Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year


The last finish in 2013.  A little owl purse.  It is from Lynette Andersons book Stitch it for spring.  I got the book from Hanne for Christmas and she had also traced the little cute owl stitchery for me. 


Love Lynette’s books and I am so happy she now have the actual size of the stitcheries in these books.  Then we can start stitching right away and do not have to enlarge the patterns.  Sewing the zipper in this little purse late night and I sewed it in too tight.  But I like the way it turned out so I will keep it this way.


And I have already started to use it.  I will keep my new sewing light in this little purse.  The light was a gift to myself from myself this Christmas.  I hang it around my neck and it is a very good light that shines down on my sewing or my book.  Easy to bring along, and very useful because you never know when you get some time to sew, and at my age I need good sewing/reading light.  I bought the necklight at Merethe’s shop.

I wish all my friends
a Happy New Year
and I look forward
to spend it with you in 2014.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas days

The Christmas days are going so fast.  Soon a new year and new possibilities.


The last days I have spendt a lot of time in the sewingroom.  Remember this BOM ? Bought it several years ago and did a good start sewing the blocks.  Then it slowed down and got put away in a box.  


Now all blocks was done and I started to sew it together.


And slowly the quilt came together.  This is perhaps not the colour choises I usually would have chosen, so it was a bit of a challenge for me. But when I saw Hannes finished quilt some time ago I knew I had to finish it because I really liked it.


Finished the top today.  It is really big (long).  Thinking about to leave out the dark border at the top an bottom, or at least cut it a lot down.


When I ordered this BOM, a friend of mine order it in another colour choice.  And we swapped the leftovers.  And now I am sewing together the star blocks from her leftovers.  Have to add a little bit from my own stash.  So this will be similar quilt in other colours.


Now I want to make something little that can be a finish before the new year starts.  Got this book and a traced stitchery from Hanne. Did the stitchery some days ago.  And I will make the little purse using the fabrics I got from Bjørg.  Now on to making the yoyo’s.

Saying for today.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas day and we are just relaxing and enjoying time together.  In Norway we celebrate on Christmas Eve.


Just me and my two wonderful children this year and we had a really special evening together. Traditional Christmas dinner which my son made a lot of.  Lots of gifts under the Christmas tree. 


Even Rusken got his Christmas gift.


I must have been on Santa’s nice list this year because I got five quiltbooks (+ some other books I had on my wish list)


Santa also brought me some other quilty stuff.  Fabrics, pattern, stitcheries and bobbins. 
And do you see the feet on top of this photo……they belongs to……


………this cute knitted owl.  It is a bag to store my red wine box in.


Today I am just relaxing and I started to sew on one of the stitcheries I got.  Love this owl and hope I can finish this cute little purse these days.

To all my blogging friends: I wish you a peaceful Christmas.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

It’s Christmas time


Almost everything is ready for Christmas.  Just a few small things to fix.  Been so busy the last weeks that I am really looking forward to relax and just enjoy the Christmas spirit.  This weekend we decorated the Christmas tree, played a lot board games and just had fun.  There is always a new board game under the tree every year. This year it was two.  Both my son and I had bought one each.


My last adventcalendar gifts is opened.  This is a tradition I have together with Hannen and Nancy, and I love the sunday mornings when I can open my gifts.  This is the gifts from 3rd and 4th sunday in advent. Thank you Hanne and Nancy.


This year I have bought myself a Christmas present.  Actually it is two.  I bought myself a light box.  It is handmade and it has a big surface so it is easy to place big papers there.  I love it.  Makes it so much easier to trace stitcheries.

The other gift I bought myself is a little light to carry around my neck for sewing and reading.  Will show you later when I have taken a photo of it.


I have done just a little sewing the last weeks.  Finished the last block of this BOM. The sashing and borders are washed and I am ready to sew the quilt together.  Looking forward to do it these Christmas days.


Now I can relax, enjoy an early morning stitching on my new Christmas pillow and just let the Christmas start.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Show and tell from November quilt meeting


I should have posted these photos from the November quilt meeting long time ago.  Times flies so fast and it is soon Christmas.  November quilt meeting in my quilt guild is always a great meeting. Lots of good food.


Everyone brings a present and receives one back.  And there is a lot of prizes for the lottery.


The ladies had a good time and there was a lot of laughter around the tables.

And then there was show and tell, enjoy the photos:


The next photos coming is from the challenge we gave the ladies earlier this year.  The challenge was to create something from old textiles.  They have used old shirts, embroideries and even silk boxer shorts.  Enjoy the phtos and get inspired.


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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Cookies and sewing weekend


This was going to be the big baking for Christmas weekend, and while waiting for Hanne to arrive I looked through my Christmas pattern.  I found this kit I bought several years ago, and think I will start on this one now.  Perhaps I have a new cushion for Christmas.  Anyway it is fun sewing on something Chrismassy in the Advent time.



After a cup of coffe we started to bake our Christmas cookies.  This is the third year we are baking together and it has become a great tradition.


Hanne making caramelized almonds.  Remember my mother making this when I was a little girl.  Bring back good memories and they tastes soooo good.


And then some sewing, relaxing and a glass of red wine.  Working on my Aunt Sarahs quilt.  I’ve finished all the applique on the center piece and are almost half done with the hexagons.


Sunday morning and second sunday in Advent.  Opening our advent calendar gifts.


Then Hanne gave me a challenge.  Some years ago I ordered a BOM from Lappemakeriet. Last time I visited Hanne I commented that her finished BOM was so beautiful.  And now she wanted me to pull out this WISP (Work In Slow Project) to see how much there was left to do on it.


19 of 20 blocks finished.  Why did I put it away.  Going to give this some focus now, because Hanne challenged me to have the top finished in a month.  So I have until the middle of January to finish at least the top on this quilt.


I gave my leftover fabrics to a friend and she gave me her leftovers.  Because she had chosen this BOM in some other colours.  I have made 8 of the 20 blocks.  Will continue sewing on these too.


I got this cute litte birdie pincushion in Shipshewana.  Love it so much and now it is my companion when I am sewing.


Started to piece together the last block on the BOM.  It looks like Rusken is not too happy about me sewing all the time.

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