Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer meeting in my quilt group

Yesterday it was the summermeeting in myquilt group.  And the first thing was to show the results from our Brown Bag challenge.  Just 6 ladies had taken this challenge and this is what was made from the fabric they received in the bag.


I made these two sewing bags for my Brown Bag lady.

Then we served food and I think all 36 ladies enjoyed it.


There was a lot of laughter and chatting during while we were eating.


And look at all the gifts at the lottery table. 

Enjoy the photos from our show and tell.



These two bags are very special.  They are made of coffee bags. Very clever idea.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer has arrived

The last days we have had wonderful summer weather.  Feels so good after a long and cold winter.  Hope the warm weather has come to stay.


May 17th is Norways constitution day and it is always fun to dress up in our bunader and go to see the parade.


This year together with my DD and her boyfriend.


Long time since I could enjoy some sewing out on the porch.  But now the temperature is so good. On May 17th I sat outside stitching almost all evening.


Two new books has arrived and I love them.  I have looked through them so many times now, and still discovers something new each time.  Wonderful quilts in both books.


So many quilts I would love to make.  You can look at the Di Ford book here, And to see photos from the Petra Prins book you can visit her blog here.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

New quiltshop and a little trip to the cabin

Friday evening I had loaded the car with my sewingmachine and a lot of projects.  My goal was to drive up to the other ladies at the cabin in Evensberget.  But first I wanted to visit the new quiltshop at Flisa.  Only half an hour to drive from where I live, so this will be my new local quiltshop. 
Kreative Ingema started her quiltshop some years ago in her garage.  Now whe has moved up to the center of Flisa and sharing the shop together with another lady.
So happy I now have a local quiltshop again.

I hope these two ladies will have a lot of visitors in the time coming.  Know I will visit them often.
After the visit in the quiltshop, and of course I had to buy some beautiful fabric, I drove up to the cabin.  A weekend relaxing and sewing with good friends.
My working station.
I had brought a lot of projects and got a lot done.
Both by sewingmachine and handsewing
All the ladies was very procuctive
I prepped three more blocks for my It Takes Two quilt(the three at the bottom). I found this WISP in a box the other day and thought it was time to do some more sewing on it.
Sewed two more placemats for my DIL. I gave her four of these for her birthday, and she liked the so much so that she wanted two more.  (just have to sew down the binding now)
I also appliqued more blocks for my Red Home Quilt.  Still have some applique to do on these.  Back home from the cabin trip I am now relaxing with these blocks. 
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Friday, May 10, 2013

A visit at Fjellquilten in Tynset


Some days ago I was invited to Tynset to visit Fjellquilten, their local quiltgroup, to teach needleturn.  It was so fun and the ladies was to nice to work with. I had brought some quilts made in needleturn to show them. Visit their blog to see more from my visit. 


You all know that I love to do needleturn, and it is so fun to teach others how to do it. Hope I inspired them to continue sewing needleturn.  I have some tricks and I hope they will love it as much as I do.  Thank you ladies for listening to me.  I had a great time visiting you.

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April OPAM


I have 4 finishes this month.  You all know my basket quilt is finished.  Yohooo, so happy about that.   I have also finished 2 secrets that I can’t show you until the end of May.


But I can show you this cover I made for my DD drawingboard.


Long time since I started applique these blocks.  It is for my Floral Beauty quilt.  Have no idea how many blocks I am going to make, just know I have to applique several more.  Two more blocks are prepped and ready to be appliqued.


I have appliqued down the hexagons circles on my One Day At A Time quilt.  Now I have to prepp more hexagons to make the flowers and the borders.

Hope you all are having a great day.

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