Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I got my book today. Ordered from Amazon. So many of you bloggers had recomended this book so I had to buy it.

It is expensive to blog..........or should I say read other blogs..........because you show so many wonderful books, fabrics, patterns aso. Things we (read; I) just have to have. But I love it. So keep on sharing new books, patterns and fabrics so we can be tempted LOL
I had a look through my quilts. Not a single quilt with halloween. Well I have one with a witch on, but that one is hanging on my office wall (portrait of myself they tease me at work). Too late to make a halloween quilt now, but perhaps for next year. I have seen so many beautiful halloween quilts on blogs now. So if anyone knows any free halloween patterns on the net, please tell me.
I have prepared some candy in box now. I guess some of the children in the neighbourhood will knock on my door. Halloween is very new in Norway, but the children are happy to adopt this tradition. Some people do not like it at all, but I think it is kind of fun :) My DD is having a halloween party at the school today.

I'm a bit mad at the postoffice. I know two envelopes where posted to me from the same person in australia several weeks ago. One have arrived 1 1/2 week ago, the other one is missing. And of course it had to be the one with Homespun stitchery special. I guess the envelope have been stopped at the customs, if it's not lost on the way from australia. Let's hope it will arrive very soon.

Saying for today:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

This weekend with Leanne

This is all the ladies that joined Leanne for the weekend class. And I think I can speak for all when I'm saying they had some lovely days. Like the others that had joined Leannes classes earlier this week. Some ladies had travelled by train for two days, some ladies had driven over 90 norwegian miles to get to Trysil and some was from south of Norway. I you really want to do something you manage to do it. These ladies have proved that.

There was a chorus staying at the hotel this weekend and we could listen to they singing a lot of times. And on saturday evening Leanne got the oportunity to see all the ladies and men dressed in bunader (national costumes). And as I'm sure you all know Leanne loves to take photos so she was ready with her camera. Here I've taken a photo of her in action :) I'm so happy she got to see all these beautiful bunader. When I asked her if australia had any national costums she answered that was shorts and t-shirt.
Some of us went for pizza. Aase, me, Irene, Laila, Anne Ida and Lisbeth.
And after pizza we joined the others for some sewing, redwine, laughter and fun.

It was so nice to be together. I sewed a little bit, but my arm is not feeling so good right now so I have to take it easy. I try to be careful all the time, but I really want to sew a little bit. It's so frustrating wanting to sew, but my arm is saying NO!!!
A few fabrics came home with me today. Look at all these beautiful japaneese goodies. Do not know what to make of them yet :) I also bought some beautiful romantic floral flannel, but I can't show them to you right now. My friend Irene and I is sharing them and she took them home to her place. But I know what to make of them. And she and I want to start as soon as possible. So you wait and see :)
This has been a wonderful week. Meeting Leanne has been so wonderful. She is such a generous person, always sharing her ideas and creativity. And always with a smile on her face. I've got so much vitamin-Q this week that it will last for a long time. So much inspiration, all the laughter, meeting new and old friends and the oportunity to meet Leanne. A dream has come true.
Thank you dear Leanne for visiting Norway.
I hope you will return some day very soon.
Have a safe journey back home
and enjoy your days somewhere in Europe.
We'll miss you!!
Leanne will be home on saturday
I will now wait for my first shipment of her beautiful Butterfly garden. I've ordered it from Honeysuckle cottage because I wanted the original fabrics that Leanne have used. But I know both Lille Stasjon and Quiltegården will have this BOM for sale in their shops. So if you are interested give them a call.

Saying for today:
The journey to a friend's house is never long.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday class with Leanne

My day started with an hour at the physiolady. I had electic theraphy on my shoulder so I felt a bit uploaded when we got in the car and headed for Trysil. We had some hours before the class with Leanne and of course we had to go into the shop. Here is Hanne together with Siw the owner of Quiltegården (a quiltshop in Trondheim). Behind is me talking (and shopping) to Bente who is the owner of Lille Stasjon (the quiltshop in Elverum and Lier).
And then the class started. A lot more ladies today.
This is Hanne, me and Anne Ida waiting for the class to start. Behind us is Merete and Monica.
And then we started on the stitching.
Leanne is always writing greetings to us.
This is the free pattern we got when we paid our ticket for Leannes trunkshow. It is so beautiful and I certainly will stitch this. But that will be when we are going to spring in march/april next year. Leanne made this for us because in Aussie they have spring now.
Leanne showing her 365 Challenge quilt. I haven't started on it.

And here is her Butterfly Garden Quilt. I ordered it yesterday from Honeysuckle Cottage and will get the first block in december. I look forward to that :)
And then Leanne wanted a show and tell with quilts we have made from her patterns.
Me showing Monika's quilt. She could not be with us, but had posted her quilt to me to bring it for Leanne to see.
May Kristin showing her two quilts

Another lady had made Ruth's quilt from Leannes book Living the dream
Another beautiful version of Leannes House
Helle Løvenskiold version of A Quilters Journey
Hanne is showing her own pattern to Leanne. Seems they are having a good time.
And see........Leannes red shoes !!!
Here is Leanne together with the two shopowners who persuaded Leanne to come to Norway. And I do not think Leanne is regretting it. I know today she have been up in the mountain and have thrown snowballs.

