Monday, June 30, 2008

Stitching on the porch

Strawberries and watermelon
Stitching on the porch
Good books and quilting magazines to read
Coffee in my cup
a cat sleeping on the table
What more do you need a sunday morning!!
(I had planned to blog this yesterday but the thunder took my internet)
Saying for today:
Happiness is the best face lift.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Positive thoughts - Friends

I visited Merethes blog and joined her challenge for this summer. This is what she said in her blog:
"Here's a positive challenge for you for July:
A photo every day, a thought, an experience.Will you make it?To give you excited, first and foremost. Memories of life benefits.Great if you blog now and then, or daily, over the summermonth of July, but it's not that easy for all of us (we know how it is with the 'net and vacation on the road, in the mountains or by the sea). Blog your memories from the summer of 2008 when you have time.Documents memories for yourself, and share them with us! "

Positive thoughts is what counts for me. Of course I have my bad days where everything is grey and difficult. But there is always something that makes your day a little more easy. Having a bad day I always sit down and think about at least three things that I appriciate.

One thing is FRIENDS.
Like today when my best friend Nancy came by for a little stop while driving from Grimstad (far south) to Mo i Rana (up north in Norway). It is always so nice to see friends, even if it is just for a short moment.

To phone a friend just to have a little chat about everything and nothing.
To have a friend you can share both happy thoughts
To have a friend who you can trust when you're having a difficult moment.
A friend you can sit down and quilt together with.
One you can party with.
One you can be together with without saying a word, sharing quiet moments.

So why not join Merethes challenge about blogging positive thoughts and memories during the summer. Positive thoughts gives us a happy day.

Saying for today:

A friend is what the heart needs all the time

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hexagon quilt tutorial

Do you remember the hexagon quilt I made (read; started on/not finished yet). I promised long time that I would show you a tutorial how to make it on my blog. I have not forgotten about it, just had to wait because it was to be published in the Norwegian Quilt associations magazine. And now the magazine is out and I can show you others too.

But probably you already knew how to use this ruler and this tecnique how to make hexagons.

Do you have the Sara Nephew clear wiew triangle (60 degree ruler). I had one in my sewingroom that I had not used. So I wanted to know how to use it and started to play with it. Do you see how I marked some lines. I'm going to use 2.5 inch stripes of fabric, so I have marked cutting lines at 2.5 inch and at 5 inch.
Cut 2.5 inch stripes the whole lenght. To make a big quilt you will need 2 stripes of 20 different fabrics. This is an oportunity to dig deep in your fabricstash (and still I guess you will not notice you have used anything).
Then cut your stripes using the ruler. Place the ruler so that the fabric is between your marked lines at the ruler. Cut the piece
and then turn the ruler the oposit way and do another cut. Continue this way so you have a lot of half hexagons to play with.
Then you start to play with the half hexagons. The easiest way to do this is to place rows of half hexagons. I start building the quilt from the top and place the whole widht. On this quilt I have 11 half hexagons on top and 34 rows of half hexagons (17 rows of whole hexagons). Make sure you get two half hexagons of the same fabric together to make one whole hexagon.

Then you can start to sew the row one by one like the photo. I sew one row and put it back on the layout. Then the next and put it back. That's to see if I still have the same fabric put together against eachother to make the one whole hexagon. It's easy to mix up the fabrics LOL
When you have sewed all the rows you can start sewing the rows together. Sew on the borders.

and quilt as desired. I have quilted in the ditch.

Almost finished it. Just the outher border left to quilt. And of course the binding. Please let me know if you try to make the hexagonquilt.

By the can use jellyrolls for this quilt. And do you know about Hannes summer strip challenge using your jelly rolls.

Saying for today:

One craft project,
like one cookie,
is never enough!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just a little bit of sewing

My DD have celebrated her 20th birthday. So we have been baking cakes, having family for coffee and she also had a big birthdayparty with all her friends yesterday. So not much time for sewing these days.
But I've stitched one more angel block and almost finished another one, just the birdcage left to stitch on the left one. I love stitching on these cute angels. Makes me smile when I'm working on them. If you click on the angel badge on the sidebar you come to Stinas blog and you can see a list of all the others in the angelclub and see how their progress on "An Angels Story Quilt" are.

I've got some magazines in the post. I've swapped with Liz, and I hope the package I posted for her will arrive soon. I was a little bit late sending it, sorry :) I'm amazed about this package of magazines. Two lovely magazines and it was also included a small cutting mat. All in one issue. I love both magazines and I will make a cover for this cuttingmat to bring with me to quiltmeetings.
I also got this Homespun from Leanne B. She wanted me to read her article about her trip to Norway last year.
She even mention my "Krumkaker" (the speccial cake I made for her)
And I also got Anni Downs "Simple Pleasures" book. I LOVE IT. So many cute stitcheries. I did not join the cyber stitching this weekend, but I will for sure make something from this book.

