Thursday, August 29, 2013

August quilt meeting

After a long summer weekend it was finally time for quilt meeting in our local quilt group.
This time we had Anne Marie Olsby visiting us to tell us about her crafty treasures that she has bought on flee markets and auctions.
She had brought with her old suitcases filled with embroideries, tablecloths and sheets.
Boxes filled with thread, buttons, laces and sewing stuff.
So much to look at .
Pillows made from old knitted pullowers (the dark blue one )
using a flannel shirt with the buttons on the back
A lot of collected embroideries turned into a beautiful quilt.
A quilt made from embroidered monograms
This quilt is made from an old embroidered tablecloth using fabric from duvet covers as borders.
And this quilt also has old embroideries, laces and small stitched tablecloths.
Thank you Anne Marie for giving us so much inspiration.  Think seveal of us is going to look for old treasures now.  Perhaps we all have some up in the attic.
Then there was show and tell.  Just enjoy the photos.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A lot of inspiration

Last thursday I had to go to a workmeeting in Oslo, and I was so lucky that Kathrines Quiltestue had one of her inspiration evenings this thursday.  And above all luck it was Helen Stubbings who was visiting this time.
As usual Kathrines had brought the shop and there was a lot of temptations.  Just take a look:
Then Kathrine had show and tell on som of this years coming classes in her shop:
A lot of ladies had brought quilts they have made from Helen Stubbings designs.
And then it was time for Helen to start her show and tell.  It was so fun to meet her againg, and she gave us some very inspiring hours talking to us.
A lot of inspiration, and some of the things she showed reminded me of some patterns I’ve already bought. 
Helen is visiting Lørenskog 4.september giving a class.    I am not able to join it beause I am away at that time, but I highly recomend you to join.  If you are interested contact Marianne at Trådsnella. And then you also wil be able to see all the wonderful projects Helen showed us. 
And yes, I did buy some stuff.  More hexagons for my Aunt Sarah quilt, some chubby dresen templates and a little bundle of purple fabrics. Not so much this time, because I am saving money for my big shopping in November.
Saying for today is from one of Helens new patterns:
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