Sunday, June 29, 2014

More blocks

I am still trying to sew at least one block each day.  So far I have manage to do that + sewing bonus blocks.  Happy happy.  Rain and windy weahter makes it nice to sit indoors and enjoy some sewing.


I promised to show you the blocks I have made so far on my This Goes With That quilt (design Sue Daley).  20 blocks finished. Have no idea how I will put this together.


Prepped a whole lot of new blocks yesterday. 

004So easy to just grab one plastic bag and start sewing.


Also done some sewing on these star blocks from Carolyn Kønig book.


These are the blocks I have made so far the last couple of days. 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A little afternoon walk


This evening Irene, Bjørg, Britt and I went for a walk in the woods up to the Øksna waterfall.


Really wild nature in this ravine


and a beautiful view to the waterfall


a little coffee break
and some stitches before…..


…….heading back home again.


Todays block.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One block a day

Finally, after having a green winter as we call it here when it is freeing cold even though it is summer, today the weather got a little bit warmer.  So I was able to sit outside and do a little bit of sewing in the sun.


Have for some time now slowly been sewing on these small hexagons.


Long time since I sewed on my This Goes With That blocks.  In fact they have been in the box since last november when I brought it with me as “on-the-go-sewing”.  So now it was time to take a look at them again.


I am going to do like Hanne, challenge myself to sew at least one block each day, if I manage to sew more it is a bonus. It can be these hexagon blocks, my star blocks or any kind of blocks. Tour de Fibre (following Tour de France) is starting soon, and this will be one of the TdF projects.  Easy sewing to do while my arm is still healing.


Three blocks done today.  Wonder how many blocks I really have so far??  Have to check it out. And I have several prepped in small plastic bags ready to be sewn.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Hunters star workshop


Done some more sewing on my hunters star quilt from last weekends workshop.  So fun and I really love the French General fabrics I chose.

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Workshop with Helle


Saturday I and a good friend had joined a workshop at Kathrines Quiltestue to learn how to use the Rapid Fire Hunter Star ruler.  I had brought my own fabric to use, but of course those never came out of my bag, because I found this collection in the shop.  I just fell in love with the one to the right, and that one will be the outher border of this little table cloth.


Helle is a great teacher and she guided us through the use of the ruler.


and then we was allowed to cut into our fabrics


and start to sew


More guidence with tips and trics to get the seams to fit perfect into eachother.


I have made a few blocks so far.  Had big plans sewing more yesterday, but I just enjoyed relaxing out on the porch in the wonderful summer weather we are having right now.


This is Helles sample that inspired me. I am making mine as big as this and use it as a table cloth on my kitchen table.

And I just have to add some photos from Kathrines quiltshop.  All those temptations and ideas!!!



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Friday, June 13, 2014

Anyone else???


Found this on facebook.  Just had to make a blogpost about it.
Anyone else having it like this??

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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Monday, June 09, 2014

What’s in the box


Earlier today I posted this photo on the TdF group (Tour de Fibre) on faceobook with the text “What’s in the box?? And I promised to make a blogpost about it. 

It’s been a very busy weekend with guests, but I’ve had some time when I have brought my sewing box out on the porch and done some stitches.


This is what was in the box. I am making stars.  I fell in love with these stars when I bought Carolyn Konigs book.  Slowly I have made 7 stars and I have prepped several more.  So this box will follow me out on the porch this summer.


And so will this little purse too. It is storing another little project.


1/2 inch hexagons.


This weekend have been hot and I have enjoyed some relaxing time out on the porch with my sewing.


Doing these small Anni Downs stitcheries is so fun.  Have traced double up on several of the patterns, so I guess there will be several small purses made on rainy days (which I hope we will have few of this summer).

Sunday trip to Korpereiret waterfall

Today we went for a little picnic to a place called Korpereiret.  It is a canyon with a couple of waterfalls. 


Following the path beside the canyon


through the wood


reading the sign that said it was going to be VERY steep down to the waterfall


and it was so steep that we had to use the chain besides the path to avoid not falling
I did not take a photo of that because I had to use both my hands to hang onto the chain


On our way down to the waterfall


and finally we reached this beautiful place


And we had a great sunday picnic.
Knowing we will come back to this beautiful place.

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