Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer sewing guest


This weekend I have had my friend Hanne over for a sewing weekend.  Luckily we have had wonderful summer temperature and we have been able to spend a lot of time out on the porch.  Sewing of course.  As you know Hanne and I have had a Tour de Fibre this year too, and as usual we have prizes for eachother for well done tour.  Hanne got a big package this year; first prize for finshing many UFO’s.


This was my prize.  Love it!!  Can’t wait to start with these Playing with Paper Packs. And those two fabrics is pefect for my Pies and Tarts quilt.  Thank you Hanne.  You have to visit Hannes blog to see what she got in her prize package.



Hanne has been very busy sewing down the binding on her quilt this weekend.  And of course when Bjørg (no blogger) came over for a visit we had to admire this masterpiece.  It is indeed a masterpiece!!!


And she did finish the binding.  Well done.


Shrimps + white wine = SUMMER


We spendt a little time in the sewingroom too.


I have finally decided a border on my Tisket a Tasket quilt.


It had to be a floral border.  The swags I tried out some time ago was not my kind of border for this quilt.


And Rusken agreed to that.  It had to be a floral border. I like how it turned out.  I have a plan how to handquilt it.  Now I am ready to do the needleturn on the border.  I li


I also have a plan for these georgious fabrics.  While visiting my friend Bjørg the other day, we admired some “candy-fabric-packages” she had bought at a quiltshop. We wanted to order more of these, but as it was past closing time for the shop, we decided to go and have a look in our fabric drawers and see if we could make some “candy-fabric-packages” for eachother.  I did not think I should manage to find so many candy fabrics in my drawer, but I did. The top row is the fabrics from my drawer, and the bottom row is the fabrics Bjørg found in her drawer.  I know exactly what to do with these fabrics. Just have to have some more finishes before starting on a new project now.


These are my focus projects to finish this week.  And of course I will do a lot of needleturn on my Tisket a Tasket quilt.  And I am happy to have another week off from work.  Love summer vacation.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Early morning sewing


Early morning sewing out on the porch while waiting for a friend to visit this weekend.  We have some wonderful warm summerdays and it feels so good to have summer vacationg and just be able to relax and enjoy. Know there will be a lot of sewing and chatting out on the porch this weekend (if the weather stays like this)


The last days I have glued a lot of pai and tarts for a new project.


And I have started to sew them together.  Sewing one pai now and then and perhaps I will have a quilt some day.  Have prepped 25 so I have a lot of “on-the-go” sewing.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tour de Fibre 2013 – The final stage

The last days we have had wonderful summer temperature.  I have started my two weeks summer vacation and it feels so good.


I have appliqued the octagons on to the background and yesterday I traced the stitchery.  A perfect sewing out on the porch.  Using the sewingtable on my sewingmachine as a lightboard, it works perfect.


First time this summer I had to move over to my “shadow porch”. Love sitting on this side when it is to hot on the main porch.  Prepping some new blocks for my Floral Beauty quilt and sewing the stitchery on my table runner.


I have finished five UFO’s last weeks.  It was “Christmas in July” for me, no photos yet. Will make a blogpost later.  The Tour de Fibre group on Facebook had a challenge finishing 5 ufos before starting a new project.  And as I now had finished those 5 UFO’s I found my Pai and Tarts paperpack, a new bundle of fabrics and decided to start on this one.  Long time since I bought this from Sue Daley.  I started to make some blocks, but did not like the fabric I chose, so I just put it up on my shelf and thought I would start it again…….some day……


……and that day was today.  I brought my fabric and rotarycutter out on the porch.


So nice to have my sewing room out on the porch today. 


Today was the final stage of Tour de France and that also means my last post of Tour de Fibre 2013.  It was so fun watching the spectacular light show at the Arc de Triomphe. 

The facebookgroup Tour de Fibre will continue.  There is a member limit of 200, and there is room for a few more, so if you want to join this group you have to hurry.  At 200 members it will close.

Hope you have enjoyed my Tour de Fibre blogposts, know I will do this again next year.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tour de Fibre–Summer gift


Every year I by myself a summer present.  To myself, from myself.  Just because I derserves it.  And today came this big envelope in my mailbox.


Two years full subscription of Quiltmania magazine.  I just LOVE these magazines.  Now I have something to look forward to several times the next two years.  I also got a very cute bag.  Perfect for keeping the quilt I am handquilting on now. 

