Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Finishes in OPAM

Are you busy doing some finishes today???I guess we all are watching the clock, do we manage to finish some more projects this month. The clock is ticking and if you are like me I want a clock like this.................
...........One that have at least one houre more each day.
I noticed on one blog some time ago, a quilters clock that had several extra hours each day.
Do anyone know if there is a pattern for it????
UPDATE: I got answer where to find the quilters clock.
And it even has TWO extra hours a day!!!!!!
You can find a free pattern for it

Now all OPAM girls has to report to me or Kris how many finshes you have in february.
And please add a link to you your blog in your mail.
That makes it easy for us to go and have a look right away.

And remember to list them in your sidebar.
Only projects listed in the sidebar will count as a lotteryticket.

And tomorrow I will draw a winner
who gets a little surprise in the post from me.

Saying for today:

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless."
~ Mother Theresa

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My stitchery keeper

I finished it late yesterday so I can bring it with me to the quiltmeeting today.

With double fast2fuse inside + some stitchery batting it got so stiff that it can stand on the table. A little bit hard to sew down the binding, and the plastic was a bit slippery to sew on. But I love how it turned out. Soon ready with number two, and I know I will make more of these. Perhaps with my own touch on it.

The inside ready to be filled with my stitchery for todays quilt meeting.

And this is the outside. The colours are a bit wrong. Photos taken in lamp light and my camera is not good saving colours then.
Now I have to rush to the quiltmeeting. Hope the other ladies brings a lot to show and tell. I bring my stitchery folder and my camera.
Saying for today:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New project

A little trip to the quiltshop today to buy some embroidery thread and I came home with a new pattern (and forgot to buy the embroiderythread I intended to buy). Just had to trace it at once and start stitching it. It is the newest pattern from AnnAKa and I want to make this stitchery keeper.

Saying for today:
I feed my soul,
by the stitches I sew

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy busy and OPAM

I have been so busy the last week, and now I realized it is almost a week since my last post. Not much sewing going on. But I did a lot of preparing for "on the go projects" the last weekend. It is always so handy having projects ready in my sewingbag if I have to go out in a hurry.

I prepared 3 new blocks for Butterfly garden. I am so behind on this BOM. Only 4 blocks finished. 3 new prepared this weekend. And I know Kim is sending me the last 3 this week.

I also prepared two small stitcheries and my first package from the Giggle button Club. I love this Butterfly magic pattern and the buttons are sooooooooo cute. I need a new bag for our annual quilt meeting in march so I know I will make this bag.

Now I have my sewingbasket filled with "on the go" projects. Stitchery are traced with batting behind, embroidery thread is found, I even put a embroideryneedle in each stitchery. And all of it put togehter with the pattern in a plastic bag. So easy to grab when I need a project in a hurry.

And how are your progress on
for february month.

I am so happy I already have four finishes on my list. And still there is more days to get something finished........or not :) Both Kris and I get reports on finished projects, so I know you girls are busy. And I hope you all feel as happy as me when something is finished. It is a really good feeling, don't you agree ??

The February OPAM prize is going to be drawn by me. I hope you all remember to list your finished projects in your sidbar list. On march 1st I will count all projects and each one will have a lottery ticket for february draw. If you have mailed me or Kris about a finished project, but not listed it, I am will not count. And now you wonder what the prize is. In my prizebox I have collected a lot of stuff. Some Tilda stitcheries, some patterns, embroiderythread, fabric and more will be added. And perhaps I just close my eyes and pull out a couple of prizes from this box. Or I will look at the winners blog and find something that I think she will like. You just have to wait and see.

It is also fun getting mail from a no blogger OPAM telling me that she has startet to blog. So Anne Lise (no blogger) is now Anne Lise with a blog.

There is a new blogger having a Giwaway - blog launch. So visit Judith at her blog Creative studio. Tell her that I sent you :)

And I have found a new free BOM over at Elefantz. Some cute wonky houses and it is only four parts in this BOM. So perhaps I trace the first house this evening :)

Saying for today:

The brain is a wonderful organ.
It starts working the moment you get up
and does not stop until you get into the office.

--Robert Frost

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's so cold

It was not fun at all waking up this morning and take a look at the temperature. Minus 28.9. That means 29 cold degrees and I don't feel much like going outside. But I have to go to work. Today I would rather stay inside with a fire in my fire burner. But they are serving waffles at work today so that is tempting too.

Having this extreme cold here makes me thinking of how strange and ufair the world is right now. And all my thoughs goes to you in Australia who suffers from the terrible bush fires. I have been watching it on tv here in Norway and it is horrible. So I am thinking of all of my australian friends. Take care.

Yesterday I finished the second block in A Tisket A Tasket BOM from Bunny Hill. I love these blocks, Anne have done a wonderful job designing this. Looking forward to march block. Wonder what will be in the basket then. She has some great tips on embroidery here. Worth go checking.

Saying for today:
Life is like a blanket of snow.
Be careful how you step on it.
Every step will show!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy mothersday and finishes

Mother's Day Graphics

Today it is mothersday in Norway so I want to wish all my norwegian friends a happy mothersday. Hope you had a creative day with a lot of warm thoughts.

After showeling snow a couple of hours earlier today I have been working in my sewingroom.


These two stitcheries from Leanne B has been waiting a long time to be finished. I got the frames and the fabrics to make borders years ago. And it only took me less than an hour to finish both. Now I have to figure out where to hang them.

Next finishes is these two small purses. I started making these at our cabin trip last autumn. Just had to sew in the zipper and add the small buttons. It took me about two ours to finish this because I struggled with the zipper in these small purses.

But now I am so happy I have four finishes already in february.

I also manage to trace and cut all pieces for Bunny Hills BOM A Tisket A Tasket

Another saying for today:

The great thing about snow is that it makes
your lawn look as good as your neighbors.

Snowstorm and progress on Joy of Life BOM

It has been snowing all weekend. And this is how my veranda is looking like this morning. And it it still snowing. So now I will go out and shuffle some snow. And then I will spend the rest of the day in my sewingroom. Perfect sewing weather.

Since my last post I have worked on my BOM Joy of Life.
I love doing needleturn applique and my favorite tools here is the Roxanne glue, my applique pins and my scissor. Sitting in my favorite sewing chair in front of the tv, doing applique while watching tv, I get a lot done.
Block number three was finished quickly.

And this is the four finished blocks so far.

I have prepared block number four. A lot more work on this block. And I have made up a lot of bias so I have something to play with on the next blocks.

Had a coffe-sewing meeting with Bjørg (no blogger) yesterday and we got a lot done on our blocks. And during the evening yesterday I almost finished this block. Just have some leafs to applique.
Having big plans in my sewingroom today after I have shuffled some snow. Hoping to make at least one finishe for february OPAM.
Saying for today:

Snowflakes are kisses
sent from heaven

Comment from me on the saying.............
If this is true, stop kissing me.

Monday, February 02, 2009

And the winner is....

The winner of OPAM (One Project a Month) challenge is ...................
Oh no I won't tell you that.
It is Kris who is having januar month prize
So just visit Kris's blog and see who is it.

Saying for today:

Young at heart,
slightly older in other places

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