Friday, July 06, 2012

Tour de Fibre 2012–not again …..LOL

Day 6:

Those who thought Tour de Fibra was just about working on old projects ……………….you are sooooooooo wrong.

Have to admit that today I started a new project ……..again…..


Waiting for my dear Son and his girlfriend to arrive for a visit this weekend, I realised I needed a new tablecloth out on the porch table.  In the last issue of Quiltemagasinet (a Norwegian quilt magazine) AnnAKa had designed a lovely tablecloth.  And I just had to start preparing it.


And look!!!!! I am working with blue fabrics.  I guess they who knows me are shaking their heads and does not believe it.  But actually………..I really wanted to make this one in blue.


But I need more vlisofix!!!!!!!!  Want to change some of he flowers and I have just a tiny peace of vlisofix left, not enough.  Hope some of my friends are home tomorrow, so I can borrow some vlisofix. Note to myself……..remember to buy vlisofix when you visit a quiltshop.   

I also want to make this tablecloth in red. Now I know my friends are nodding their heads saying, that’s more like her LOL

Saying for today:



Grete said...

Den brikka er så fin, ser mange har laget den i forskjellige farger!

Hanne said...

What a lovely table cloth you are making :-) ........ blue ......LOL

Put fusible web on your shopping list for Monday.

quiltygal said...

I love the blue but that is so me lol will look great in red too...have a lovely time with your son & his gfriend

sewkalico said...

It looks like it's going to be a really fun tablecloth. We all need a new project every now and again LOL

KiwiRobbie said...

I Love this, wish we could get the magazine here in NZ

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