Sunday, January 27, 2013

Workshop in Østerled and my NEW sewingmachine


Yesterday Hanne and I was invited to give workshops (among with 3 other teachers) in Østerled.  This is a yearly happening in Østfold and it was so fun to meet new and old friends.  This was the first time for me giving workshop here and I really enjoyed it.  Never have 16 ladies been so quiet.  They were so concentrated in their sewing and got a lot done.


This year Kathrines Quiltestue was invited to have a shop there.  And they had filled the classroom with a lot of goodies.


I think all the ladies went home with a lot of inspiration and new fabric this weekend.


This is my class.  Half the class had already gone home when the “show and tell” started.  But all of them had finished their hearts to make this quilt.


Hannes class. She teached “sewing on the line”.

And the three other classes.


All ladies had so much fun during their classes.


During the lunch break I got the oportunity to visit the quiltshop and of course some goodies had to come home with me.  Have tried this new scissor today and I love it. 

But the best of all

when I came home late yesterday

this box was waiting for me


My new sewingmachine!!!!!!!!!

Me doing a happy dance

but I was too tired to open the box yesterday


But today I have played with my new toy, and I LOVE MY NEW SEWINGMACHINE. 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Floral Beauty


Having fun with these blocks.  When I digged this WISP out of the box I found that two blocks was already finished.  And the last days I have made the two at the bottom.  Not sure about the one at the left, but I have so many more blocks to make, so perhaps it will be perfect in the end. Four new blocks are prepped to be appliqued.  

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Monday, January 21, 2013

More WISP’s has come out of the box


I guess you all remember this post showing which projects (WISP’s) that was hidden in my boxes.

Box number 3 and 6 has got some focus now.


On my Antique Sampler (another design from Sue Daley) I only had left to make the outher border.  This weekend I finished paperpiecing all four scallop borders.  Now I have to applique them on the backgroundfabric.  Just need to wash the background fabric first.


Needed some relaxing needleturn now when I had no more baskets to applique.  And this was my prize for finishing the basket quilt top. To continue making Floral Beauty blocks.  Lately I have seen them on some other blogs and I have got so inspired to make more of these blocks,  I love Irene Blanck designs. She has so beautiful needleturn quilts.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday basket sewing

Today was the day for sewing my basket quilt together.


Step one was to rotary cut all the basketblocks to the correct size.


Step two was to start doing a layout and start sewing it together.


But what… sewingmachine!!!  I am waiting for my new Janome Horizon coming late january.  My “old” sewingmachine is sold and is packed in its box ready to travel.


But luckily I still have my “very old” Janome 4800 that still works perfect.  I actually had forgotten how good it is.  Of course Rusken has to supervise all the sewing.


And the quilt starts to grow…..


and grow…….


Rusken is always giving me a helping paw with the layout


and he is supervising it all the time


I had counted the number of blocks over and over again, but still I was wondering if I had made all or to many blocks.  But I had the exact number to sew the quilt together.


And now the quilt is hanging in my sewing room just to be admired.  I really love it.  Have always wanted to make a red and white quilt and I love baskets.  Now I have to decide whether I am going to handquilt it or machinequilt it.  Think it will be machinequilted when I get my new sewingmachine and have tried it out on other projects. 

Now I am doing a happy dance having this top finished, and later I will relax with some english paperpiecing while watching a good movie.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Progress on Basket quilt


All 128 basket blocks done.  Center block done.

Now I have to cut down the basket blocks to the right size and start sewing this quilt together.

I will miss sewing these cute baskets.
But I have a lot of needleturn projects waiting for me.
Or should I continue sewing on This Goes With That.
Or sewing together the outher border for the Antique Sampler.

I have a lot of project to choose between.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just had to…….


Just had to order these fabrics from Lappemor yesterday.  And today they came in my mailbox. Talk about fast service. This is Sue Daleys Prairie Rose fabrics and I needed them for my “This goes with that” quilt.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A day at Kathrines Quiltestue


Yesterday I was so happy I got the opportunity to spend several hours at Kathrines Quiltestue in Oslo.  I love this shop.  Always so many temptations.  The main reason for visiting the quiltshop was to find border and backing for my basket quilt. Now when all my basketblocks are done and I just have a little left to applique on the center block, the next step is to sew the quilt together.
I had a lot of fabric to choose between, but the one I choose for the border was the first one my eyes spotted when I came into the shop.  And the backing is sooooooooooo beautiful.


Always a lot of inspiration in this shop.  And I regret not buying the pattern for this tablecloth (hanging on the wall), but I will meet Kathrine in two weeks when I am going to give a workshop in Østerled, so I guess I am going to spend some money then.


I  really had some great hours in the shop.  Met some new quilters and got a lot of inspiration.


This is the border and the backing for my basket quilt. The backing is SO beautiful, and this quilt (read; all quilts) deserves a beautiful backing, I bought 4 yards of this and regret not buying more.  And I think the red fabric will be perfect as border for this quilt. 


And of course there was some 30cm that just had to come home with me.  The red and white ones I will be using in my “This goes with that” quilt.  The blue and brown fabric just yelled my name, even though I am not very comfortable sewing with blue fabrics.  But it looks like I am coming there.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

128 basket blocks


128 basket blocks done !!


And I have started to work on the center block.

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