Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tour de Fibre–My TdF prize

Day 19:

Have you all guessed who the visitor coming today was.  Hanne of course.  We are going to have some quality time in the sewingroom this weekend.

But first, like last year, we have had a Tour de Fibre prize ceremony.  A little bit to early as Tour de France and Tour de Fibre still has some days left before reaching the final finish line, but both Hanne and I was so curious. 


Hannes prize from me to her is to the left, and my prize from Hanne to the right.


Look at the cute heart she had chrocet and decorated the paper bag with.  I noticed it a her blog yesterday and commented that it was so lovely.  I had no idea then that she had made it for me.  Love it.


And this is myTdF prize.  I am so doing a happy dance now looking through this lovely book.   I also got a spatula, and a wine pump topper to put on a opened wine bottle.  The last item in this prize package is shown in a photo further down. Thank you Hanne for this wonderful Tour de Fibre prize. 

If you want to se what Hanne got in her prize package visit her blog and take a look.  She is sittig across the table right now, blogging her todays TdF blogpost.


All I can say is that when I fixed her prize it was one for her and one for me on several items………..all items in fact.  Like this cute box.  And when I made the bird coin purse yesterday I did not make only one, I made two LOL


Hanne and I have enjoyed someVitamin Q time and a glass of Baileys in the sewingroom today, both doing some needle turn.   On this photo you can see the last prize item.  Look at this cute  owl suitcase.  Perfect to store my owl applique project.


The plans for tomorrow:  Starting the Red Home quilt.

Saying for today:



Hanne said...

Thanks for a lovely day, filled with a lot of Vitamin Q :-)

I am so looking forward to tomorrow!

Gra said...

You both enjoy the weekend!! Beautiful gifts!

Pam said...

have a wonderful stitching time with Hanne, looking forward to seeing you working on your new quilts together

Lynda said...

Such lovely prizes for both of you. Have a lovely weekend.

Susan said...

Hope you have a wonderful time together. It's a sign of a good project when you have to make one for yourself as well.

Ondrea said...

What gorgeous things!! You are both so generous.I love that book. I was just looking at it on Tuesday at the quilt shop. I am currently doing The Farmer's Wife quilt. It is so lovely having a quilting friend and enjoying stitching with each other.

Melody said...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Catarina C said...

Vilken härlig weekend ni kommer att få, jättetrevlig läsning!

Houseelf said...

What a lovely time you ladies will have. The roses box is so cute. I am a big fan of roses because of the smell. You both deserve such lovely prizes.

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