Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Inspiration from the Conferense room


120 ladies has joined the DJ reatreat this year.  And there was so fun to meet facebook and blogging friend in real person. Everyone had brought sewing projects.  Some sewed by machine, others by hand. 


I just love these old Singer sewingmachines.  Would love to have one myself.  There was several of these in the sewingroom.  And they had such a nice sound when they sewed.

Lots of inspiraton around in the room.  Here is some photos:



Quilts on display in the shops


There were quilts everywhere.  Love this photo of Amish buggies and horses parked outside Yoders.  And look at the quiltblocks on the wall. 

Inside the shop there was also a lot of quilts on display.


Antique quilts at Rebcca’s


Several times we visited Rebecca Haarer Arts and Antiques.  In this shop you can find a lot of antique quilts. It was so fun to study the fabrics, how they were sewed together and how they were quilted.  Some of the quilts were really old.


I love this quilt.  And how many different fabrics they have used.  Would love to make a quilt like this someday.


Quilts in every corner, on the bed and on the walls.  Just lift up one quilt and there is another under it.


One of my favorites.


Almost bought this.  Next time I think an antique quilt has to come home with me.


This desk was a treasure chest.  Looking through the drawers there was antique quiltblocks. And I found some great treasures.  Some very old quiltblocks.  Will show you later. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Show and tell Shipshewana 2013–part 2

Some more photos from show and tell.  Just enjoy:



Wasn’t this amazing?  If you want you can also visit Rosmary’s blog and see the smilebox she has made showing this wonderful show and tell. She sat on another place than me and have these quilts from another angel.

I am safe back home from my trip to Shipshewana.  I have loved every minute of it.  Thank you to all the girls that was at the DJ reatreat.  It has been a pleasure learning to know you. 

I have still more photos to blog, but now I have to go to sleep to get over this jet-legg.

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