Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some more inspiration from Tønsberg

I guess you understand that my head is right now floading over with new ideas.  So much inspiration in two days.  Just enjoy the photos and get inspired you too.



Isn’t this a lovely view !!! 

Both Gail and Helen had brought a lot of quilts and other small projects to show us.  I have admired some of these quilts on their blogs, but to see them and to touch them is so much better,  and makes me want to make those quilts even more.

You girls up in Trondheim have something to look forward to when Gail and Helen is visiting you this weekend.  Vitamin Q galore.


So that’s why I  bought some patterns from Gail and the Life is beautiful book from Helen.


And of course some fabrics had to come home with me this time too.  I just love this cat fabric.  Think I will make a bag from it.

Saying for today:

Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wonderful days in Tønsberg



Monday morning I and three other friends drove down to Tønsberg.  First a little visit at Quiltefryd


to do a little bit of shopping.  Always so nice to visit this quiltshop.


More shopping later that day when we went to a inspiration show and tell with……


Gail Pan and Helens Stubbings.


So wonderful to meet these two ladies from Australia


and to watch all the quilts they had brought with them


and to hear them tell about their quilting lives.


They had brought with them a lot of quilts and I will show you more photos of these in another post. 


I had brought with me two of the quilts I have made from Gails pattern.  This is her Stitching Angels


And this I have called Winter Blooms turns into Summer Blooms.


I fell in love with this new pattern from Gail.  Bought it and want to start sewing it real soon.


Today we had a workshop with both Gail and Helen.  And we had such a great time.


This is the wokshop we had with Gail.  Love this quilt.065

As I am not so into blue fabrics I am making mine in pink, red and grean.


So fun that my friend Nancy from Grimstad came.  We had a lot to catch up.


Hanne and Gail smiling to the camera.


Thank you Gail for a wonderful workshop.  Love your patterns.


Half the day was workshop with Gail, then we switched over to workshop with Helen.


Making this wonderful needlebook with all kind of stitches. 


Love both needleturn with Gail and stitchery with Helen.  A perfect day.


We got a lot of useful tips from Helen.  And I learned how to make a colonial knot.


A lot of chatting and laughing around the table




Thank you Gail and Helen.  It was so fun to finally meet you in person.  Two wonderful days filled with inspiration and vitamin Q.

Saying for today:

Life is devine chaos, embrace it

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Norwegian Quilt Associations annual quilt meeting 2012–part 4- The Competition quilts

The theme for this years quilt competition was Ocean.  A lot of wonderful quilts.  You can find out who won the open and traditional cathegory by visiting NQF’s blog.


More to comeSmilefjes

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