Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas days

The Christmas days are going so fast.  Soon a new year and new possibilities.


The last days I have spendt a lot of time in the sewingroom.  Remember this BOM ? Bought it several years ago and did a good start sewing the blocks.  Then it slowed down and got put away in a box.  


Now all blocks was done and I started to sew it together.


And slowly the quilt came together.  This is perhaps not the colour choises I usually would have chosen, so it was a bit of a challenge for me. But when I saw Hannes finished quilt some time ago I knew I had to finish it because I really liked it.


Finished the top today.  It is really big (long).  Thinking about to leave out the dark border at the top an bottom, or at least cut it a lot down.


When I ordered this BOM, a friend of mine order it in another colour choice.  And we swapped the leftovers.  And now I am sewing together the star blocks from her leftovers.  Have to add a little bit from my own stash.  So this will be similar quilt in other colours.


Now I want to make something little that can be a finish before the new year starts.  Got this book and a traced stitchery from Hanne. Did the stitchery some days ago.  And I will make the little purse using the fabrics I got from Bjørg.  Now on to making the yoyo’s.

Saying for today.



Hanne said...

Fin teppetopp, fine blokker og søt ugle :D said...

You do so fine things

TLC said...

Hanne and you are doing a great job with finishes.

mascanlon said...

Always so many, many things to play with! Love this little owl!

Anonymous said...

I love your quilt top. What pretty colors and a great design. The thing about mothers is so true!

margaret said...

the quilt is looking amazing, love the owl purse, what is the book you got it from please.

telulas said...

I love your quilt top. What pretty colors and a great design.

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