Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 08 quiltmeeting

I am so busy at work and at home preparing for the Norwegian Quilt Asociations annual meeting next weekend so I hardly have any time sewing. All the small details that have to be done to get a great meeting. It takes time:)

But today it was my quiltgroups march meeting. And today we had visit from "Annequilten", a new quiltshop not far away. And of course we ladies at the meeting had to check the stuff, and of course buy something. I was clever this time, not a single pattern or fabric came home with me.
Some models from the shop.

And this is the quilts from show and tell this evening:

Saying for today:
Stressed is desserts spelled backwards

(and I have to admit, I'm a bit stressed now )

Friday, March 21, 2008

The civil war diary quilt I pushed the button and ordered this book..........
All you bloggers that are doing this quilt have been tempting me for a while now LOL
and I today I could not resist ordering the book. I have already agreed to make it together with Hanne............ooooops...............perhaps I revealed her next project now ........SMILE

I have been searching through my stash and found some fabrics that I think is civil war fabrics..........or perhps they are not.......... of course the name on the end of the fabric is cut off. If anyone of you "civil war" ladies out there can give me some links to places on the web where I can buy and learn more about these fabrics I would be happy.

Saying for today:

The time to be happy is now!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter working

When Hanne and I visited the quiltshop I did a little shopping too. Our quiltshop is having a big sale and these two had to come home with me.
And of course they had got lot of new fabrics.
Only these three jumped down in my basket. Do not know what to make of them yet. Perhaps a bag??
Quilting is extreme sport................anyway if you baste a quilt.
Today I found the outer border for my Leannes House. I decided to use the green fabrics that I have in the quilt, and I am really satisfied with it. I taped it on the floor and basted it. And now my knees and back hurts. This way of basting is not good for an "old lady". But now I can look forward to quilt it.
Saying for today:
My soul is fed with needle and thread,
my body with chocolate!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy easter to you all

This morning I started to make som buns with eggcream................
and I was talking to Hanne at msn. Told her to come and have cup of coffee and som buns............. and guess what

In two hours she knocked on my door. Coffee out in the sunshine. It felt so good sitting out on the porch in the easter sun eating warm buns and having coffee.

Later we drove down to the quiltshop and looked at the new fabrics that had arrived. Just a few one jumped in my bag this time LOL Will show you them later.

Some sewing has been done these days. First a sign for our quiltexibition in april. It says "Do not touch" in dialect. I hope you norwegian ladies that reads my blog will make more signs like this for our Annual Quilt meeting. We are going to have them besides all the quilts in the exhibition area.
I have stitched on my Gail Pan BOM today. Nice work to do out on the porch.

I have finished Lynett Anderssons BOM Noahs Ark.
And I have prepared block #2 on Leannes Butterfly garden.
So I guess I have enough to do these easterholiday. If I don't start on something else.....LOL

I wish you all,
happy easter

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A wonderful surprise from Libby

Some time ago Libby had a challenge on her blog. She wanted us to show our ironingtables. I took the challenge and showed mine. And Libbys hubby picked me as the winner of this challenge. Today when I came home from work a big box was laying in front of my door. It was from Libby.
She had sendt me this wonderful quilt. I LOVE IT. The colurs on my photos is sooooo wrong. Don't know what happend with my camera. The colours she have used is so ME!!!! Just the colours I would have chosen for a quilt. It's measuring 44 x 44 inches and Libby have done wonderful work on it. And she is crazy sending this away LOL But thank you for doing it Libby. Now I have a Libbyquilt.............jippiiiiiii. Can you see me smiling from ear to ear :)

And it's already cat approved :)

Libby also sendt me a Disney chocolate, but that one was eaten after dinner. Yummy :)
Saying for today:
A rose is for today,
golden threads of friendship
are forever.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A busy day in my sewingroom

This was my day home from work (just working 50% this month) so I had decided to do some serious work in my sewingroom. I had planned to prepare a lot of projects. It's always so easy to grab something in my sewingbag when sitting in front of the tv or if I'm going away some place.
First project I started to prepare was Lynette Anderssons free BOM Noah's Ark. I know a lot of you already have stitched it so now it's my turn to do it. I've had these repro fabrics for a long time and I decided to use them for this projects. I only have small pieces of each fabric, and this is a miniature quilt so I think they will be perfect here.
Next I started to play with fabrics for three new blocks on Gail Pans BOM Angel's sewing basket. What's takes most of the time is finding the perfect fabric and colour. To get a harmony in colours in the quilt. Spendt several hours playing with colours. Sewing it together was done in no time. And now I have three new blocks ready to be stitched.
While browsing through blogs this morning I joined the Scrappy Cabin Challenge Scrap Swap #2 over at Melly and Me. I guess I'm not the only one having a lot of scraps in a basket and it will be fun swapping with another one. Looking at other blogs I always see beautiful fabrics that I don't have in my stash. Maybe my swap partner can add some new colours to my stash.
Tomorrow another day at work.
Saying for today:
I wish I were a Teddy Bear....
The more worn out you get,
the more valuable you become

