Sunday, November 30, 2008

First sunday in advent

I am so lucky to have great friends that have sendt me adventpackages. So in my stairs lays packages from Hanne, Nancy and Nadine. To be opened every sunday in advent. I have decided to open one on friday evening, one on saturday morning and one on sunday morning.
So this weekend I was allowed to open package number one.

And this is what was in them. From Nancy some yummy yummy chocolate. I guess you see one is already missing when I took the photo (now the box is empty LOL), from Hanne I got a Tilda stitchery and DMC embroidery yarn, and from Nadine som cute cat buttons. I love this tradition with adventcalendar.

I took my santa stitchery with me to visit a friend today. And her dog who loves me so much, got a bit jealous on the stitchery. She wanted all my attention all the time.

I the post yesterday was to packages. One was Butterfly Gardn block number 7. I am so behind stitching these. Perhaps I get some more time when I have two weeks of christmasholidays. Really look forward to a lot of relaxing and sewing these two weeks.

The other package was from Paulette who was my secret swap friend in the Polkadot and Ric-rac swap. Look what she have made for me. A beautiful BIG drawstringbag in flannel. I love the fabric she has used and I imidiately thought of this was the perfect bag to keep my Leannes House quilt which I am handquilting on right now. She had also made me a kitchentowel with embroidery and polkadot border. She had also added a cute pincushion, three polkadot fabrics and a quilt sign. Thank you Paulette for being my swap partner. I got a little suspicious the other day when you commented on my blog where you told that you too was waiting for your swap package and that you had posted yours to your swapfriend LOL LOL That swap partner was me :)

And this is what i finished today. Working all weekend on it. Block number 2 of 9 in the Joy of Life BOM. So now Bjørg and I will have another sewing meeting this week to prep the next block.

Saying for today:

Anyone who believes that men are the equal of women
has never seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giggle Button Club

I have now joined Sonyas Giggle button club.
I look forward to receive the first package some time in february.
If you want to join it too read more about it here.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Butterfly award

Someone thinks I am cool LOL. Thank you Katie for this award.

And the rules are:

1. Post about the award

2. Link back to the givee.

3. Place the award on my sidebar

4. Choose 10 blogs that I think are cool.

On bloglines I have soooooo many cool blogs so which ten do I choose???

So I want to give it to all of you out in blogland. But I also want to mention ten of you.

Hanne and Nancy who is very good friends here in Norway. You both give me so much inspiration and it is so fun to be together with you both. Love you! I now are expecting adventcalendar surprises from both of them.....lucky me.

Stina is another good friend from Sweden. She always push (as I need to be pushed, I volountary go) me into new projects and challenges. Hope I reach the deadline january 1th for my Angel Storybook quilt.

Donna for arranging the SSCS. She is doing a great job organizing this. And she also have a cool blog with wonderful photos from australia.

Libby does also have a cool blog. I love her quilting and it is so inspiring to read what she posts. And I am so happy having a Libbyquilt, lucky me :)

Sharon always show so wonderful photos of her quilting, life and friends. It is alway fun to read her posts. She always makes me smile.

My Yellow farmhouse is a great blog that show so many wonderful photos. I get a lot of inspiration from this blog. And she shows so many quilts that I just want to make.

Sonya has a blog that I recently discovered. And she makes the cutest buttons I ever seen. She is also going to start a gigglebutton club, which I am seriously thinking about to join.

Helen for arranging the Stitchers Angels project. It was fun being a part of it and I have met so many new bloggers on this journey. It was fun seeing so many making my Stitchers Angel sewingbag.

Helena does some beautiful stitcheries and I love to visit her blog. I look forward to when her stitchery design is for sale.

This was ten cool blogs, but as I said; this award is to all of you. Because I love visiting your blogs. And I love to disover new blogs and I do that all the time. So keep on blogging.

Have a nice day

TGIF and I will relax with some stitchery and a glass of wine. I really need som relaxing time now.

Saying for today:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas meeting in our quilt group (long post)

Today was the last meeting this year in our local quilt group. Tradition is that every one brings a little present and put it into this santa bag. And during the meeting we get one package each. It is always fun to see what is in the packages. I got some christmasfabrics and gingerbread buttons this year.

And then it was time for Show and Tell.
Bjørg and I showed our Angel Storybook quilts. Of course (as usual) Bjørg is the speedy one and her quilt is finished. I still have to baste and quilt mine. Tried to sneak my quilt down in Bjørgs bag to let her finish it for me, but she is not easy to I guess I have to do it myself. I see now that I want to add a border like her around my quilt.

Four girls showed the lovely bags they had made. The design is from one of the girls in our quilt group. Big bags to carry all their projects.

