Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Jane tote


Do you remember my Dear Jane blocks from a previous post.  I had started to sew them together.  Today I have put it all together.


Made handles the easy way.


And this is how my Dear Jane tote looks like.  This is one side……


And this is the other side.


I like pockets with zippers in my totes, so I made one in this too.  I am so happy with how this tote turned out.  Will bring it with me to Shipshewana and keep my sewing in it.  Only 19 days left until Hanne and I starts our journey.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Progress on my Dear Jane tote


Today I have done some progress on my Dear Jane tote.  Sewed the blocks together.  Took a long time because there were different sewingallowance on the blocks, so I had to trace lines to sew along.  So this is the front and the back of the tote.  I have been inspired by the Dear Jane tote that Hanne made some time ago, you can see it here.


And in between I have been handquilting on my Antique Sampler quilt.  With good help from Rusken.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Starting the countdown


Sewed the binding on to my Red Home quilt today.  So happy it is almost finished.  And now I have started to handquilt my Antique Sampler.

But there is something else important that I have to do now……..


Long long time ago I started to sew Dear Jane, so today I opened the box to have a look at it.


I had almost 70 blocks done and a lot of the triangles too, but they are so NOT in my colours right now. 


So I have picked out the blocks i fancy the most.  Of course it had to be the red ones.  And I am going to use them to make a bag, because…………………


in only 27 days Hanne and I are on the plane to USA.  My first trip “over there” and I am so looking forward to it.  And of course I have to have a DJ bag when going to the DJ reatreat in Shipshewana.


I’ve heard that this is going to be the biggest DJ reatreat in Shipshewana, and I guess there is a lot of blogging friends coming there. Will be so fun to meet you.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Believe it or not, blue fabrics

You all know that my favorite colour is red.  But this post is just in blue fabrics, believe it or not.  Have loved working with these blue colours the last days.  Perhaps I am in a colour mood change.  Because I want to buy more blue fabrics!!!


Remember the snowmen from an earlier post.  They are all appliqued and got their stitched details.  Yesterday I started to add the sashings.


This morning I sewed it all together.  Ready to be basted and quilted.  I love these cute snowmen.


And this little dresden plate quilt is quilted and today I sewed down the binding while visiting a friend.  Sewing down bindings is boring, but goes so fast when talking to a good friend.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Recycled fabrics is fun


This is the results from saturdays workshop.  All fabrics that are used are from recycled shirts.
Think I will make more of those small makeupbags.  Love it.


Bought two “jellyrolls” with recycled fabrics .  The blue one is a little challenge to myself, but I have an idea what to make of it.


And the purple one is to be included with the purple fabrics I have been collecting lately.  Thought I had no purple fabrics in my stash, but now when going through the stash I find one piece here and one piece there.  Have noe idea yet what to make with them, but I have a lot of different paperpiecing templates I have not tested yet (you can see a glimpse of them behind the fabrics).

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Presentation and workshop with MaurTua

Today MaurTua visited my quiltgroup giving a presentation of their shop and how they recycle used shirts. They had brought a lot of wonderful quilts to show us.  So from now on I will save all shirts and cut them to pieces.  These two ladies showed us how to make use of everything on the shirt, from the arms, back and front to the cuffs and even the labels inside the shirt to the collars. 

Enjoy the photos from the presentation:



After the presentation we started to sew small hearts from recycled wool fabric from mens dresses.


Then the workshop started.  We had all cut a lot of squares from shirts and now we was going to swap squares with eachother.


18 ladies had joined the workshop and we had so much fun during the day.  And here is some photos of what they started to sew.  Remember all this is made from recycled shirts.  It is amazing how many different prints these fabrics has.  I wonder if any man ever have worn a shirt with flies, pink flowers or skulls on, but they do exist in these piles of recycled shirts.


Thank you Marit and Tordis for visiting our quiltguild.  We all had a great day together with you.  And I know men has to watch out for us now, we want their shirts!!!!!


After a long day filled with vitamin Q, I enjoy something red in my glass while doing the last stitches on this toiletpurse.


And looking through the bundles of fabric I bought .  The one to the right have a lot of purple fabrics that I want to include in a new project.  The one to the left is a challenge to myself.  I am not used to sew with blue fabrics, but when I see a quilt in blue it intriques me. 

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