Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stitchery training camp


I have been hand quilting on my Antique sampler every day now, and I feel it in my shoulder.  Time to swith over to another of my Olympic focus projects.  Ironed on the stitcheries today and now I have to look for the blue thread I bought in Shipshewana.  Where did I put it??

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Training camp

This weekend did not go as I planned, but I am really pleased.  I had big plans spending the tim in my sewingroom, but….


….instead my daugher and I have gone skiing.  Both saturday and sunday, and it feels so good.


I have done a lot of hand quilting on my Antique sampler this week. 


And I started to machine quilt this table runner.

I hope the coming week will be more relaxing that the past one.  Been so hectic at work so when I  have come home all I wanted to do was to relax.  And handquilting in front of the TV is relaxing.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

I’m going Olympic too

When I read Hannes post today I knew I had to reach for gold too, so I am also going Olympic. And I am joning Hanne in to training camp today,


The 2014 Winter Olympic is coming up in 18 days, 7. February and it ends at 23, February.  I will be at work every weekday, but my goal is to do a lot of progress on these five projects in the evenings. And during the weekends I have the whole day to sew.

I have already made january to my UFO month, and all the projects in the photo are kind of big UFO’s. My goal is to finish handquilting my Antique Sampler quilt, and to do a lot of progress on the other ones.


But there is still a lot of small UFO’s in my drawer.  I have organized the drawer now.  And as you see there is a difference in the before and after photo.  So far in january I have 10 finishes.  And in between my Olympic projects I think I will work on some small projects too.  Just to perhaps one day being able to empty this drawer completely.

Now……off to day one in the training camp. 

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

More finishes

In my previous post I showed five UFO’s that I was going to work on this weekend. And I finished four of them.


UFO finish #7 and “8.  Two placemats designed by my friend Bjørg.


UFO finish #9.  A new table runner, also a design from Bjørg.


UFO finish #10.  The table runner I started on in a Sue Daley class one year ago.

Yoohoooo…….I’m doing a happy dance now.  10 finishes so far in january. And it has been no stress, just having fun working on these old projects.


In the bookshelf in my sewingroom I have a lot of sewingbags.  Looked through them today and guess what, in one of them there was two UFO’s.


It was two Hatched and Patched stitcheries.  One is almost finished. The other one ready to be stitched.  Feel in the mood for some stitchery now so this will be on of my focus this week.


I found this table runner (also a design from Bjørg) in my drawer.  I do not like sewing buttonhole stitches !!  But I manage to finish the applique while having a friend visiting for coffee . Done in just a few hours. Hope I have enough batting to baste it, but I think I am starting to get short on batting now.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ready for the weekend to come


Basted and ready to be quilted this weekend.
Hope for some more finishes. 


And relaxing with some hexagons while watching tv.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Todays UFO focus


Deep down in my drawer there is a LOT of UFO’s.  This is the one I pulled out today.  It is a kit that my friend Bjørg gave me for Christmas in 2010.  As you see a lot is done already.  It deserves to be finished. 

I have a really ambisious goal to one day empty this drawer. The coming weekend I will sort out what’s in this drawer (maybe show you……or not).  The UFO’s I do not want to finish will either be thrown away in the trash, or be packed nicely in a plastic bag and given away at a quilt auction or perhaps to someone in my quilt group will finish it. 

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Monday, January 13, 2014

UFO #5 and #6 finished


As I said in my blogpost yesterday, january is going to be my UFO month.  It is so fun having these finishes.  At what always amazes me is that there is so little work left to do on some of my UFO’s.  Today I digged down in my drawer and found a plastic bag with some fabrics and papers.


In this plastic bag three angels turned up. One was already finished.  The other two had to get stuffed with batting and to get their wings sewn on.


A few hour later three angels are sitting among the fabrics I bought in Shipshewana.  They will guard the fabrics until I have finished some more UFO’s.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snow + cold temperature = staying in the sewingroom


So far the winter has been strange.  We have had warm degrees every day and a lot of rain. Almost all the snow was melted, you had to go up in the mountains to go skiing.  But I was happy with that.  This weekend the weather turned and it has come a lot of snow and now it is very cold minus 20 C.


