Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A little Easter quilt shop hop


We needed some refill today and headed our way to our local quiltshop Kreative Ingema at Flisa. I am so glad she started her quiltshop so that we can get refill without driving too far.  This is just half an hour to drive for us.


Inger Marie is giving us very good service.


And she has plenty for us to choose from. 
Love those two table runners at display.





The only thing I had on my shopping list was stitchery batting, but as you see some fabrics also came home with me.  Going to make another pillow with the fabrics to the right.  Not so happy with my first choice of fabric that I already have started to stitch on.  They did not work in my sofa.  Off to cut my new fabrics and give it another try.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy Easter!

I’ve started my Easter vacation. A long week off from work.  And I am going to spend most of the time in my sewingroom.


Saturday evening was Earth Hour.  My DD came visiting me and it was so cosy turning off all the light and then light a lot of candles. 


Today I spendt most of my time in the sewingroom. 


Adding more borders to my Phebequilt.  Love working on this quilt.


Rusken loves to stay in the sewingroom with me.  A bit grumphy today because he wanted me to cuddle him, but I was occupied with my sewing machine.


My DD also joined me in my sewing room, working on a Easter decoration.  So nice to have company while sewing.


I wish you all a happy creative Easther.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

March quilt meeting


Last thursday there was the monthly quiltmeeting in my quilt group.  Not so many ladies came because we had a bad snowstorm and the roads was difficult to drive.  We were supposed to have a quilt shop visiting, but due to the weather they did not come either.  But I had a backup plan and showed the ladies photos from NQF’s annual meeting.

And of course there was show and tell.  Enjoy the photos.


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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Norwegian Quilt Associations annual meeting


Yesterday I went to the Norwegian Quilt association annual quilt meeting.  Only for a day visit this time.  So fun to meet up with friends, to shop and to get inspired. I give NQF credit for the work thay have done this year and the goals they have accomplished.


Several quilt shops had brought a lot for us to shop.  Here is a photo from Kathrines Quiltestue.  They are also visiting my local quilt group next thursday, so I get the opportunity to shop even more. 


Here a photo from Trådsnella. Lots of goodies and inspiration


And it is always a joy to visit Lappemakeriet.


And here is Siv at Quiltegården.

Lots of inspiration in the shops. 


It is always fun to visith the exhibition.  There is both the members exhibition and the competition exhibition.  Some quilts became my favorites.


Like this one made by Eirin H Smestu. 


And this one made by Tove Holm.  This one got 1.st place in the traditional class. The name of the competition this year was “Traditional Norwegian traditions”.


Love this one too.  It is made by Kirsti Hovland.

Not much shopping this time.  Think there was too much inspiration and goodies, so I could not sort out what I needed to bye. The fact is that I really do not need to buy anything.  Have loads of everything in my sewing room. 


But a new pattern, a new pigma pen (that one was on my shopping list), a background and some fabrics for another new project came home with me in my bag.  Coming back home and downloaded all the photos from my camera, I can enjoy looking at the photos and get more and more inspired.  Will save the photos from the shops and exhibition until later, because I am going to show them at my local quiltgroup at the april meeting.  So until then you’ll have to wait.


I did not buy fabrics for the pillow (the pattern I bought yesterday).  But when entering my sewingroom today wanting to start this project, I got a little bit worried that I did not have any grey fabrics for it.  Looking in my boxes, drawers and shelves……………... I found that I had fabric enough for several pillows. 

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I’m still here !!


Just realized that it is over a month since my last blogpost. Time has gone so fast.  Thinking each evening that now I have to make a blogpost.  Then suddenly it’s time to go to bed and I haven’t touched the computer.  Actually it has been good, because I am sitting in front of the computer all day at work. So evenings I have been out walking in the nice spring weather, reading, sewing and spending time with my family.  Perhaps I needed this little break from the computer.  But now I’m back !


And so is my sewing machine.  It has been away for some weeks again.  But now it is back home and sewing good again. Of course I could have done some sewing on my spare sewing machine, but……… relaxing with some hand stitching have been so good.


So the last days I have been working on my Phebe quilt.  Sewing on some borders.


And all the star blocks that is for the next border is done.  Now I just have to find the perfect fabric for the sashing between the blocks.  I am going to the Norwegian Quilt Associations annual meeting on saturday, and there will be several quilt shops there.  Maybe I can find it there.  Or just use the one I already have picked.


Relaxing evenings working on my Raspberry Parleour quilt while watching Australian Masterchef.  Love that kind of tv shows.


And the pile of blocks for this quilt is slowly growing.  Think I have done almost half of them now.  Need to prep some more blocks soon now.


And finally I have to show you this cutie !!!  Rusken loves to snuggle up in this quilt.  When the quilt is not laying in the sofa for him, he is staring at me with his begging eyes until I find the quilt and makes a little cave for him to crawl into.  I am well trained !

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