Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer time


This weekend have given me loads of vitamins both for my mind and my soul. Have spent two days at my friend Elisabeth’s cabin with two other friends.  And finally we can start to believe that summer have arrived.  This cabin is located by a wonderful lake.  Enjoyed my sewing, nipping to a glass of white and just staring out over the lake is recreation for body and soul.


Keeping my white wine and bear cold in the stream.


Love the sight from the window.


Just beautiful!!!


After a long day with sewing and chatting it was time for some dinner.  The BBQ girls fixed the food perfect.


Just had to take a photo of my delicious beef.  First time I had strawberry and mango with it and it tasted soooooo good. 


After dinner some relaxing by the fire. 


And then it was time to jump into the hot tub.


And cooling down in the lake. First bath this summer for me.


This was a wonderful place to relax after the bath. 


We sat there long after the sun went down. So relaxing to look at the moon reflecting in the lake and listening to the birds. 


Early breakfast and then some more sewing.


Love this little table cloth Elisabeth have made.  It is so beautiful.


We just had to take a last bath in the hot tub and the lake.  Wonderful !!!


This weekends sewing.  Hexagons is great to sew on outdoors in the sun.

Thank you Elisabeth for inviting me to your beautiful place!!!!!!

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wonderful weekend

This weekend has been wonderful.  Have had some warm summer days.  And I have been able to enjoy some time out on the porch. Hope summer has come to stay now, but I have my doubts.  The weather has been very unstable lately.  Lots of rain and wind, so we just have to enjoy the summer days when they comes.


But early in the morning when there is still shadow on the porch, I have spendt some time in mys sewingroom adding more borders to my Phebequilt.


Can’t believe how far I have come now.  Only one ohio star border left to make. 


Perhaps I can find some time this week to cut the pieces for the blocks.  But most interesting will be to see if I have enough fabric, or perhaps I should say, have the right fabric for the triangles.


Having a wonderful time out on the porch. My favorite dish to eat when it is summer and I can sit out on the porch is schrimps.  And my sewing is not far away.

11430108_971749202875739_737819992640492959_n (1)

Saturday evening was the first day this summer that I could sit out on the porch until late evening.  And dressing hexagons is perfect to do in candle light. 


Prepped a lot of hexagons this weekend.  Love when the hexagons are dressed and put in small plastic bags in my tin, ready to be sewn together. So easy to bring along with me everywhere.


More prepping.


And my sewing room is a total mess.  Fabric all over the floor.

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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Progress on Phebe and Antique Sampler


For some time now my Phebe quilt has been in a box, but I have decided to give my focus on this one again.  I have come too far to just keep it in a box.  I have finished the last eight sawtooth borders.  They were so boring to sew, although they was easy to make because I did foundation paper sewing.


This weekend I started to sew border #10.  Followed Hannes advice sewing it this way. And it went so fast. 


Sewed all four sides today. Now I pray that they will fit the rest of the quilt.  But the measurements says that they will.  Cross my fingers.


I took Hannes advice to handquilt a cople of threads each day. This quilt has been on my shelf for a long long time.  Two weeks ago I started to handquilt a few threads each day, and today I finished quilting all the blocks in this quilt.  Never again I will use this kind of cotton batting, and never never again will I spray glue baste when I am going to hand quilt.  It is too hard for my arms.


Now I will start handquilting the scallop border. I see the end of this quilt.  And I have already planned next quilt I am going to handquilt.  But that one will have silk batting which I LOVE to handquilt with.

Focus projects the comming week:

Add the borders to my Phebequilt.
Handquilt a few threads on my Antique Sampler Quilt each day
Do a few threads on my stitchery each day

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