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Some stitching and some goodies

This week have been very very busy. I've finally started at work again :) Only 50% this month, but my shoulder is behaving so well so I know I'll be working full time in april again. And I'm so happy. Of course that means less sewing...........but I've nevertheless been able to sew all I want this time I've been home so I guess there will be no difference. I still have to be careful with my shoulder, but I'm back in business now :)

This week and weekend I have been doing a little bit stitchery. I started this BOM from Gail Pan a while ago. It has been on wait for some time now, but this week I started to stitch block #7 and I finished it this weekend.
So now I have made five of nine blocks in this BOM

I will try to make time tomorrow to sew together the next three blocks I have received.

When Nadine visited me she brought a stitchery for me and her to make together. She knows I love pincushions and she had traced this beutiful pattern for me.

And now I have finished it. So hopefully I'll manage to sew it together to a pincushion tomorrow ........ (read; this week).

And I received some goodies in the mail too :)
From Peg I received a beautiful stitchery she had traced on fabric for me. Together with a beautiful blue fat quarter fabric and a lot of embroidery thread. Thank you so much Peg, I'm looking forward to start stitching on it.

And on Teresa's blog Stitchin' Friends I won a prize in a little contest she had on her blog. And look what she sendt me. Three lovely Yli Silkthread. I reacently discovered this thread, and I love using it for my needleturn applique. And the fun part is that this thread is made in her home town. She also made me a lovely needlecase..................

Look, it has mini scissor which can be folded together. Love it!!!! And as a pin collector I'm I love the quiltpin from Quilters of South Carolina. Thank you so much Teresa.

Saying for today:

Cats do care. For example they know instinctively what time we have to be at work in the morning and they wake us up twenty minutes before the alarm goes off.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I visited Blueberry Lane Design blog today and she is having a giveaway. And she's asking us to show our most used pincushion. How fun :)

Because The Norwegian Quilt Association is having their 20th anniversary this year. And I'm in charge of a exhibition of pincushions. We've got a lot of registrated pincushions and I know we'll have a wonderful exhibition. We've got very old antique pincushions, new funny ones, chrochet pincushions, doll pincushions aso. It have been so fun getting mails from ladies who wants to show their pincushons on the exhibition. I can't show you any photos yet, but I promise I will when I'm preparing the exhibition first weekend in april.

And here is a collection of my pincushions.

But it was the most used pincushion she wanted to see. And here it is..................

I think the one besides my sewingmachine is the one I've used most. I'm thinking about making a new one because it's so dusty and worn out now LOL

And I found pattern of threadcatchers on net that looks alike mine if anyone else wants to make one. Look here and here .
And look at this link. Here you can find free patterns on a lot of Quilt Accessories.
Saying for today:
Anyone can give advice,
but a real friend will lend a helping hand

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Star in a Star workshop

Today I went to a workshop with Kristin Pollen. One of my favorite quilt teachers in Norway. And we were going to make star in a star. Below is the two quilts she brought to give us inspiration.

We are going to work two and two together. One rotarycutting and ironing, the other sewing.
And this is how my sewingpartner works today LOL But she manage to do a lot of rotarycutting. But of course I helped her. No rush sewing, we are just having relaxing sewing weekend.

This is the fabics Irene and I am working with. It's from Nancy Halvorsens fabrics mixed with a few japaneese ones.
Our progress so far..................

When I came home from todays workshop a package was laying on my doormat. It was from Tamara. She had a giveaway for cats a while ago, and my little Frida won it.

She was very curious when she sniffed at the two small bags. But so she discovered they were filled with catnip....................
Oh how happy she got............rolling around on the floor........licking at the bags............throwing them in the air............playing with them. So she says MEEEEEOOOOOOW Tamara, Thank you!!!!
But there was also some goodies for mum. Look at these beautiful fat quarters she had added in the package. And a lovely needlecase.

Filled with needles and pins. Thank you so much Tamara. I love it. I have seen this one on another blog and have wanted to make one, but now I have this one :)

Tomorrow another day at the workshop.
Saying for today:

Women and cats do as they like.
Men and dogs get used to it.
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