And this quilt is a "warming quilt" that is going to be given to long term deseased children project. We also showed the three quilts we made at the cabin (a post earlier this month). I did not get a photo of it.
January 17th I am arranging a BIG SEWING TOGETHER here in Elverum where we are going to make more "warming quilts" If anyone of you norwegian girls nearby Elverum wants to join just give me a sign and I give you more information. You are all invited.

A beautiful christmas table cloth. Do you notice all the blocks in the background???
Keep reading and you will see what they are furhter down.

A colourful quilt with hearts.

A beautiful christmas baltimore wallhanging.

A cute adventcalendar. I got this pattern and wanted to make it for this christmas, but I guess I have to wait for next christmas LOL Times is running too fast right now.

And I guess there will be a lot of table runners in the christmaspackages this year. Take a look at all these beautiful table runners.

And then there is those blocks in the background.

Next year we are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary in the local quiltgroup and we are going to make a flowerquilt for our big lottery. Look at these beautiful flowerblocks that are made. It will be a wonderful quilt.
Some closeups of the flower blocks.

Saying for today:
Count the night by stars, not shadows,
count your life by smiles, not tears.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Another post today :) Look at this beautiful sky this evening. So colorful and beautiful.

I finished the present for my SSCS friend today and tomorrow it is in the mail going faaaaaaar away to a warm and sunny place. Should I send some snow too :) I hope my SSCS friend will like what I have put together for her.

Two other packages is also on their ways to my friends Hanne and Nancy. This is a kind of adventcalendar among friends with packages every sunday in advent. I guess we are all three so childish so we want adventcalendars too.

Saying for today:
Why should I grow up...
This is more fun

Polkadot and ric-rac swap

Some time ago I joined Sharon's Polkadot and Ric-rac swap and this is what I posted to my swap partner Jeanne. I have received a mail from her telling me the package has arrived so now I can show you what was in the package :) I made her a sewingbag with a stitchery from polkadot girls (of course). And inside it I added a lot of extra goodies as polkadot napkins, ric-racs, polkadot buttons, a Tilda stithery with thread and another stitchery pattern which hat polkadots on .
I wonder who is my Polkadot and Ric-rac swap partner?? I am looking in my mailbox every day now.

Now I am doing the last stitches on my SSCS package and it will be in the post tomorrow. Travelling faaaaaaaaar away to ****

Saying for today:

The Perfect Man (see photo above)
He's cute, he's sweet,
and he doesn't get upset
when you bite his head off!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A little about this and that

Friday there was a note in the mailbox that a package had arrived at the postoffice. Could it be the SSCS package..............or the polkadot and ric-rac swap??????

But no....there was another package I almost had forgot. Some time I won a giveaway over at Bonnie's blog Calamity Jane's cottage and it was this package that had arrived.

Look how lucky I am. I thought I just had won the book and two patterns (which was what she had shown at her blog giveaway) but she had also added several wonderful fabrics and a little applique kit. Thank you Bonnie, I love it all. The pattern in the book is so naiv and fun and I love them.

Another envelope arrived saturday from a lady in netherland (no blogger). I had helped her finding a pattern and look what she sendt me. A wonderful heart with the most tiny cross stitches I ever have seen. And it is cats on it. should seen these tiny cross stitches, can't belive how she manage to sew these.

A new project (as I really needed a new one). While giving a workshop at the local quiltshop yesterday this lovely christmas stitchery arrived for sale. And of course I got so tempted so I had to buy it. This reminds me of a wallhanging my grandmother had in her kitchen. Cute nisser (santas) dancing from door to door. This (among other projects) will be my christmas work.

And if you have visited Hannes blog you have noticed she have made a heart that is going in the post far away to a quiltfriend that need a special hug right now. And this quiltfriend is also getting this heart from me. Can't tell you who because I will not destroy the surprise of this mailbox joy.

And I have been working on my SSCS gift this weekend. The xtra surprises is already ready. Can't show you anything because then Santa Donna will be angry at me LOL .This is so fun. Making a surprise for a quilt friend. Hope she will like it.

Saying for today:

Keep your Christmas-heart
open all the year round

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A giveway

I have discovered a new blog Giggle Buttons Blog. And she is making the most wonderful buttons I ever seen. She also have a Giggle Buttons website where you can buy them

And now she has a giveaway on lovely buttonpackages. So hurry over to her blog and make a comment.........and look at those wonderful buttons. This photo is borrowed from her blog (sorry Sonya) Look at those cute cupcace buttons!!!!

Now I have to hurry to the local quiltshop and give a workshop in scrappy hearts. See you later.

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