Friday, March 29, 2013

EPP or american handpiecing (sewing on the line)??

Not so many photos from Hannes visit.  We totally forgot to take photos.  Why…….because we were so busy sewing and chatting.  We had one common project together.  Sewing this block called Carpenters wheel. We both saw this block in a quilt NQF’s the annual quilt meeting and agreed this had to be our easter sewing. 


I bought the fabric bundle used in the displayed quilt, not the fabric that I usually works with, but it was going to be a challenge for me.  I also choose to do it the EPP way.  It was fun, but I regret using the linen as backgroundfabric.  The linen does not work well together with the paperpieces as the linen expand unlike ordinary fabric.  So I had some trouble matching the seams. I guess linen is more usable in machinesewing, and I love using linen in tablerunners and as a applique background, but not in EPP.  But I finished the block and I think I will turn this block into a pillow. 

Hanne did her block the american handpiecing way (sewing on the line).  And the block is SO beautiful. Sewing on the line is actually faster than EPP and I remembered how I loved sewing on the line.  Not done sewing on the line for some time now, but I have one abandoned project that I do this way, so that one will be pulled out of the box soon.


Hanne and I agreed about some goals this year.  We both have a lot of WISP’s that we want to have finished, and this is my list (written on a Kiwi shoppinglist LOL).  Will make a post of this later. 


Hanne went back home yesterday, and I decided to do some more quilting on my basketquilt (only 10 baskets left to quilt) while watching the easter crime serie on tv.  But I never knows who’s the murderer because  zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter sewing


Sunbuns, coffee and stitching


It felt so good having an hour out on the porch.Not a cloud on the sky and the sun shining, but we had a quilt ready to throw over us if it got to cold. And as soon as the sun went behind the trees it was time to go indoors again.  Not spring yet, but we could hear the snow melting and the birds singing.


Rusken giving me a helping paw with my sewing.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guess who’s coming


March quilt meeting

Last thursday was the quilt meeting in my local quilt group.  Not so many ladies this time, but I guess they had already gone on easter vacation.  But there was some show and tell.  Enjoy the photos.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Out on the porch sewing


Long time since I have been sitting out on my porch, but today I have enjoyed sitting out in the sun enjoying my coffee and sewing some EEP.  Listening to the snow melting and the birds singing. 


But when the sun went behind those stupid tall trees at the neighbours land, I had to go indoors.  And I started to prepp the outher border on my Antique Sampler (design Sue Daley)


Long time since I sewed the blocks together.  And now when I am going to meet Sue again in a few weeks, I decided to at least have the top done to show her.


Prepped all four outher borders. Now I am doing the applique and watching a good movie.

Wish you all a happy easter and a lot of fun in the sewing room.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Restarting a project and something new


I guess you all remember the red and white This Goes With That hexagons (design Sue Daley) that I started to sew some time ago.  8 hexagon finished, but I did not get the happy feeling making them.  I love red, but perhaps I have sewed to much red and white lately (the basket quilt) and I felt that I needed some other colours into my life right now.


When I saw these TGWT blocks at Kathrines Quiltshop this weekend I imidiately knew THIS was the colours I wanted to use in my blocks.  And of course I bought the bundle she had made for this.


This time it actually felt good opening the bundle of new fabrics.  I had prepped five red and white TGWT blocks, and now I restarted the whole project.  Swapping the red fabrics with another from my new bundle.


Really like the look of these blocks.  And suddenly I was smiling again when prepping these blocks.


Bundle number two is also opened.  This one will also be included in the TGWT + another project not started yet.  But I am seeing STARS.


The quilt in the corner is called Kristines starquilt, and it was one I had to come back to see again and again. This is also one from Kathrines Quiltestue.


Of course I bought the linen and the bundle for this quilt too.


And I love Sue Daleys templates to rotarycut the pieces I need.


Now I have two new projects to enjoy sewing.  And soon to come my easter holiday.  Only two more days at work and then ten days home sewing.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Norwegian quilt asociations annual quilt meeting 2013 part 4–The competition quilts


The title of the competition this time was called “Extreme weather”.  In open category there was 19 qiults and in the traditional category there was 32 quilts.  I am so happy to see that the traditional category has grown so big.

You can see who won the open and traditional category here.

All in all there was so many amazing quilts.  Enjoy the photos.



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