Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 07 quiltmeeting

This evening we had our first quiltmeeting this autumn. Several ladies had been clever this summer and finished a lot of both new things and ufo's. Perhaps the bad weather this summer have made us stay inside and sew. It's always fun to meet the other quiltladies in our group and today we was almost 40 ladies present. And of course we had a show and tell:

Two nice tablerunners from AnnAKa's pattern. This remind me I have started this tablerunner too. It's somewhere in my sewingroom .............LOL
One lady had finished the table cloth we started on a class in may. I have finished my top, but not basted and quilted it. I made both the summer and the christmas version.
A beautiful bowtie quilt with applications. The flowers are made of hexagons.
Laila had played with the square in a square ruler and this is what she made.

One lady have made this quilt as a gift to a kindergarten. It is so cute and I guess the children there will be happy to get it.
A chicken quilt in flannel.
Some happy children. This is actually one of my designs :) Made it long time ago.
A Sun Bonnet Sue bag.
And a peacock bag.
And I manage to sew a few more stitches. This angel is starting to get a skirt. A few stitches every day makes my day :)
Tomorrow my DD is coming home. I'm so happy. It is two weeks since she left home and I miss her so. But as long as she enjoys her stay at the shool I'm happy.
Saying for today:

A dog is a dog, but a cat is a purrrrrson

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New ideas

I had no idea it would feel so good relaxing all weekend. I thought I would be bored, but I did not. Perhaps relaxing is something we women forget to do. We always have to do something. Housecleaning, making dinner, washing clothes, shopping, sewing, sewing, sewing......... So my advice to all of you: Take time to relax, it feels sooooo good. And you get more energy to sew. I guess (hope) I have soooooooooooooooooooooo much energy to start sewing again when my arm is ok again. I have got so many ideas now so.................... My physiotherapist was very optimistic but told be to be very careful the next weeks.

New ideas!!!!!!!!!!! My quiltshop have been to a fair and ordered a lot of new fabric, books and patterns. They brought home a lot of new japaneese book (the rest is comming later) and of course I one of them had to come home with me. This one:
I have no idea what the title on the cover says LOL. It would be fun to know!!! I do not understand a single word of japaneese but the patterns are easy to follow. A lot of good pictures that explains how to do.
Look at this beautiful double wedding ring quilt made in taupe fabric...................
and this bag......................
and the house and little wallhanging. A lot of lovely projects in this book.

My friend Nancy have been in Birmingham at The Festival of Quilts. If you want to see all the treasures she bought when she was there go and visit her blog. I asked her before leaving that if she found something I did not know I needed, she had to buy it for me. And look what I needed:
Hand-dyed cotton thread from 21st Century Yarns. I love them. Look forward to use them on stitchery very soon. It's always fun to let friends do the shopping because they come home with things you probably would not have bought yourself ( but I think I would have bought this if I had been in Birmingham)
Saying for today:
This house is protected by killer dust bunnies!
Because I'm not allowed to vacuum nor wash the floor yet .....LOL

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend at the cabin

Doesn't this look yummy. Waffels out in the sun was delicious. Autumn is starting to come in Norway and when the weather was so lovely as this weekend we had to enjoy every minute of it out in the sun.
Nine good friends at the cabin. This was the 10th time we are having our quilt weekend together.

All the others brought a lot of sewing, but I had to relax my arm. So this is the way I've been sitting all weekend. Relaxing in a chair, with my arm on a pillow, looking at the others and wanting to SEW!!!!!!!!!!
But I know my time of sewing will come. Soon I hope. The arm is stiff and I have not so much strength in it. Not so much pain but I guess that's because of the painkillers. I'm off to the physiotherapist tomorrow.
The others did a lot of sewing. Some new projekts was started and a lot of "old" projekts was finished (like bindings, quilting aso)

What's so interesting here?????
I told everyone to find their bags and exhibit them out on the stairs. And we counted to 26 items. Divided on nine ladies :) A real quiltlady has more than one handmade bag.
Saying for today:
What is a friend? I will tell you....
it is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Home again

In for surgery 08:00, woke up 11:15 in the room. surgery ok, but they had to do more than expected because my shoulder was a mess :) Home by 14:00 with a lot of pain killers. A bit dizzy.

Hugs to you all. Thanks for all your lovely thoughts.

Blog more later.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some goodies in the mail and tomorrow...........

These last days I have received some quilt goodies in the mailbox. Want to see.................????

First I got an envelope from Lappemor and Hanne. A beautiful pattern which have been on my wishlist some time. And a T-shirt with Lappemors logo on. I will wear it for sure. Love her logo. I guess Hanne fixed this when she visited this shop on her summer holiday. Thank you both for a lovely surprise. I did not get the oportunity to visit Anne Heidi's shop when I passed through Tynset, but I promise I will soon.
Same day I also got a big envelope from Nadine in Belgium. She wanted me to rest my arm and therefore she sendt me this lovely book "A patchwork collection of inspirational Stories, Quilts are forever" by Kathy Lanmancusa. Do you know this book? It is so wonderful. It is full of wonderful quilting stories. As Kathy writes on the back of the book; these stories deliver the spirit of quilting, friendship and love with every word. I enjoy reading these stories and recomend it to you. Thank you for all these goodies Nadine :)

These stories makes me think. In old times women had their quilting bees where they met around the quilt, telling stories, quilted and had fun. Now in modern time we meet in blogland, sharing ideas and photos of our hobby. Making good friends all over the world. Perhaps this is the modern way of having a quilting bee.

