Friday, July 30, 2010

Virtual Quilt Contest at Quilting Gallery

I have entered this quilt in the Quilting gallery weekly contest. This week the team is Summer Vacation. So if you like this quilt, please visit Quilting Gallery and vote for it :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quilt safari again

This trip has been planned for a long time. Tuesday morning we all met and startet our quilt safari to Sweden and Hvaler.

Good girls gets the weather they deserves on a quilt safari. First stop to eat breakfast was by a beautiful lake. So nice to sit outdoors and enjoy the sun.

Then we arrived at Lapp Eliza's shop. It is just a few weeks since my last visit here. And it was still so much to look at.

Like these new boxes filled with Kafe Fasset fat quarters.

Shopping, shopping and shopping.

Then we drove out to Hvaler. A wonderful place to just relax.

Hanne, Bente and I have for a while given challenges to eachother. Some months ago Benta gave us a difficult one. We got a little piece of fabric, a button and a red heart and the challenge sounded: "For joy and pleasure , to be useful, alone or together in a small group". And now was the reveal of our solutions.

This is what we made. I made a little needleholder. Hanne mad a cover for her coffee jug. And Bente made four items; a bookmark, a little makeup purse, a tissue keeper and a another little purse.
This time it was my turn to give the challenge. Looks like they already have put their thinking caps on :)
I gave them some skin color fabric, three red buttons and some laces. The challengs is called: Sov Dukkelise (sleep my little doll) It is lines from a Norwegian children song. And it has to be finished when we meet again early in october.

Look at this lovely table. I loooooooooooove schrimps and these are fresh from the boat.
Yummy yummy. Learned to it my schrimps with red onion on top and it is delicious.

The wiew are stunning and so relaxing.

While eating the hot tub was been warmed up. Tired from all our shopping it felt so good to just warm up and relax with some white wine in the hot tub.

Chatting long into the midnight hours.

A little bit of sewing done the next morning.

And Bente showed us her beatiful quilt. Love it.

And this quilt is made from leftovers from the previous shown quilt. This one is also so beautiful.

She had also made herself a new bag for this trip.
The front

And the back of it.

Today we visited the old village of Fredrikstad. I have never been here before and really enjoyed our visit here.

Think I have to return to this place and see more some other time.

The quilt safari was ended by eating a delicious fish soup at Engelsviken. This soup is famous and I understund why.

Thanks Bente and Hanne for these wonderful days together.

Saying for today:

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have,
and one of the best things you can be.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Butterflies on a rainy day

Cold, windy and rainy today. It feels like there been no summer yet. Just a day or two, and then it's gone. It is too early to have autumn yet. I want more summer heat.

So today when it was perfect inside sewingweather I decided to prep the rest of my Butterfly Garden blocks.

I have been working on unite 6
and so far I have two miniblocks left to stitch,

This week I have finished this applique mini block

and this stitcheryblock.
Two miniblocks this week................ I am so happy.
My progress is good :)

I discovered I had already prepared unite 7.
Traced the stitchery and the applique pieces.

So I found unite 8 and 9 and decided to prepare them. Always so nice to have all this done and just grab a unite and start stitching when I want :) I had good assistance from Frida Cat. She was supervising all my cutting.

Mom.....are you going to sew the pieces together soon.

Okei....I'll just sleep here until you are ready.

I now remembered again why I stopped preparing the blocks for this quilt. Not enough fabric for the miniblocks. And colours that did not match the pattern at all. But now I was so determined that I should put these blocks together today. So in to my sewingroom and found replacements in my stash.

Another thing I discovered is that the outher border has to be stitched together to get it long enough. I do not like that at all. I like my quilts to have whole lenghts of border fabric, with no seams on it. But I do not want to spend more money on this quilt, so I just use what I got in the package.

All unites are no prepared for sewing. It feels good.

Saying for today:

"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly,
"one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."
~Hans Christian Anderson

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ladybug quilt

The last days I have been sewing on a present for my niece's little daughter born june 3rd. And today I finished the last stitches, got the binding on and in the washingmachine.

It had to be a summerly quilt with ladybugs on. I am really pleased with how it looks :) I took an idea from Quiltmania magazine, but turned it totally to another quilt. Just used the ladybugs and the flowers. Another finish this month :) I'm on a roll now.

And this evening little Marie got her first quilt :)

Saying for today:

I'm sending luck and wishes
All wrapped up in a hug
Good things should come your way
With this tiny ladybug.

~Author Unknown

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More butterflies and a finish

Finally I have something to put in my Early Bird Christmas Box. But I am afraid it will not stay there for long as there are several happenings coming now. So I better start on more.
But right now a pair of potholders (pattern from AnnAKa) is in the box. They was easy to make and I love the look of them so I guess I will make more of these and put in my box.

Then it was this weeks miniblock on Butterfly Garden.

It started with this little butterfly,
but it was so fast to stitch so........

I appliqued this heart,
still wanted to stitch more so..........

two more butterflies on another block :)

And while I was so into stitching in front of the tv watching CSI, NCSI (my favorite series) I just started on another block. So this actually means 4 miniblocks so far this week, and the week is still not over :)

I am also working on a present for the new princess in the family,

and here is a little sneak peak of what it is. Will show you later when it is finished and the little princess has received it.

Saying for today:

A new baby is like the beginning
of all things-wonder, hope,
a dream of possibilities.
Eda J. Le Shan

Thursday, July 08, 2010

A giveaway

My friend Nancy is having a giveaway to celebrate her 3 years of blogging. I am so proud I talked her into this blog world. It closes tomorrow so hurry up and visit her blog.

Monday, July 05, 2010

This week's miniblock

Today I finished this miniblock of unite 5 in Butterfly Garden..........

Then I finished this one :)

And now the whole block #5 is done!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will concentrate on another project :)

Saying for today:

Love is like a butterfly:
It goes where it pleases
and it pleases wherever it goes.

~Author Unknown
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