Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet memories notebook cover

This is my week to be your Stitchers Angel.
And I have designed this little
Sweet memories notebook cover

Hope you will enjoy making it.
Saying for today:
The rose speaks of love silently,
in a language known only to the heart

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quilters at the cabin

Thursday all the girls in "Trådsnella" (the threadspool) was going to our annual quilttrip to the cabin. This is actually the 9th year we do this so it has became a tradition.

But this time I was very in doubt if I manage to come along. While sitting in the front om the computer at work, stretching to reach a folder, my hip suddenly said spoooooooiiiiiiing and a big pain came as a lightning from a claire sky. I hardly could stand on my right foot, and walking was such a pain. I manage to meet my friend Irene and she told me she was going to drive, I had to come along and all the ladies promised to take care of me.

And so they did. I have been relaxing with my foot on a pillow. But my back and hip was so much hurting so I had to get up and walk slooooooooooooowly around to ease the pain. And not so much sleep because I could not find any comfortable way to lay down. But I had a great time with the girls.
Thursday evening they really surprised me. Soon I am celebrating my 50th birthday and the girls had made me this little quilt. What is so special about this quilt is that my mother, who was a very talented quilter and now is living in an old peoples home and not quilting anymore, had made the star block on the top right. She made it several years ago and the girls have saved it for this quilt. So with tears in my eyes I hugged this quilt to my heart. I will always treasure this quilt. (The colours on the photo is so wrong, the colours is much more deeper)

It has been the perfect sewing weekend. A lot of rain and wind. Fire on the open fireplace and a lot of good food and laughter.
I offered my help basting this quilt, but they just laughed at me..........hmmmm.....

So nice to sit and sew together and just look at the rain outside.

We are so lucky to have electricity at this cabin so we can bring our sewingmachines.

In between walking around to ease the pain, doing the dishes (the only thing I could do this weekend), I manage to do some sewing.

Like finishing the rest of the blocks in Gail Pans A Christmas Wish. I was so behind finishing these small blocks . Now all eight is done and I am ready for the last one in september.

Two small stitcheries done.

I started to prepare these baskets blocks. And I love them. Will prepare a lot of them to bring with me in my bag. Will make them just in japaneese fabrics.

And I started this cute stitchery.

Tomorrow is my Stitchers Angel week.
The pattern is ready to be posted for you.
and I am seriously thinking about seeing the doctor tomorrow...
or not???
Saying for today:
We can’t all be stars…
But we can all twinkle

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


LeKaQuilt is having a giveaway.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just finished my pattern for you for next week Stitchers Angels
That also means my first finish for OPAM august.

Saying for today:
Follow the magic in your heart.
It is the inspiration for your life

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quilters birthday and a new toy

You all remember the roll of fabric from my previous post. It was hard to untie it, and it was even harder to do the first rotarycut into them.

Friday I and five other quilters met at Bente's house to celebrate her 50th birthday. And this was a quilters birthday. Hanne was going to give her a workshop in making kaleidoscop as a birthdaygift. And that included all of us too :) I had decided to use my japan roll of fabric and started to rotary cut it. When the first cut was done, it was so fun to continue and it felt so good working with these lovely fabrics.

Of course some show and tell. This quilt is so beautiful. Made by Inger Solveig. And here we are discussing how to quilt all the blocks.

Hanne is a wonderful teacher and we had all great fun together in this workshop.

Hanne is explaining Tove how to do the rotary cutting.

and it looks like Tove is having a lot of fun doing it.

A lot of laughing, sewing, rotarycutting,colours and happy faces this weekend.

And this is the start of my kaleidoscop quilt. But now a problem appeared. While waiting so long before starting to use these fabrics, I now think I will have a problem getting fabrics from the same collection to have for an outher border. So I just have to finish it and then take it to the quiltshop and see what other fabrics can be mixed with these ones.

In the evening a lovely seafood dinner.
We had such a great weekend together.
Thank you Bente, for giving this wonderful birthdayparty

And THIS is what came home with me today.
A Janome 6600
Siv Hege had bought herself a brand new sewingmachine and was going to sell her "old" one. And she made me an offer I could not refuse. So this darling sewingmachie is now in my sewingroom ready to be tested.
You can read more about this quilters birthday party on both Hanne's and Siv Hege's blogs.

