Monday, October 29, 2012

And then the snow came



I am not ready for this yet.

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Snowflake Quote Word Art

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vitamin Q


This weekend Hanne and I have spendt a lot of time in my sewingroom.  While Hanne was playing with her log cabin……


…..I started with one of my UFO’s.


This is going to be a Christmas cushion.  I sewed the borders on and quilted it, but then I got distracted from something Hanne brought me.


I had ordered this package with templates and paper pieces, and of course I had to try out some of the blocks.  I love Sue Daleys patterns, and with this package I can play a lot with templates and make all kind of hexagons.  You can se some of the variations here, here, here and here.


I want to make my quilt in red and white.  Hanne had a big laugh when I started to pick out the red fabrics from my boxes, because I had told her I just had a few red fabrics.  And this is just some of the fabrics I showed Hanne.  I think there is some more ……………LOL  But you all know I love red fabrics.


I was not sure which fabrics that was already washed or not, so I gave all of them a turn in the washing machine. 


Rusken had to inspect all the fabrics. 


And then I was ready to start making some hexagons.


My first two hexagons is finished.  It is so fun to make them.


I also finished sewing down the binding on these six placemats.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Log cabin at the cabin

This weekend I have been at the cabin together with two of my quilting friends.  Always so fun being there.  Lot of sewing, laughter and vitamin Q.


Of course I had brought all the stripes for my log cabin quilt.  It is so fun sewing these blocks.


21 blocks so far.  Have to measure my bed, but I think it needs about 80 blocks to make a bedcover.  So still a lot of blocks to make.


When I came home today I had to lay all the blocks out on the floor.  Adding some of my own fabrics to the kit I bought, it makes a totally different quilt than the one that inspired me at the last quilt meeting. And I think the reason to this is that I have chosen to have a red square in the middle of the block, and I have added some red fabrics in the stripes too.  But as you all know, I love the colour red, so I am really pleased with the look of it so far.


Not just sewing all day and night, we also went out for some long walks, and one day we spottet the work of a very busy beaver.


I had brought another new project to start too.  Some new Christmas fabrics.


I really need new place mats for Christmas and I love these fabrics from Lynette Anderson and Whimsical quilts.


Sewing all day long and the night too LOL and now I have six new Christmas placemats.  Just have to sew down the binding.  Really look forward to start using these. 


My basket quilt is growing.  At the cabin I also did a lot of needleturn while relaxing with a cup of coffee.  I promised Sue that I would try to applique 10 blocks a week.  She visited Norway four weeks ago and I have kept my promise (and a little more).  Now I have 51 basket blocks finished. These baskets are so fun to applique.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Preparing my log cabin quilt


Today I have been rotary cutting stripes for my log cabin quilt.
And I have used my log cabin ruler to cut the exact pieces for each round.


And stacking them in piles A B C D E aso
Ao when I am ready to sew I can just grab a fabric from the piles.


Have a lot of rotary cutting to do.


And in between I am relaxing with some applique on my baskets.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sorry quilters, I have been scrapping

Some time ago on this post I got a comment saying; Oh! No! Have we lost May Britt to the dark side (papercraft)???? Step away from those paper scissors and glue stick now or they'll have another convert,
Sorry, but you have to read some posts about scrapping now and then among my quilting posts. But I promise you, quilting will have my main focus.

Yesterday evening after work and from early morning to late evening today I have been scrapping together with some ladies from work.


Thanks to Monika, who have shared a lot of her scrapping stash think she has had the big clean up among her stuff I now have a lot of stuff to make cards + that I have bought a lot some stuff too.  I am so new to this hobby, so I am so happy that two of the ladies is so experienced scrappers and can tell me what to do, and inspire us all.


But scrapping is like quilting, cutting pieces from papers and putting it together again using inch and cm.  And you have to be accurate and have a sense for colours.


We almost forgot to eat today, but luckily one of the ladies had brought home made soup for us to heat up and eat.

Here is photos of some of the cards that was made today:


And these are the cards I have made:
Three easel cards

Three envelope cards

And two chocolate cards made from this tutorial.
Now I will relax in front of the tv with applique more baskets, and tomorrow I will be in my sewingroom all day. 
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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Just sewing today


Today focusing on Scandinavian Christmas quilt (SC).  Discovering that I had stitched 7 snowflake  blocks on too small background I really have to learn to read the instructions first I prepped 7 new blocks, the rigth size this time, and I also prepped the 23 heart blocks. So whenever I like to sit down and do some needleturn I have them ready. I do not think I will manage to have this quilt finished for this Christmas.  Christmas is approaching too fast and I have several other projects I want need to have focus on. So instead of feeling bad for not finishing SC this year I will enjoy finishing other projects, and having fun working on SC also in the next year coming.


Hanne has challenged me, and I took the challenge, to finish at least two UFO’s or as I like to call them WISP’s, each month.  And today I found one really old WISP that just needed some more handquilting.  Long time since I did som handquilting so it was fun doing it now.  A couple of hours handquilting ……


and sewing on and down the binding, this little Christmas quilt was finished.  The words on the quilt says:  Light a candle, sit down, enjoy the Christmas joy and peace.


Still working on my baskets.  24 finished so far. 104 more to make.  So far I have manage my goal to sew 10 each week.  As Sue told me…….these baskets are addictive.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Testing log cabin


Been testing my new log cabin ruler.  And I know several of my near friends are laughing now, because I had several telephones and sms about the use of ths ruler. I had to do some thinking and that was not easy when it started to get close to bedtime.  But at last I started to rotary cut some stripes to make a test block.


I have sewed a couple of testblocks just to test the seam allowance on my sewingmachine.  I have to adjust the needle to get the exact 1/4 inch seam allowance. That is the one problem with my Janome sewingmachine, it does not give the exact 1/4 inch seam allowance when I turn it on.  I guess using the 1/4 inch foot also make me having to adjust the needle. But now I have figured it out, and have taped a note on my sewingmachine to remember each time to adjust my seam allowance.


Now it’s the time to open this package of new fabrics, find some more fabrics from my stash to give the log cabin quilt the look I want.  I guess there have to add some red in this quilt to make it mine. You all know I just LOVE red.  Have to do a lot of rotary cutting stripes the next days.


But still my frist priority is sewing these baskets,

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