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tour de Fibre – Needleturn applique and UFO challenge


Yesterday I enjoyed some needleturn applique out on the porch.  Look at all those tiny circles.  But they were fast to sew.


Now the first part of the Love Entwined BOM is finished and next part is released tomorrow.  I have bought some background so I am ready to do the next step. I have told myself that I am totally mad starting to sew this quilt, but I love all the applique on it and I am free to stop at any time.  Perhaps I just to parts of this quilt.  So far I have had fun with it.


I’ve also made two more blocks for my Floral Beauty quilt. 


And this is how it looks so far.  The colours in this photo is so wrong, I have to remember that this floor is no good for my photos.  The blocks will be cut down when I start to sew it together.  But I have still several more blocks to make.


The Tour de Fibre Facebook group has now got a new name. Tour de Fibre – Tour for Quilters and Crafters around the world.  All the members in the group wanted it to continue after Tour de France was over, and Hanne has kindly agreed to it.  She is the moderater of this group.  It will now be a closed group with a limit of 200 members.

Some members in the group has taken the challenge to finish five UFO’s before starting a new project.  As Hanne always says, we don’t count our UFO’s, we count our finishes.  So I took a deep dive in my UFO drawer and came up whith these.  There are still more in my drawer.  So I guess I can manage to find five projects to finish one way or another in this pile.  Not to mention all the quilts that are basted and ready to be quilted.  I start my summervacation in two weeks, and guess where you’ll find me?   In my sewingroom.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tour de Fibre – day 12 and 13 – prepping for weekend sewing


Just prepping some sewing for the weekend. 

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tour de Fibre–day 11–Love Entwined


Yesterday I started to sew part 1 in Esther Aliu’s BOM Love Entwined. I fell in love with this quilt when I discovered it on her blog. You all know I love to do needleturn and this quilt has an intense applique.  Ester Aliu have done a excellent job on interpretation of a historic quilt thought to be dated back to 1790. It is a free BOM, but you have to join her Yahoo group to get the pattern.  You can read more about it in her blog.


This is my centre compass star.  Have done a few changes from the pattern, done it my way.


As you see I still have to add the surrounding ring and A LOT of small circles. 


I have no idea if I am going to make the whole quilt because it is quite BIG.  But it looks amazing.

friday post

Perhaps I just make a smaller part of it.  This is a 18 part BOM and has A LOT of work on it.  I just give it a start and decide what to do while sewing.

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Monday, July 08, 2013

Tour de Fibre–day 10–more projects

I love getting packages in my mail box, don’t you too????


Today this envelope came all the way from Australia.  I ordered it last monday and today it came. 


A new project for me.  When I came over this quilt on internet I just had to order it.  I love sewing blocks and I love the circle shape.  Visit Trish’s blog to see all the beautiful things she makes.

So what do to next?  Start this project, or start the one I had found fabrics for yesterday, or perhaps both, or do I just continue on my old ones (booooooooooring)??? 

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Tour de Fibre–day 8 and 9–summer days has arrived


This weekend has been wonderful.  I have not watched tv at all.  Just enjoying warm summer days with my family.  My DD celebrated her 25th birthday and had a lot of friends coming for a party. So friday evening no sewing at all, just helping my DD so prepare for the party and baking pizza for the whole bunch.  Saturday morning I took my box with focus projects out on the porch and enjoyed some stitching.  Just relaxing in the sun.  We never know for how long this weather will stay so we have no enjoy every minute of it.


Went to the lake saturday evening, and believe it or not, but I had my first bath outdoors.  Actually it was quite warm in the water. The others was fishing.


Today I had to move over to the porch on the other side  For the first time this year it was too hot to sit on my front porch.  Much better to relax in the shadows.  And I made a little bit progress on this stitchery……


……before we went fishing again.  It was so lovely to be at the lake this evening.


And my DD cathed fish.


Which she brought home for Rusken.  But he did not understand what to do with it.  Just looked at it and went away.


All my octagons is sewn together to four rings. Now I have to find the background to applique them down on.


And I have had a look at what might be a new project.  I am also waiting for an envelope from Australia with a new pattern I have ordered.  That one is also a project I want to start very soon.

So many projects, my head is spinning. I wish I had some more time each day to sew.  Still two weeks before I start my two weeks summer vacation.  Know exactly what I will do those days.

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