Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy dancing

This weekend I have been away on a little vitamin Q trip. This is the 10th year this quilting group are having a quilt weekend at the cabin. Sorry no photos this time. Having a wonderful weekend I forgot to take photos. But you can imagine six ladies, sewingmachines, red wine, tasty food, a lot of projects and just a lot of laughter.

When I came home and looked in my mailbox I really got a big surprise. A wonderful mailboxsurprise from Elin. She have visited USA and she had thought of me when she visited some quiltshops.

Look what she gave me. A Moda scrap bag and some fabric to sew stitchery on. I am so happy. Thank you so very much. I really apriciate it :)

I am doing my happy dancing now :) This weekend I finished Butterfly Garden. I brought it to the cabin and sewed down the binding . And today I hung it up in one of my bedrooms. I do not have so many big walls to hung such big quilts, so this is the only place for it.

Even thoug I have had so many "hate-moments" with this quilt, I really love it. But I have learned my lesson. No more BOM's from quiltshops that do not deliver at time, nor deliver all fabrics that are supposed to be in the package. I have my favorite quiltshops (both here in Norway and abroad) who I know deliver on time :) And I will buy from them.

I also finished the top on my Autumn Houses this weekend. Because of my bad left shoulder I have to take it very easy at the moment. Not to overdo my sewing. So I just relaxed with some applique this weekend. Now this quilt is ready for basting and quilting. This was going to be my focus project this summer, and even thoug Butterfly garden overtook the focus for a while, I manage to finish this top. Look forward to have it quilted on my wall.

Still waiting for my Flat Nat and Christmas hearts project to arrive.

Take care and have a cosy sewing evening.

August quiltmeeting

Last thursday our quiltguild have the first quiltmeeting after a long summer vacation. It was so fun to meet again. And there was a lot of projects finished this summer on the Show and Tell. Just have a look :


On the quiltmeeting i may we gave our members a challenge. They got a little piece of fabric that they had to include in a little 8 x 8 inch quilt. Only 11 had remembered to finish this challenge, and these cute little quilts are the result.

Saying for today:

Autumn is a second spring
when every leaf is a flower.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Butterfly Garden

This weekend I basted my Butterfly Garden and started to quilt it. I just did simple in the ditch quilting between the blocks and stipplequilted the borders. I am really happy over how it turned out.
The quilt inspector Frida enjoyed being together with me in the sewingroom. She is always supervising what I am doing there.

The binding is sewn on the quilt and I will sew it down real soon. That means I am so close to have it finished. I am so happy :)

Waiting for several packages in my mailbox. Hoping the mailman is kind to me tomorrow :)
I am soooooo in need for new projects now.

Saying for today:

The best vitamin to be
a happy person is B1

Friday, August 20, 2010

Waiting for my new project.....

What does a girl do while waiting for a new project in the mail..........

Starting on a secret project. This is going to be introduced at our quiltmeeting next thursday. So until then it's a secret. But this is something our guild members can have fun making.

Autumn Houses (designed by Bunny Hills) was going to be my focus project this summer. It started so good, a lot of blocks done. Then Butterfly Garden took over my focus. But now while waiting for my new project to arrive, Ihave pulled these blocks out and started to stitch on them again. I finished block eight today, just one left to stitch. And the last one is prepared ready to start on. So maybe I manage to finish that block before my new project arrives.

Saying for today:
Remember, we all stumble, every one of us.
That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand

NB! I have now enabled comment moderation on my blog, due to a heavy load of stupid spam. Who reads Chinese anyway, and who wants to buy cheap shoes and clothes times 11 a day ?? If you do not have a blog, you are now again free to post comments on my blog if you like. Comments are now open for all. If you want me to answer you, you have to make sure your contact info is enclosed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new project

Thanks for all the nice comments on my Butterfly Garden finish :)

You all asked what my new project will be. Now I know!!!!!!! Look at this new wonderful cute BOM that is designed by Northern Quilts. I love her drawings and since I am such a Christmas person I thought that this would be the perfect new project. I have ordered only the pattern, because this will be perfect to use the Lumiere de Noel layercake I won some weeks ago. It is a 4 months BOM so hopefully I will have a new tablecloth by Christmas. I really look forward to start stitching on this one. Wenche.......please hurry posting it to me :)

Saying for today:

Keep your Christmas-heart
open all the year round.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Believe it or not

Butterfly Garden top is finished!!!!!!!!
(but this is an awful photo)

I am doing my happy dancing right now,
well a sort of........
my left shoulder is not good
and my back is hurting so I can't stand upright.
Seeing my physiotherapist again on tuesday.

But I am feeling so good :)

Do I deserve a new project now?????

Saying for today:

Success is not final,
failure is not fatal:
it is the courage
to continue that counts.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Goodies in the mail and more butterflies

Saturday the mailman put something really nice in my mailbox. It was my prize from the Quilting Gallery contest :)

The prize was a layer cake from Fat quarter shop. I had difficulties deciding which layer cake I wanted so I told them to surprise me. And I am soooooooo happy with the Lumiere de Noel layer cake they sendt me :) These fabrics are so beautiful and I have to find a Christmas project that is perfect for these fabrics.

Thank you all of you that voted for my quilt.

I guess you are getting bored with all my butterflies :) This have really been my focus project this summer, and I am starting to see an end of it.

The last week I finished mini no 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7 on unite 8. Mini no 6 and 7 have the applique done and just the stitchery left. Mini no 2 have all the applique waiting to be done (hopefully this evening. And then there are all the blocks on unite 9 left before it is finished.

Now I really look forward to start another project. I still have my Autumn Houses that was ment to be my focus project this summer. Just one block left there to applique. But I know I will continue with my butterflies until all are done.

I have a lot of on going project in my drawer that should been given priority. But summer vacation come and went too fast. Even though the weather have not been the very best, I have not spent much time in my sewingroom. In a way I kind of look forward to the autumn and winter because I know I get so much more done in my sewingroom. But still I want more sun and heat because I am not ready yet for the autumn.

Saying for today:

Sunday, August 01, 2010

And still butterflying

I've finished the remaining two blocks on unite 6 :)
And while relaxing and enjoying my last weekend this summervacation I stitched/appliqued seven blocks on unite 7. Just one left to stitch on this unite.

This means a total of 9 miniblocks this week !!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow back to work, and I guess that also means a lot less sewing. I wish I had several more weeks vacation. I am not ready to go back to work.

Saying for today:

No garden truly blooms
until butterflies have
danced upon it

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