Monday, April 30, 2012

Another weekend at the cabin

When the quilt meeting last thursday was over Irene and I was ready to drive to the cabin where three quilting friends was waiting for us. 


As usual I had brought a lot of projects.  And I got a lot done.  Like sewing down the bindings on the Chrismas table cloth and some wallhangings (showed in my previous post from the quilt meeting). I hate sewing down bindings, but together with friends chatting and laughing it is done in no time.

But most of all I enjoyed working on blocks for my Antique Sampler quilt.  I am soon ready to sew the blocks together.  But have not started on the outher appliqued border yet.  So still a lot do do on it.


And as my machine project I started to sew these moose’s.  There was a lot of work prepping all the parts for the moose.  Still have to make legs for them, but then they are ready to be sewn together. 


Friday was a rainy day, but still we went out for a long walk.  And discovered traces from bear paws.  This photo is from our walk saturday when the sun was shining.


And we found some other traces from bear paws.  Can you see the bear paw??  It is a bit scary to know that the bear is close to the cabin.  But we did not see it. 

BUT…..during the night to saturday we heard the wolf howling.  An adventure mixed with both joy and  fear.  Not fun to know they are so close to the cabin, but so fun to have heard it.

Show and Tell from April quilt meeting

Last thursday it was a meeting in my quilt guild. A lot of ladies came to listen to Helle Løvenskiold who was going to tell about her quilting life. A joyful lady with SO many quilts to show. So this will be a very long post.

Enjoy the show and tell with Helle.



As you see she had a lot of wonderful quilts to show us. And she also told us about some of the tecniques she had used.

Then there was show and tell from the members of the quilt guild:



I have been busy finishing a lot of WISP’s lately and had brought them to the show and tell.


Two hearts design AnnaKa. Iwill make more of these because they was so fun to sew.


A angel pillow, also design AnnaKa.


A wallhanging (design Kim Diehl, her first book) I started many years ago is no finished. I have played with freemotion quilting on this quilt, will show you in another post.


A wallhanging (design Leanne Beasley)


Two table runners, the one to the left is my own design, the other one is design AnnaKa.


And at last the big Christmas quilt (design Northern Quilts)

Saying for today:

The ability to convert ideas to things
is the secret to outward success.
Henry Ward Beecher

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