Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where is the summer???


Today it has been a heavy rain all day.  I start to wonder whenever we will have summer here in Norway.  I am so tired of all this rain.  Luckily I have booked summer and beach in a couple of weeks, and I am so looking forward to that.


So what to do this evening.  Light a lot of candles, some snacks and redwine together with a stitchery. Hoping there is a good movie on the tv.


Spending time in the sewingroom is perfect when it is raining.  Now I have made a total of eight sets of four coasters (total of 32 coasters).  Maybe making them in some other colours tomorrow. 

Saying for today:



Hanne said...

Every kind of weather is perfect sewing weather - in one way or another :-)

Well done on your sewing!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Perfect for sewing....lovely view...

Quilter Kathy said...

Sparkly candles, a glass of wine, the sound of the rain plus a lovely stitchery... sounds like the PERFECT evening to me!

Michelle said...

Here in the USA, we are starved for rain. We are in a drought. Our rivers look like streams and we haven't mowed grass in weeks. There is a burn ban in almost every county of the states. Please send rain our way!

Hope your evening is wonderful. It's always good to get cozy and snuggle up to a good movie and some stitching.

Renea said...

Please send the rain to the United States mid-section. We are in a serious drought situation and rain would be a welcome thing.

Susan said...

Ditto Hanne! I must say I like the way you spend a rainy evening, it looks very inviting.

~JoAnn~ said...

Love the look of your coasters. You do such good work on both your stitching and sewing. Love your blog
Blessings, Joann

FIONA said...

Even with the rain, your view looks beautiful!! Great progress being had in your sewing room!! xx

Julimond said...

Here is the same weather, May Britt. We had summer for a few days with about 30 °C, but now its over, rainy and cold.
I am waiting for the falling leaves....;-)
You are so busy in sewing, i always look inside here.

Have a nice day
Greetings from Germany


Clara said...

Where is the summer? All here in Sicily!!! But too hot, I can't stand it no more!!! I would love to live in a nordic country, I love the cloudy sky and cold temperature. Today the forecast says we will have 42° Celtius........ my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations on your works, I've had a tour in your blog and I've seen such beautiful handmade. Enjoy your climate, Clara.

Roos said...

Over here we have not a lot summer too, But it's good quiltingweather... :o)
Greetings Roos

Houseelf said...

I think Summer has decided to take a holiday this year so Spring and Autumn are filling in the days between them :-)

Lovely sewing! Now my headache has gone I plan a whole day in the craft room. I am looking forward to it. Your sewing with candlelight looks so cosy.

Grete said...

Du kan si hva du vil om været, men at det er perfekt syvær er i alle fall sikkert. Skal si du bruker tida godt, sånn produktivitet er bare imponerende!
Og du skaper jo koselige rammer selv om regner høljer ned ute!

Radka said...

At last summer arrived in England last week, so it might still happen in Norway too! It looks so cozy inside and I love the view from your house :-)

Deb said...

May I sew wish we could exchange weather. Rain is my fav, we just never get enough. We have had hot sunshine for most of the season, in Ontario. When you go to the beach you push your weather my way and I will push mine yours.
Your coasters are lovely!

Wendy said...

Just think of how much sewing you can do and the gardens don't need watering.

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