Monday, April 25, 2011

Update on this easter holiday

We have all been relaxing

Mostly we have all been outside in the sun,
but we have also spendt some time in the sewingroom

Rusken is giving me a helping jaw with the sewingmachine

but he rather want to cuddle up in my arms
do not understand why I have to sew
so he tries everything to get my attention.

While having both DD and DS with his girlfriend visiting,
having friends over for a visit,
visiting my dear mother and some others in the family
enjoying the sun outside,
reading a lot,

I have really got time for some sewing too :)

I have come this far on my It Takes Two quilt.
It is so fun sewing on this.
Have not decided if I want to make
3x3 blocks, 2x3 blocks or the whole quilt yet.

I finished the stitcheries on Angel Among Us
and have started to sew it together.

I needed another stitchery now and have traced the first block on AnnAKa's christmas BOM.

Tomorrow it is back to work.
This have been a wonderful easter.

Saying for today:
The world always looks brighter
from behind a smile.

~Author Unknown

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wonderful easter

I had never thought I ever should decorate my easter table with hvitveis (no)
Where I live this is almost a month to early to find.
The weather this easter has been so wondeful.
Feels like summerdays.
Enjoying my children visiting,
ice cream and strawberries on the porch,
sewing outside each day,
feeling the sun in my face.

Life is good :)

Saying for today:
Let us dance in the sun,
wearing wild flowers in our hair...

~Susan Polis Shutz

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just had to.....

I have had this Playing with paper pack for some years now. Bought it imidiately when the Pie and Tarts pattern was released. But it have been laying around all the time. Looked at it and stored it away again. But today, I just had to try it again, and in no time I had sewed the first block of the Pie and Tarts quilt.

Never thought I would love EPP again, but having the templates for cutting the pieces and this super duper rotating cutting mat, and having met Sue and learned some tricks, EPP is fun!!

Now when having this tested, I will focus on It Takes Two again :)

Saying for today:
If there is one spot of sun spilling onto the floor,
a cat will find it and soak it up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Guess who is enjoying some time outside.
Just relaxing and exploring the world outside the porch.
(photo by Hanne, borrowed from her blog)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sewing monday

Hanne and I have a very nice tradition. Think this is the fourth year she is coming for a easter visit. Bjørg also came over for a cup of coffee.

The tradition is to have sun buns with the coffee, but not today. I had made a brownie cake with vanilla cream, chocolate mousse and cream. Yummy :) But I have sun buns in my freezer for tomorrow coffee.

It became a Sue Daley sewing monday.
Bjørg have already sewed a lot on It Takes Two.

Hanne is sewing hexagons

I am also sewing on It Takes Two. Four cirkles made and I have started to applique them on the background.

The sun went down and we headed inside for some more sewing. Hanne was so eager to start on her It Takes Two.
And now we are enjoying some sewing and a glass of red wine. Feels good to put the feet up on the stool and just relax.

Saying for today:

Hold a true friend
with both your hands.

~Nigerian Proverb

Friday, April 15, 2011

It Takes Two

Since thursday my head have been spinning around with a lot of ideas. Attending Sue Daleys inspiration evening gave me a lot of inspiration.

I have for long wanted to make Sue Daleys pattern It Takes Two- And today I pulled out a lot of fabrics, and started to cut using the plastic template that Sue uses. And it works very well. In no time I had cut pieces for several blocks.

Using the glue pen made it very easy to prepare the pieces.

And my first cirkle is now ready to be appliqued on the background.
It was so fun sewing english paper piecing again.

Saying for today:

I'd rather have roses on my table
than diamonds on my neck.
~Emma Goldman

Meeting Sue Daley

After spending some time on Hannes porch yesterday, we drove up to Voksen kirke where Sue Daley teaches in 3 different workshops this week. And yesterday she also was giving a presentation of herself and her work (Show and Tell)

While waiting we (of course) inspected all the goodies Kathrines Quiltestue had on display on the tables.

A lot of inspiration, and of course Sue Daleys templates was in focus.

Must admit there was a lot of temptations.

Waiting for the Show and Tell. Several of these ladies had already attended a workshop with Sue this day, and we others were soooooooo envious LOL.

A lot of ladies came to listen to Sue and see her Show and Tell.

And finally she came :) It was so fun that she earlier this day had asked for me. And she recognized me with my name when she met me. I was the first one winning a prize on her blog several years ago, and we were both Stitchers Angels in 2009. She is such a wonderful women, easy to talk with and so kind. I am so thrilled to have met her.

Before Sue started with her presentation, there was a show and tell by ladies who had brought with them quilts made from Sue's patterns. Sue told us she loved to see how different her patterns turned out with other colour choises.

And then Sue started her presentation and Show and Tell. I am in love with this quilt called It Takes Two, and will start sewing on it this weekend.

A closeup of the quilt.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Faith, Hope and Love

I love this quilt too, and want to make this one too!!!!!

Under a Souther Star. Look at Kathrine taking photos of us taking photos of the quilt

Floral Lanterns

Sue gave us all so much inspiration and I now have so many ideas in my head.

Cassie's Quilt

Antique Sampler

Gypsye Garden

Kathrines Quiltestue have this quilt Pie and Tarts as a BOM. I bought this pattern long time ago, now I want to start seweing on this again.

Thank you Sue for this wonderful inspiring presentation.

I just bought a few must-have things yesterday. Refill to my glue pen, some paper piecing shapes, the thread Sue reccomended, her needles and 2.5 m of a beautiful backing fabric. This I am going to use in my It Takes Two quilt.

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