Saying for today:
To receive a smile...Give one away

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Member of Angel Story club

Look..........the "Angel Story Club" has a badge.

Go over to Stinas blog and read what our chief angel has to say about our club, and perhaps you want to join too. She also has a list of all the bloggers that has joined this club up to now.

Can't talk anymore.........have to stitch on my next block on An Angels Story.

Saying for today:

A hug is a great gift
- one size fits all
and it's easy to exchange.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

More blocks

Yesterday me and Bjørg had our first angel meeting. She brought her fabrics and started to prepare her first block From Annie Downs book "An angels story". We settled down at the livingroom table and started to trace the application parts on vlisofix.

This is her first block. She started on Charlotte the shopper and she have decided to make it in japaneese fabrics. Bjørg have also joined the "Angel club" which Stina has started, but she has to report through me because she's not a blogger.
A lot of people have asked what this "An Angels story" is. Here is the book. Not only the quilt is in the book. Annie Downs have also designed dolls, pincushions, bags aso that is in this book too.
And here is my blocks prepared this weekend. Now all my blocks for this quilt is prepared. So tonight I can relax in my chair and just enjoy stitching these blocks.
I guess I was in the mood for preparing blocks this weekend. I also sewed together block number 4 in Leannes Butterfly garden, the last block in Gail Pans Sewing angels and the kangaroos in Lynett Anderssons Noas Arch BOM.

Saying for today:

Angels say "halo" to everyone

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sewing weather

First I want to thank Lappequri for this award. It's always fun to hear that you like my blog. That inspires me to continue blogging.

And I love to visit other blogs too and want to give this award to all of you. I have too many blogs on my bloglines so I will not be able to choose only five of you.

Lynett Andersson is having a giveaway. Why am I telling you, it will reduce my chances to win LOL, but Lynett tells us to put a link to her giveaway on our blogs to be in the draw. So please visit her blog and look at the beautiful pattern she is giving away.

TGIF and it's sewingweather. It's raining and it's cold. So this weekend will be spend in my sewingroom. I've a lot to catch up. I'll continue on my "An angel story" and I got three more girls interested in starting this now. Stina and Marica was the two who teased me to look for my lost blocks. But after showing them on my blog also Hanne, Anne Ida and Bjørg (no blogger) have joined this angelclub. They were all so easy to talk into this LOL LOL LOL
And of course there are my Butterfly garden blocks, my adventcalendar, my Noas Ark stitchery, my three PIF gifts (I have not forgotten about them), a pincushionswap, a new pincushion with the tee I've now have, and......and......and.......... Think I'll have enough to do this weekend.
Saying for today:
Friends are kisses blown to us by angels.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Strange weather

After more than two weeks with a heat wave this happend today. A big hail storm. The temperature got very low, freezing cold and...............

........................ my DD had to make this little snowman. Isn't he cute.
So just some indoors activity today. Reading blogs and mails. And of course Frida wanted to be hugged, so she sat on my lap and talked to me about her day alone in the house.
As you read in my previous post Stina have challenged me to finish up my "Angel Story". We have mailed to eachother during the day and came up with following decision. By sept 30th (my birthday btw) we have to finish the top. And by jan 1th -09 it has to be quilted. Stina is far ahead of me and Marica so today I prepared three more blocks for this quilt.

Saying for today:
Angels are the keepers of magic and dreams

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Herbs and An angel story

Today I've visited a garden full of herbs. It was fun to walk around and look at and smell all the wonderful herbs. And I took some photos , so enjoy the show......

When I came home I had got a mail from Stina. She showed some time ago a WISP she had found in her sewingroom. It was "An Angel Story" designed by Anni Downs. I've told her that I too had some blocks hidden some where in my sewingroom, and now she is challenging me to find them and join her and Marica in finishing this project.

So I went into my sewingroom and found this box. It was actually not hidden, found it right away, so it's no excuse why it's abandoned for so long.
This is my 7 of 14 blocks that are done. So half way done with the applique/stitchery blocks. I remember they were fun to make, so why did they get lost in my sewingroom. Other projects of course. Other new fun books and patterns that I had to try. New fabrics.

Do I now start on this project again? Have to think about it for some days. Too late to start anything today. Perhaps tomorrow. Maybe I prepare some more blocks to applique/stitch sitting outside on the porch this summer.

I've also made an agreement with Hanne that our Leannes House ,which we both are handquilting, have to be finished before desember 31th. That's a promise. And have you seen the Summer Strip Challenge she have posted. While visiting me this weekend we talked about starting a challenge to activate you bloggers during the summer. I have some jelly rolls in my sewingroom and want to try to make something out of them. Kim has made a badge for us to use.

Saying for today:

Do what you love and love what you do!

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