Thursday, September 17, 2015

A day with lovely Jen Kingwell – part two

Then there was opened for an inspiration evening with Jen’s Show and Tell. 

Several girls had made some of Jen’s quilts and the show and tell started with showing these quilts.  I  am sorry I do not remember who have made these quilts. So just enjoy the photos:




Finally it was time for Jen to show her quilts.  As you see there is a big pile of quilts. She is a lovely inspiring lady. Love her way of using all kind of fabrics together.  When making a scrappy quilt you really do not have to think that this fabric goes with this fabric to make perfect blocks.  Everything goes together.  And as me she LOVES circles.  That is one shape that makes me smile.

Enjoy the photos from Show and Tell.  The first part is the quilts that there is separate patterns or booklets.  (And I know Kathrine is having all of Jen’s patterns and templates, so if there is something that just calls on you…..give Kathrine a call). 




Now there was time to show the quilts from her book Quilt Lovely.  One of my favorite books.  I have no idea how many time I have looked through this book.  Think I want to make all of the quilts and the pillows.





I had a wonderful day filled with inspiration, laughter and good friends.  I look a bit tired at this photo with Jen, but it had been a very long intense day (up at 06:00 and this photo was taken by 21:30, back home by midnight driving in heavy rain, but it was SO worth it). I am so happy to have met Jen in person and I know I will have a lot of scrappy time in my sewing room. This is the Daisy Do quilt that we started to make and the more I see it, the more I love it.  Now my head is spinning filled with inspiration, colours and shapes.  Thank you Jen for all the inspiration.

A day with lovely Jen Kingwell – part one

Some time since I bought Jen Kinwells book Quilt Lovely and it has been one of my favorite books.  And when I heard that Kathrines Quiltestue had invited her to Norway, I imidiately signed up for one of her classes.  Finally I got to meet this wonderful lady.


Started very early from home to be in time for the class.  I knew I had a wonderful day waiting for me.  The classes Kathrine is hosting is always great.  So a big thank you to Kathrine and her crew hosting this.


The class I had joined was for the Daisy Do quilt.  I love the scrappy look of it.  Now I can dig deep down in my box of scraps.


Jen is a great teacher, and we learned some tricks in hand stitching these blocks.


As usual there is not much done during the day.  We were chatting, shopping, laughing and in between some sewing LOL.


At the end of the day I suggested to put together some of the blocks that was made during the day. I guess we all had used some time to select matcing fabrics for our block.


But when these blocks came together on the black chambrey background, they all came together very good. So one thing I learned in the progress making scrap quilts, is that eveything goes together. 

Kathrine is always bringing a lot of inspiration and temptations from her shop.




And always the big question LOL, did I buy something??


Of course (BIG SMILE).  Kathrine is always putting together these wonderful collection of fabrics. I bought her background bundle with  low volume fabrics and the bundle she had put together for the Steampunk quilt.  A background for the Daisy Do and I just LOVED the background with writing. 

Next post will be photos from Jen’s show and tell.

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