Monday, May 26, 2014

One for my needles


Yesterday I enjoyed working on this little project.


A little needleroll to keep my needles.


I bought this pattern a couple a weeks ago when I met Anni Downs.  I fell in love with this little stitchery at once I saw it.  And I love that the stitchery is preprinted in the pattern.


As I have told you earlier, Anni is one of my favorite designers.  I love her tiny stitcheries and her applique.  I think I have most of her books, and a lot of her patterns (just a few of them here, more in my boxes). After meeting her it is even more fun working on her projects.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Measure one, cut double….oh no!!!!!

Yes that is exactly what I did today. Because of rain and thunder today I planned to spend some time in my sewingroom.  And the plan was to sewing together the table runner I started on at Anni Downs class some weeks ago.


I started to rotary cut the row of houses. Measured the size of the row, and started to cut, thinking that something felt wrong.  Oh no !!!!!! I had both rows of houses on top of eachother, and of course the bottow row was now cut WRONG !!!!!!!


Okey…..what to do.  Sewing a new row of houses was not an option, Did not have the background fabric. So I sewed on the piece of fabric that was cut off.


And it sort of works. Perhaps not in the most perfect way, but okey.


Rotary cutting the squares. This time I measured twice and cut once LOL.


I was lucky to find a ric rac in my stash. Now the table runner ready for basting and quilting.  And my rotary cutting mistake just add a personality to the table runner.


Found some backing, but have to look in my boxes for batting.  Will sew the quilt together and then turn the right side out, and then quilt it.  This way no bindings to do (hurray). 

But now the sun is shining again and i will bring some sewing out on the porch. 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Mai quilt meeting

Yesterday was the last quiltmeeting in my local quilt group before summer vacation.  A lot of beautiful things in the show and tell:


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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gratulerer med dagen


This has been a lovely day to celebrate the Norwegian Constitution day.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Just a little bit sewing


Slowly doing some progress on my house building.
Still frustrating over my bad arm.
But some easy stitching now and then keeps me sane.

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Vitamin Q is Anni Downs

Yesterday was a day filled with vitamin Q.  Finally I got to meet Anni Downs. She is one of my favorite Australian designers and I have loved her patter for a long long time.  And of course when Kathrine announced that Anni was coming I had come.  And I was one of the lucky one to attend to Anni’s class.
This is the cute tablerunner we was going to start sewing.  I love it.
Anni is a great teacher and it was fun to watch and learn how she was doing her needleturn applique.
The pattern for these two small projects was a little gift from Anni to all of us that joined the workshop.
My houses are lined up and ready to be appliqued down.  Did not do so much because of my bad arm.  It was just fun to be there.

The whole class group.  

So happy finally to meet Anni in person.
As always Kathrine brings almost the whole shop to these events. 
And of course a lot of Anni’s models and patters was focus.
And as always a lot of other projects that inspires me
Later this thursday Anni was going to have a Show and Tell.  About 170 ladies came  so  you can just imagine there was a high level of laughing and chatting.
First there was a show and tell for Annie. She is a very popular designer here in Norway and several ladies had brought quilts made from her pattern.  Sorry I was not able to take photos of those.
Then there was Anni’s turn to tell about her quilting life.  Just enjoy the photos:
Thank you Anni.
You made my day. 
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