Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sorry quilters, I have been scrapping

Some time ago on this post I got a comment saying; Oh! No! Have we lost May Britt to the dark side (papercraft)???? Step away from those paper scissors and glue stick now or they'll have another convert,
Sorry, but you have to read some posts about scrapping now and then among my quilting posts. But I promise you, quilting will have my main focus.

Yesterday evening after work and from early morning to late evening today I have been scrapping together with some ladies from work.


Thanks to Monika, who have shared a lot of her scrapping stash think she has had the big clean up among her stuff I now have a lot of stuff to make cards + that I have bought a lot some stuff too.  I am so new to this hobby, so I am so happy that two of the ladies is so experienced scrappers and can tell me what to do, and inspire us all.


But scrapping is like quilting, cutting pieces from papers and putting it together again using inch and cm.  And you have to be accurate and have a sense for colours.


We almost forgot to eat today, but luckily one of the ladies had brought home made soup for us to heat up and eat.

Here is photos of some of the cards that was made today:


And these are the cards I have made:
Three easel cards

Three envelope cards

And two chocolate cards made from this tutorial.
Now I will relax in front of the tv with applique more baskets, and tomorrow I will be in my sewingroom all day. 
Saying for today:


Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

WOW! Nydelige kort! Skjønner godt at du synes det er allright å snuse litt på dette håndtverket også :-) Litt variasjon i livet er bare sunt :o)
Ha en fortsatt flott helg :-)

Hanne said...

I think your scrapping is like my crochet - you just have to do some of it every now and then :-)
Beautiful cards!

Med kjæleik til livet said...

Kor flinke du er --- flotte kort d har laget

Monikasmil :)

Lise in Norway said...

Ja nå er du hekta :) Lykke til videre

Bárbara said...

precioso trabajo !! :O)


Det der drev vi mye med på skolen jeg jobbet på i Bærum, så her i huset er det et par skuffer fulle av stempler + mye annet stash. Man kan jo ikke KJØPE kort!

Yvonne W said...

The cards look great. My sister and daughter have done scrapping-- but I have resisted so far-- another expensive hobby!

Leanne said...

Looks like lots of fun, those cards are amazing. Well done. Its nice to do something different for a change. Enjoy.

Ondrea said...

May, those cards are so lovely. It's funny because I was a scrapbooker and taught my mum. When I took up patchwork and quilting the scrapbooking was left behind. I still have pages half completed from years ago. I have heaps of scrapbooking stuff and I hope to reorganise this as I revamp my sewing room. Hopefully I will then find time to do both. Have fun with it.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your cards are just fantastic May Brit, glad you had a good day...

Fee said...

Your cards are so lovely. I like them.

Radka said...

Whatever makes you happy :-)

Nancy in Norway said...

ser morsomt og koselig ut!

Nana's Quilts said...

I am impressed. You and your friends are very creative and do have a very nice sense of color and placement. You are allowed to have a little bit of time away from fabric, as long as you plan to return. :-)

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

LOL. I'm glad you had a good time! The cards are beautiful. Will I now admit I have a cupboard full of stamps, paper, card and ribbons etc from my card making days. (From the original commentor.)

Houseelf said...

Beautiful results. My daughter makes our cards. She left a box of them with us while she is at uni, so I don't have an excuse to expand my crafting empire (attempt at world domination) in that direction.

You have a great eye for colour even with paper.

Sue said...

Your cards are beautiful as are your quilts and embroideries. I too do both but haven't scrapbooked for a couple years . Too busy. I belong to a group called Scrapbags and my poor husband never knew which group I was going to.

Sue in Canada

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