Nadine; I've found my DJ blocks. 46 finished and 15 border blocks. I know I'll never finish them, sooooooo............... LOL
And today the fabric I have ordered from Northern Quilts arrived. Look how pretty they are. I have this pattern that I want to make, but none of my fabrics was what I wanted. How odd...... LOL Anyone else out there having the same problem?????
I always want to reduce my stash, but this time I really did not have what I wanted in my stash.................LOL

I have something to admit.................
................yesterday I had to find my stitchery and do some stitches. I used a very short thread as my physiotherapist told me to do. I manage to sew slow, very slooooooow and rested while changing to a new thread. It felt sooooooo good.

This evening I will trace some new stitcheries to bring with me to the cabin this weekend. I do not know if I'm able to sew anything, but I have to bring it with in case I can.

Because tomorrow am I having my shoulder surgery. I starting to feel a bit restless and I'm having butterflies in my stomach. But I'm perhaps so stupied that I'm not afraid.....yet. After having so much pain these last months I am looking forward to get my shoulder fixed. And then sewing sewing sewing ...............LOL

It's day surgery and I will come home in the afternoon. A friend will stay over here with me so I will not be alone the first evening/night after surgery. If I'm not able to blog tomorrow or the day after, and you want to know how I'm feeling, Laila at Jacobs Quilt have promised to give a report to you. And on thursday evening or friday morning I'm going to the cabin with eight other quilting girls. Better to be together with them and be spoiled than staying home alone :)

Oh yes.....I got my Secret Santa friends name today. I know exactly what to make for her. And Donna................ I promise to be a good girl and not tell anything to xxxxxxxx.

Saying for today:

Never let a sewing machine know you're in a hurry

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Going to school

This weekend have been very hectic. My DD is going to Buskerud Folkehøgskole (a boarding school). Her brother and his girlfriend came to visit us before she was leaving and we had a great time playing the game Sequence. It is a board and card game which is very fun to play. Sunday morning she had packed everything she wanted to bring with her and we drove to the school. It's only 3 hours driving from home so she is not that far away. A lot of expectant boys and girls was already there when we arrived. Unloading all their stuff from the cars, and moving in to their rooms.

Here she is in her room. A tiny room which she is sharing with another girl.
She is going to study photo and perhaps also have lessons in playing guitar and theatre. They have a lot of classes to choose between. It's a creative school an I know she will love it. I wish her the very best for this schoolyear.
Leaving her there at the school and driving home alone was hard. My "little girl" alone at this school. Must admit some tears was in my eyes when I left her there. But I know she will have a lot of fun together with the other boys and girls at the school. And she is coming home first weekend in september :)
Saying for today:
A daughter is a little girl
who has grown up to be your friend

Saturday, August 18, 2007

No reply

This morning I got a comment from Holly, New York, that I want to reply. But Holly, you did come up with no reply and I have no chance to reply to you. So please email me again with your emailadress.

And this is also a request to all the others with "no reply" on your blog. Please check your profile and allow your email adress to show. It will make it easier for us to reply your comments.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Scrabble Score

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 22.
What is your score? Get it here.

My score is 22. Saved by the letter Q that gave me 10 points.

I remember we used to play scrabble long time ago and it was very fun. Have to see if I can find that game again and bring it with me when we are going at the cabin next weekend. I guess I will not be able to sew very much just a few days after surgery, so playing games would be fun to do.

Saying for today:

As sunshine turns a flower's head toward heaven,
so your friendship lifts my spirit

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More quiltmedicine

Three good friends on a day trip.

And when one of them was so stupid to forget the of course............I was so lucky that I got to borrow Irenes camera. So I have photos to show on my blog from our trip. Thank you Irene, you saved my blogging :)

We started early monday morning and headed for Oslo. First stop was at Ikea where we looked around. I bought a couple of glass jugs where I intend to fill with buttons, pins aso. Photo further down of them.

Then we drove further to Bærums Verk. This is a lovely place to walk around. There is a lot of cosy shops there, and one of them is Lappemakeriet. A beautiful quiltshop. Look how cosy it is in front of the shop. An old tiny restored building that is now a quiltshop. Let's go inside the shop...... There I met Tullemor, a friend of me that works in this shop. And of course we had to do some shoping. Here is Irene (in the front) and Britt (behind) looking at the books and fabrics.
Upstairs there was a exhibition called "Triangle at the attic". I have just started to play with triangles on a roll and I got a lot of ideas after seeing all the beautifull quilts there.
You see what I mean. I love these quilts and I want to sew...............right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have to buy more triangles on a roll first. I only have the one that makes 2" squares.
After shopping fabric, books, buttons and boxes at the quiltshop we drove furter to visit Hadeland Glassverk. Hadeland Glassverk is beautifully situated in Jevnaker, just an hour north of Oslo, in idyllic surroundings at the southern tip of the lake Randsfjord. The glassworks was founded in 1762 and is the oldest industrial company in Norway that can claim continuous operation since its foundation. With its 190 employees the glassworks today not only represents a large and thriving industry undergoing constant development, but also significant operations linked to the Visitor Centre. The company boasts a significant historical and cultural heritage, while at the same time focusing on continous development and new design. Our Visitor Centre welcomes almost 600.000 visitors annually, and is thereby one of Norway's most popular tourist attractions.
One of the shops "The Honey house" had real beehives inside the shop. Luckily behind glass. I did not go near to look properly at them because I hate bees!!!!!!! But Irene took a close look at them...............yeeeek. We had a great day together. And will make this trip next year too.
I bought these fabrics at the quiltshop. Lappemakeriet has a lot of repro fabrics. And I love repro fabrics. I'm collecting them and hope to make a big repro quilt some day.
And here is the glass jugs I bought at Ikea. Imagine them filled with buttons. One with white buttons, one with red, one with blue aso. I have to buy more of these!!!!!!!!!! Will look nice in my sewingroom.
Saying for today:
Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
the days pass quickly when I am sewing.
I want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!
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