Friday, July 18, 2008

Back home again

Sorry for not blogging for a whole week, but I've been on a little summer vacation trip. But now I'm back home.

Do you remember the little sneak peak from this post some days ago. I had to keep it a secret because it was going to be a part of my birthdaygift to Nancy. I made her a sewing bag with bears on. She is crazy about bears so I could not make anything else for her LOL

I've had a great time with Nancy, her family and friends. Look how cozy it was out on her porch last friday night. Wrapped in quilts in fron of a open fire, white wine and laughter.
Nancy celebrated her 50th birthday and of course a jury (with me included of course) had awarded her with the Black Belt of Shopping Award. She really deserved it LOL
Another friend of mine is also living in Grimstad. And I had a whole stitching day together with Anita also.
Some other friends came over for a sewing brunch with delicious food and white wine. Here is Sissel and Tia (no bloggers) together with Nancy.

And they had to take a photo of me too :)

Out on the porch enjoying the sun. It is great to meet quilting friends.

Nancy has a lovely sewingroom. I'm a little bit envious LOL She got very good working space for all her projects. She even had a system in all her boxes. We had several hours stithcing and chatting while I visited her. And it's always fun to look through her projects, patterns and books.
And when I came back home yesterday a lot of envelopes was waiting for me. My pincushion from Lindas pincuhsionswap, something I had ordered before going on vacation and some other goodies. I'll show you in next post.
And did I get some stitching done while being on vacation. Show you in another post
Now I have to clean up the house, bake some cakes and prepare for tomorrows visitors. The Angel girls Hanne, Anne Ida and Lise are coming for another Angelmeeting.

Saying for today:


Hanne said...

Thanks for sharing photos and long distance smiles!
I am very eager to get on the road in the morning - looking forward to see you again :-)

Nancy in Norway said...

I really enjoyd your stay. Thank you for being my friend.

Elin said...

You have had a nice trip, and so many exciting envelopes in the mail on the return - what a gift. Your "saying" is funny, I've problems even with new glasses on, hehe.
I'm looking forward to several new posts from you in the days to come. Enjoy your weekend!

Vickie E said...

May, can I ask where you found your "saying of the day"...I would so LOVE to post that one on my blog! It's too funny...

Teresa said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation to me. I just love all my quilting friends and enjoy spending time with them.

Jocey said...

Nice that you enjoyed your trip with such good friends. And lucky to get those packages also.
May I ask you about the table topper that is showing. Simple but nice. I am wondering what you use between the top and backing. I like how it looks thin, not bulky and lays so nicely.

Nanette Merrill said...

How completely wonderful. Happy Birthday to Nancy. I loved the pictures of you all having such a great time.

Unknown said...

I see you had a lovely weather. It looks very cozy on the porch in front of the fire. Thanks for sharing all those photos of you and your friends.

~Marica~ said...

Wow what I great holiday you got :) Thanks for sharing the photos to. I hope you and the Angel girls will have a great weekend and I hope you take some photos so we can see all the fun..

Take care!

Noémia said...

What a lovely week! It's sooooo good when we are with friends! Have a nice day tomorrow.

Sølvis blog said...

Ser ut som du har hatt en knallferie i Grimstad. Og for en spers 50-åring du har vært med å feira. Det ligger en hilsen til deg i bloggen min

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