So what do a quilter do.  Stay inside of course.  Sewing down the binding on my Red Home Quilt.  I love my wonder clips. Makes sewing down the binding so easy.


It is cold outside, and it was so good to just cuddle up under the quilt while sewing down the binding.  Earlier I did think that sewing down bindings was soooooo boring.  But now it was just fun. I watched a lot of series and old movies on the tv.  Rusken was also very interested in what was going on on the tv.


And the quilt is cat approved. Several times already.


UFO # 3 is finished.


Now I am on a roll with finishing UFO’s.  I have decided that january is my UFO month.  The challenge was to finish five before starting something new.  But it feels so good to have a finish so I will keep on working on my UFO’s for the whole month.  So then when february comes I can start something new.


UFO #4 finished today.  A new cushion.  But I really think I have to change colours now.  Almost everything I have made lately is RED.


And RED is the colour on UFO #5 too.  This pattern was a Christmas gift from my friend Bjørg in 2012.  I did start to sew it, but put it away in a box.


Today I sewed it together.  Still thinking about whether I should applique the daisies or not. Perhaps not, and rather quilt some borders in the middle row. Have to sleep on it.


I manage to focus on my Aunt Sarah’s quilt the whole week. Been a hectic week at work and then it was good just to come home, sit down and relax and sew on my hexagons. And this is how far I have come by today. Think I will have focus on this as my hand stitching project the coming week too.

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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Big plans, not so much done


When the weekend started I had BIG plans being all day in my sewingroom doing some finishes.  This is the three projects I picked out of my boxes.  But as the weekend went on my plans did not work out the way I inteded.  A little bit shopping with my daughter was very fun, also visiting a friend drinking coffee, sewing and planning the project we both are sewing on.


Friday evening just relaxing and sewing on my hexagon quilt.  I really made some progress on it. 


Saturday morning I entered my sewingroom and chose to work on this UFO.  Made this a long time ago for a class that never took place, so I guess that’s why it was not finished.


During saturday morning I finished this cushion.  Now one of the Christmas cushions can be taken out of the sofa.


Sunday morning waking up really late and I was not at all feeling good.  Have to learn my lesson and not it that much cheese and biscuits so late.  But when I finally got into my sewingroom i picked this stitchery for my days work.  Originally the pattern is for a table runner.  But I have only done one of the stitcheries and do not want it as a tablerunner.  Want to make a cushion out of this stitchery too.


But as the day went on (with a coffee visit to a friend) I started to cut squares and sew them together.  But I did not like it at all. So I unpicked it all ……


…..and found some other fabrics. I needed some more colours, the first choice of fabrics was not at all good.  Now I have to start from scratch again.


So instead of continuing sewing on the cushion I relaxed in my chair sewing more hexagons on my Aunt Sarahs quilt. 


I finished the center piece during my visit in Shipshwana and this is how far I have come now.  It is so fun sewing on this quilt, so it will have my focus as hand stitching project for next week.  And hopefully I will finish the cushion this week to.

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Friday, January 03, 2014

Hexagons + redwine = friday relaxing

1521728_674744145909581_50810201_nJust relaxing this eveing.  Glad there was only two days at work after my Christmas vacation, because I am so tired right now.  Working on my Aunt Sarahs quilt. Having focus on this as my SWWTV (Sewing While Watching TV). Still a lot more hexagon flowers to sew on the quilt.  Will show you later how far I have come on this quilt.

I am planning a whole day in my sewingroom tomorrow.  Hopefully finish another project in Hannes challenge.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

First finish in 2014

A new year and hope it will bring a lot of creativity and time to sew.  Hanne gave us a challenge on Tour de Fibre facebook group today.  Finsh five before starting a new project.  And of course I joined that. 


Some years ago when Lynette Andersson visited Norway I bought this kit.  I did the stitchery during the Christmas days, and today I finished the Christmas cushion.


I really love it.  Although the Christmas is almost over and I will start to put away my Christmas stuff  I will keep this cushion in my sofa just a little time more. 


Until I have made one or two new cushions. I really need to change the cushions in my sofa.  The old ones are so worn out. And I need to have some in new colours. Make a change my livingroom. One finish done, four more to do. The next finish will be one of these.

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