Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2 years blogiversary - Giveaway

May I invite you all over for a cup of coffee and some cake to celebrate my two years blogiversary. August 2nd 2006 my blog was created and I published my first post. I started to blog in both norwegian and english, but after a while I decided to do it just in english. I fumbled a bit in the beginning with my english, but with help from a translater from norwegian to english I improved my english very fast. Hanne was the one that pushed me into blogging. Thank you Hanne, it's been so fun.

I've published 366 posts.

I've had over 300 000 visitors (OMG)

I've some bloggers on my conscience, like Laila, Nancy, Gudrun and some more (can't remember right now, so if you're one of my consciense let me know LOL)

I've found a lot of new friends all over the world in blogland. The Quilters Blogland is a great place to be. There is so much inspiration, so many beautiful projects and so many nice words to read.

There have been so many fun happenings like the Blogging sleepover started by Fiona. And the Secret Santa Christmas Swap organized by Donna. She is starting another swap real soon and guess who joins that one too. And Linda who organized the pincushionswap and now are doing a bag/bucket swap (I'm in there too LOL)

I've met several bloggers in person. Like in january when Nadine came over from Belgium to visit me. And last october when I met Leanne Beasley and we had a great time in Trysil at her workshop. Same workshop where I met Stina and Marica. And of course all the norwegian bloggers that I meet now and then (see the list on my sidebar)

I am so proud to have been asked by Helen Stubbings to be one of the designers in her Stitchers Angels. I'm soon finished my project and I know my week to publish my pattern.

I could go on and on about happy things in blogland and my life, but I guess you all agree that quilting friends are the best friends. I'm so glad you're my friend.

To celebrate my 2 years blogiversary I want to have a giveaway. You all know I'm crazy about stitchery. To combine stitching together with patchwork is one of my favorite. I draw some lines myself (like the one you are getting in the Stitchers Angel project from me), and I love stitchery from other designers. I want to share my passion for this with you and want to give away a booklet from one of my favorite designers.

If you want to be in the draw for this book please leave a comment on this post and tell me what's your favorite tecnique in quilting.

And monday 4th august I will draw one lucky winner that receives the booklet. Since I'm celebrating my two years anniversary I'll also have a secret prize for a second person in the draw (that means I really don't know what it will be right now, but it will be something made by me)

If you post about this giveaway on your blog I'll give you an xtra chance in the drawing.

Saying for today:

A friend
is laughter and going places
and doing new things
and having the best time ever

Monday, July 28, 2008

My "Angel Story quilt" blocks

Now I've finished all the blocks for my Angel Story Quilt designed by Anni Downs. Thank you Stina for teasing me into this abandoned project. And Stina started the "Angel Story Club". Suddenly we were 15 girls making this quilt. And I still get mails from other who wonder were to get the book. I've suggested to try Anni Downs website or Honeysuckle cottage.

I started these blocks about two years ago....or is it three........never they're done. And I can start cutting all the frames and squares the will go around each block.

I proudly present for you:

Best Friends Zoe & Prudence

Charlotte the Shopper

Libby the Librarian

Fran's Flying School

Two heartblocks

Pot Plant Penelope

Sarah the Sewing Angel

Angela the Animal Lover

Sophia the Social Butterfly

Becky the Bookworm

Harriet the Homebody

Millicent the Magnificent Mum.

Hettie at the Hat Shop

Tillie the Tea Lady

Dimity the Dreamer

Summer vacation is over

Three weeks of summervacation is over and I'm back at work today. I've had three wonderfull weeks together with good friends. Laughing, stitching, partying, quilting, chatting. It's been a great summervacation.

But today these cartoons of Maxine are telling:

Like now when I have so many sewing ideas, projects, inspiration, fabric, thread, books, magazines, patterns, good sewing friends, a messy sewingroom, a nice spot in the shadow on the porch to sit and know. I would rather be home stitching right now!!!!

Yesterday I finished all my blocks for the Angel Story Quilt.

Yesterday I finished block # 3 on Butterfly garden.

Photos will come in next post as I'm blogging from work now and my camera is back home LOL

(Yes I know I should be working, but ...............)

And I will soon have a giveaway for my 2 years blogiversary. So please come back and see what I'm up to about that.

Saying for today:

Promise some quilty photos in next post SMILE

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Enough work to do

Started this morning in my sewingroom working on my project for you in the Stitchers Angel. Soon finished and then there is writing the pattern in english. Do you want a step by step tutorial on it, or a page to print..........or perhaps both? Have to get my DD to help me scan the pattern so it will be printable in right size.

But then..................

I went to the shop and came back home with this.

After having the Angel Girls club visiting this weekend................
and perhaps too much wine saturday night at the bloggers sleepover..............
the girls (Hanne, Anne Ida and Lise) and I decided that i ought to paint my walls LOL
And you know ..........when you getting older want to have light walls to reflect the light better when you sew ..................and you need glasses.

So Hanne, Anne Ida and Lise...........................look what you made me do.
Do you come and help me paint too??????

