Monday, April 28, 2014

April quilt meeting

Last thursday was the april quilt meeting in my local quilt group.  We had decided to hav a sew together evening this time.  And main goal was to sew together the blocks for the lottery quilts.


Blue and white blocks was made by several members of the guild.


Some ladies where putting them together, some did the ironing,


and some ladies where sewing the blocks and rows together.


and then we had the first quilt redy to be basted.


My local quilt group is celebrating 15th anniversary this year, and we have a lottery.  This is some of the prizes in this lottery.

Then there was show and tell.  And as usual there is a lot of inspiration.


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Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring focus and three finishes

My Easter holiday has gone so fast.  The last days has been wonderful with a lot of sun.  I have enjoyed some stitching out on the porch.  My arm is slowly getting a little bit better, but still I have to be very very careful.  Oh……so booooooooring, because there is so much that I want to sew.


But I have been cleaning up in my sewingroom.  Found some focus projects for spring sewing.  Some of it I can do now because it is easy sewing for my arm.  Stitchery and needleturn with short thread is ok doing right now.  But not too much.


First finish this weekend was a little purse from Annie Downs book “Some Kind of Wonderful”.  Just had to sew in the zipper.


I love small purses.


Next finishes is also stitcheries from Annie Downs.  Finished the few stitches that was left to do.


And just framed them.  Now I have to find a place to hang them.  Not sure where yet.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter


This easter holiday started with me on a sickleave from work with a very bad elbow and shoulder.  So it was so nice to just relax together with my children and DIL last weekend.  A lot of brick games, laughter and fun.  Sunday we went for a little walk at the museum.  Here they are standing in front of the house my grandparents lived in and where my father grew up.  Long time ago this house was given to the museum and it is fun to visit it and just imagine how the lived there.  I have not experienced the house myself, but heard a lot of stories.


Tuesday morning baking sun buns. 


It has become a tradition that Hanne is coming for some days and the sun buns is a must.


Rain, cold wind and clouded most of the time so far in the easter.  But we got some minutes out in the sun stitching and eating sun buns. 


I have been a clever girl and relasing my elbow and shoulder.  Just done some easy sewing.  Needleturn is easy sewing and I finished applique the outher border on my Aunt Sarah’s quilt.  Hope to baste it soon, but I will not start quilting it until my arm is ok again.


Finished this sewing purse.  Sewed it together when I was at the cabin two weeks ago.  Just had to sew down the binding inside it.  This is the front…


and this is the back.  It is based upon a pattern in Annie Downs new book.  It was originally a bag with stitcheries, hexagons and felt applique, but I made my own version by combining the stitcheries together on the front and having hexagons on the back.  I really like it, and look forward to show Annie it in a couple of weeks.


I finished sewing all the needed log cabin blocks when I was at the cabin two weeks ago.  So happy all 80 blocks are done now, because the last 20 were boooooring to sew.


Now I have puzzled the blocks together and marked the rows with number.  Ready to sew them together when I go to another cabin trip in two weeks.


With no needleturn beside me in my sewing chair I had to pull out a box to find a new needleturn project to work on.  Long time ago I started Sue Daleys “It takes two”, so it really deserves to come out in my sewing corner again.


But one guy thought different.  He wanted to cuddle up in my lap and get som  attention.  And he won…….of course.


Picking out some fabric for two projects.  One (the fabrics at the top) will not be started before I receive the book I have ordered……and finished some old ones (big or small, it doesn’t matter).  And the other one (the fabrics at the bottom) is something I am already stitching on. 

The sun is shining today, but so far it is a very cold wind.  Hope it gets better during the day, because I want to sit out on the porch with my coffee and sewing.

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

A weekend at the cabin

This weekend I went up to a friends cabin for a sewing weekend.  Two came friday morning and we prepared our sewing spaces and started to sew. When the owner of the cabin came late in the evening we had already done a lot of sewing. 


My working station this weekend.  My first focus was to sew a lot of log cabin.  Last weekend I prepared all the blocks I had left to sew.  Easy to just sew and sew when I had lined up the blocks like this.  But it was booooooooooring LOL LOL.  But being hard to myself I was not allowed to start anything else before these blocks was done.  And I had brought A LOT of projects to sew on this weekend. 


And so had the other girls too.


Still a lot of snow at the cabin so we had a natural wine cooler.


And during saturday morning all my prepped log cabin blocks was done.  Now I have 80 log cabin blocks to sew together.  Some day now I will lay them all out on the floor and start sewing them together.


One of the ladies sewed this quilt together.  Love it.  I really have to start sewing some dresden plate soon.


One project I started on late saturday, but sunday morning it was put away in a bag, and I guess it will never be done.  Sometimes you start with the best intentions, but this project did not turn out as I wanted it. 


Luckily I had more projects to pick from, and sewing on this made me happy.  I am starting to like blue fabrics and I really like the look of this.  

This has been a great weekend.  All my log cabin blocks done and are ready to be sewn together, appliqued down two sides of outher borders on my Aunt Sarah’s quit, and I have almost finished a sewing bag.  We have laughed, had serious conversations, sewed and eaten good food.  Quality time with good quilting friends.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Quilt meeting in march.

Last thursday (OMG that’s a week ago) my quilt group had their monthly quilt meeting.  And I have totally forgotten to show you the photos from that meeting.  But here they are….get inspired:


My Mrs Hartigans’s stash to the left.  I have started to machine quilt it now.


And my An Angel Story quilt is finished,  Happy dancing.


One lady had made this out of paper from newspapers and tape.And it even has a zipper.


And my friend Bjørg worked on this.  Just had to take a photo for inspiration.  Need to make something with happy colours now.

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