home we had to check out our new fabrics. 


And look……… we have SUN.


Our fabrics are cat approved.


If any Norwegian want to visit this quiltshop check out this photo for all information.  She is also on facebook as Kreative Ingema.


We have had sun all day and have enjoyed both stitching, a little nap, dinner and redwine out on the porch.  Both vitamin C and vitamin Q.

Now it is time for some time in the sewingroom, and maybe a blogpost part 2 later this evening.

Saying for today:

Every great business is built on friendship.
JC Penney


Laila said...

How fun...a new shoop so close to home... Wow. I love it:-) Love your buyings too:-)

LeKaQuilt said...

En ny quitebutikk - den ser flott ut ! Artig å se hva dere kjøpte :o)

Gra said...

Amazing day!!! And to have a shop opened just for you???? I wonder how far is Norway from here! (I´ll check on google later). Great purchases!
You finally got to sit on the porch, too. I´d say you just had a wonderful day.

Grete said...

Dette høres ut til å ha vært en perfekt dag!

Wendy said...

Such a lovely shop so close to you. We finally been able to sit outside as well.

Yvonne W said...

What a great find-- the shop looks beautiful and lovely colours in the shop. I love the combination of colours that you and Hanne have bought.

quiltygal said...

How lovely a Quilt shop that near I am sure that you will be a frequent visitor :) & how lovely for the owner to open for you

Chookyblue...... said...

lucky she opened for you girls........

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