Saying for today:

A friend is someone who thinks
you're a good egg...
Even though you're slightly cracked.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another giveaway

And my dear friend Nancy who I teased into blogging one year ago is having her 100 post/one year blogiversary. So run over to her blog and give a comment.


A giveaway, but not mine, here at this blog. She has some great quilty stuff to giveaway. If you post this on your blog and let her know about it you will give a second entry. That's why I post about it now SMILE

But I'm soon celebrating my two years blogiversary so I'll have a giveaway too, so please come back for my giveaway in august.

My last week of summer vacation, so I will spend this week in my sewingroom. But first I'm going on a trip today with my mom and the others at the old peoples house where my mom lives. But then sewing sewing sewing sewing. Have to finish the pattern I'm making for you in the Stitchers Angels. If you not have joined this swap you can do it up to 15th august .

And I got my partner for Lindas bagswap today SMILE
This will be fun. Know exactly what to make for her.

Saying for today:

Teddy bears are stuffed
with dreams and memories

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blogging sleepover

After sitting out on the porch for a long time we had to go indoors because it started to get a little bit chilly and the rain came. Prepared a nice dinner with salmon, pasta and salad for the girls.
And then we continued working on our angel project. Lise have finished all her blocks now and started to rotarycut the fabric that goes between the blocks. We got a little bit envious on her coming so far already.
And she started to play with her fabrics and sew.............
Anne Ida and Lise in my tiny little sewingroom. Anne Ida was allowed to dive into my green fabrics to add to her angel quilt. It feel so good to share some of my stash and the fact is that I could not see she had been in my green stash!!
And this is how Lise is putting it all together. Instead of only using squares like the pattern is saying, she is using rectangels and squares together. I have planned to do my quilt like this.While Lise working in my sewinroom Anne Ida .....
.....Hanne and I was stitching on our blocks. I've just a little bit of stitching on three blocks left to do...........then I'm going to start cutting the sashing between my blocks.
We tried to get in touch with Fiona who arranged this blogging sleepover party, but she was already gone to bed when we called on her LOL That's the time difference. She's going to bed late when we starts our night :) Australia is about 8 hours ahead of Norway.
Today the lost angel came. My friend Bjørg (no blogger) is also working on The Angel Story quilt.
And here is Bjørgs blocks. She is also doing them in japaneese fabrics.

And isn't this a wonderful photo. Here is all our Angel Story Quilt Blocks together.

What an angel party we've had.
And the best of it is that we are going to repeat this blogging sleepover.

Saying for today:

Those who sleep under a quilt,
sleep under a blanket of love

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Angel meeting and blogging sleepover

Combined angel meeting and blogging sleepover. Here are me, Lise, Hanne and Anne Ida just starting to enjoy our time out on the porch.
Now we have been sitting here for a while........look at all the mess at the table. Coffe, stitching, books, patterns, embroiderythread, buns, fruit and a glass of martini rose.
We all say hey to all the other blogging sleepovers ; ref Fionas blog.
More to come later ..............
Wish you all a nice evening/night

Packages :)

I guess you're wondering what was inside all the packages that had arrived my house while I was on my summer vacation.................I'll show you :)

First package I opened was the one from my secret swap partner in Linda's pincushion swap. It was from Jenny. And she was actually a new blogger to me. Look at the cute little bird pincushion she had made me. It's too cute to be used as a pincushion so I'll hang it in my sewingroom window first. Hope my little Frida doesn't think it's real and want to catch it :) She had also made origami bird and added some buttons and pieces of fabric. Thank you Jenny for being my swap partner.And talking about Linda, of course I had to join her new swap. I love bags!!!!
In the next two packages was the Rosalies new book that I had ordered, and a prize from Honeysucklecottage that I won on her blog.
And then there was three thimbles from Astrid (a friend in Bergen and noblogger) Thanks Astrid, I love the one in the middle :)
And Nadine had sendt me some strawberry fabric. She knows I love strawberries. I'm soon going to the shop to buy strawberries to serve the angel girls when they arrives today.
And finally a surprise from Johanna in Netherlands (also a no blogger). I sendt her a pattern which she has wanted to make for a long time and look what she sendt me. I've for long wanted to try some scrapbooking and she sendt me something to start with. This will be fun.

I got this award from four other bloggers; Julia , Lettie , Sølvi and Nancy. Thank you so much, I appriciate it. I want my blog to be a quiltingblog that can make you laugh, smile and get inspired. The rules are that I have to give this award to five other bloggers. Perhaps in this case I should give it to 20 bloggers, and I would have no problem doing that.

So my award go to all of you!!!!
Now I have to hurry up. The angel girls are soon arriving. I have buns to bake, strawberries to shop and some whitewine to buy. Promise to take a lot of photos and show you from our angel sewing. And BTW I've joined all four of us in Fionas Blogging sleepovers. Because that's what we angel sewing friends are doing this weekend.

Saying for today:

I just love these Maxine cartoons :)

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