Hanne and I have had some great days together. Both at my place and of couse up in Trysil with Leanne. Tomorrow she is going home and I am going back to Trysil to stay there rest of the weekend. I will take photos of our exhibition that you probably have seen in the background of some photos and probably more photos of Leanne and the other girls staying in Trysil this weekend.
Saying for today:
Anyone who says money can't buy happiness
doesn't know where to shop

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Leanne in Trysil

Yesterday Leanne and Rohan arrived Trysil. They checked in at the hotel and then walked over to Laila's house for dinner. They were served moose for main corse and cloudberry cream for dessert. They loved both dishes. First time eating this kind of food. Here you can see Laila, Me, Leanne, Rohan and Siw around the table. We had a great time together.

Today I had brought my Leannes House and of course Leanne had to look at it. Here she is sitting behind my Leannes House to the left and Hannes to the right.
And look what she did. She wrote a label for me to put behind my quilt when it's finished. And I promised I finish it for tomorrow LOL . I have to get the outer border on and then baste it. And then I'm going to handquilt it. So it will take some time before I can put mine and Leannes label on the back. I'm so proud to have this label from her..........LOOK :)
Today we was having a class where we was going to make "The Frienship Basket". Leanne is a great teacher and are always having a smile on her face. Here she is telling us how to do needleturn applique.
And the whole class showing how far we got this day. This was a very small class, only eight ladies. I guess it was because it was in the middle on the week and most of the ladies is arriving on friday when she is having "Sit down and sew with Leanne"-class and another trunkshow. And the weekend class is full. But we had a great day with Leanne. And I feel we got special service.
Saying for today:
Blessings come in many ways...
The nicest come as friends

Sunday, October 21, 2007

First meeting with Leanne Beasley

I have to refer to what Hanne has written in her blog ; Leanne - you stitched a footprint in my heart, with your lovely appearance and abundant generousity! Leanne is such a sweet person and I am so happy to finally have met her today. I can tell you all she had a safe flight to Norway and she has already seen the Royal Castle, Vigelands park and Holmenkollen.

And today she was giving a "trunkshow" in Asker. About 85 ladies enjoyed listening to Leanne.
I could se on their faces they all enjoyed it. Tomorrow the same "trunkshow" in Trondheim before she arrives Trysil on tuesday where she is staying the rest of the week giving a lot of different classes. For you who have signed up for some of these classes; you really have something to look forward to !!

Leanne had to sign a lot of books. And always with a smile on her face.

And of course we got a photo of Hanne, Leanne and me together.

I have talked Hanne into joining the class on wednesday (that was not hard LOL) So now I have to find fabrics for the lovely friendship basket quilt we are going to make. On thursday comes my friend Nancy . And on friday we have all joined a class with stitchery. This is going to be a busy week :)

Saying for today:

Little things can often be
the biggest things in someone else's day!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


WOW...........I really did win the beautiful fall quilt over at Crazy Mom Quilts. I had no idea so many bloggerfriends would leave a comment refering to me. I have looked at all the comments and there is a lot of new bloggers to me. So my bloglines gets more and more blogs to look at :) But this is so fun. So I want to thank you all for doing this for me. Look at this beautiful quilt I'm going to receive. (Hope Amamada accept that I "stole" her photo to show this beutiful quilt) A lot of you have commented on my blog, and I'm so sorry I'm not able to reply some of you. Why.....because you come up with no-reply. Too many bloggers still have no-reply profile. Perhaps they are not aware of it??? So check your profile and see if you have or have not allowed your email adress to be shown.

So I want to give all of you a big hug.

Thank you for being my bloggerfriend.

Saying for today:

Although you'll find our house a mess,
come in, sit down, converse.
It doesn't always look like this.
Some days it's even worse.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Making cubes

First of all; thank you all for visiting Crazy Mom quilts blog and leaving a comment refering to me. I did not know so many unknown bloggers together with my daily bloggerfriends have done this for me. So now I have a whole lot of new bloggers on my bloglines. So if you still haven't visit Crazy mom quilts please do. She is having a 200th post contest and a giveaway extravaganza until the end of this week. Please visit her blog and pleeeeeaaase mention in your comment that I "May Britt - Abyquilt" sent you to her blog. May be both you and I win. The one that send most bloggers over to her blog win that beutiful quilt she have made. Please help me :)

Today I was in our local quiltshop and took a photo of a christmas quilt I designed some years ago. I have to print new patterns for sale and wanted a new photo of it. The saying is : Engler daler ned i skjul (norwegian). From the old christmas song Glade jul (english; Silent night). Means something like: angels coming down from the sky.

After that I went to visit my friend Irene. She and I was going to make a new model for the shop. Making a cube quilt from Jinny Beyers newest fabrics. I have to be careful with rotarycutting.

So Irene did the rotarycutting.......

I sewed the pieces together

And then we started to play with the cubes

I guess you too have taken photos standing on a chair LOL....
and then some more sewing......

And this is how far we got today.............
Saying for today:

Scarecrows, corn rows...
Pumpkins on the vine......
Leaves curl, wind swirls..
Fall is right on time........

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