Saying for today:
We are all angels with only one wing...
we can fly only embracing each other

Friday, August 21, 2009

At last

I got this beautiful Lecien roll of fabrics for christmas some years ago. It has always been at display in my sewingroom because I loved it so much. I have looked at it soooooooooooo many times, but have not been able to unknot the silkribbon around it.
Until now. This weekend it will be a part of a new project. Look at all these wonderful colours. Although it was sooooo hard to open this roll, I look forward to make something out of it. The perfect project have finally been revealed. I am meeting some other girls and Hanne is going to give us a workshop. We were allowed to cut the stripes needed for this project, but coming to use the rotary cutter on these wonderful fabrics was even harder than open the roll. So I will use late days at work/meetings in the evening as an excuse for not doing my homework LOL. This will be a fun weekend.
And to all of you who commented
on my tidy sewingroom.........

it is not so tidy anymore.

working on Stitchers Angel pattern for you.
So just a little sneakpeak of it.
And it is so fun that I got a mail from my secret angel yesterday. She was giving some clues of where she was living, but I have no idea. The clues can be linked to at least two different countries LOL
Saying for today:
If you want to be happy, be!
- Henry David Thorreau

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I think I got too exhausted after moving into my new sewingroom and going back to work. So I have not had some sewingtime in there yet. But I hope I soon will having back my sewing mojo, because I have so many projects in my head (like starting to make the Stitchers Angel pattern, making something to my secret friend in the Stitchers Angel swap and making some christmas things to my SSCS-swap partner, and not to talk about all the other projects)

So to relax I have enjoyed some stitching in my chair in front of the tv. And actually made some stitches before falling asleep. Before going on my summer vacation I traced Leanne Beasleys new stitchery found in Homespun. And this among some other stitcheries have been with me in my bag this summer. So relaxing to just use one colour of thread.

I love Homespun magazine and have now subscribed it from Lapp-Elisa in Sweden. So now I have something to look forward to in my mailbox each month.

Saying for today:

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I'm moving in

The last week has been a rollercoaster with painting, trip to ikea, moving my DD to her new bedsit in Trondheim, visiting my brother at his cabin, going to a outdoor concert and moving in to my new sewingroom. Today is my last day of my summer vacation. And I am looking forward to come back at work to relax LOL

Last weekend I started to paint my new sewingroom.
I have chosen light antique (almost white) as colour. And I am so glad I repainted the room, because the previous wall colour was so yellow-green-creamish and not that pretty. I wanted my sewingroom to be light and airy.

After a trip to Ikea I have put together a new shelf and a new drawer. (Have I mentioned I hate going around at Ikea LOL and last two weeks I have been there four times LOL)

And then I started to move in.
My old sewingroom exploded in to the new one.

Frida have already found her place in the sewingroom. Even though it was a complete mess at the desk she claimed the quilt in front of the window to be her place. And so it will be :)
Frida the quilt inspector have to have her own place in the sewingroom.

AND THEN........
today I finished moving in
I have a new sewingroom

From having a tiny little sewingroom with space only for one person to sit and sew, I now have room for four persons around the table. I do not understand how I manage to store everything in my previous sewingroom. I still have a lot of tidying to do. I have just moved everything from the old room to the new room, and I want to organize a little bit more.
But first
I look forward to sit down and sew
first project now will be my Stitchers angel pattern for you
stitchery is done, I just have to put it together.
And I will soon have a giveaway
first because I now celebrate my 3 year as a blogger
and second I celebrate my new sewingroom
Stay tuned.......

Saying for today:

When work is a pleasure,
life is a joy

Saturday, August 01, 2009

What's going on

Why is my new bed doing on the floor in my livingroom??
At least Frida is having a smashing time playing the Queen of the Queen on top of it. Surely thinking: Mom, you are great giving me this new place to sleep on.

But, this is the reason:
My bedroom is now empty.
The paint is bought.
New shelfs and a desk is bought.
And the bedroom is now being turned into
Yoooohoooo.....I finally decided (after a lot of pressure from my friends) to move my tiny little sewingroom into a bigger room. I agreed with them that I spend more time in the sewingroom sewing than sleeping. And sleeping can be done as well in a little room than a big one. And I really need more space in my sewingroom. But I am not looking forward to moving all my sewing stuff over to the new room. I expect it to take a lot of time because there is so many boxes and drawers to open, and I am afraid I will find a lot of forgotten stuff in them LOL But it will be fun.
Another saying for today:
Although my house is quite a mess,
come in, relax, converse.
It doesn't always look like this
sometimes it's even worse

Quiltshop hop with Nancy

Nancy and I had one more day to shop hop. Monday it was raining and a good day to do some shopping. First stop was QuilTen. A lovely shop with a lot of inspiring samples. So let's go for a walk in the shop:

I just adore these cats :)

Did I by something??
Just a few fabrics, but I have forgot to take photos of them.
And now I can't find them.
Next post will explain that.

I am now back home.
With good memories from this summervacation
Thank you Nancy for a smashing week together

Saying for today:

A friend is laughter
and going places
and doing new things
and having the best time ever
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