Thursday, April 25, 2013

April quilt meeting


Quilt meeting in my local quilt group today.  And Kreative Ingema (local quiltshop from Flisa) came with boxes of fabric from her shop. She also showed us how to use the Quick Curve Ruler.


It was fun to see how easy it was and several ladies bought the ruler.  So I guess at the next quiltmeeting it will be a lot of quilts made this way.

Show and tell.  Just enjoy the photos.



And this is my buyings which I have no idea what to make  with them.  But they was so pretty.

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preview i will never be over the hill

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Remember When tablerunner


Almost two weeks ago I started to make this tablerunner at Sue Daleys class in Tønsberg.  Now I have finished the top and I hope to have it basted and quilted this weekend.


It was fun sewing the clamshells.  Sue showed us some great tricks to get it done nice.


Not so fun sewing the applecores, but doing it the Sue Daley way it was easy. 


I did a little change on the flower applique. This was a great pattern that had a lot of tecniques.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Needleturn in the sun


Been prepping all morning waiting for the sun to shine on my porch.  Now I am ready to sit down out in the sun and do some needleturn on both the tablerunner Remember When and on the wallquilt One Day At A Time (both designs Sue Daley)

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring is in the air


Feeling so good today.  The sun is shining.  Almost all the snow has melted.  Spring has sprung. I have been sewing hexagons and just relaxing in the sun. 


And now these hexagons are ready to be appliqued down on the background.  Not sure which background to choose yet, have to take a closer look at them tomorrow in better light. I enjoy sewing with these blue colours.  Not the colours I usually are sewing with, but I have started to like blue.  Perhaps I now need to collect more blue fabric??


Have also enjoyed looking through my new book that arrived yesterday.  Ordered it monday from Quiltmania and I received it friday.  Talk about speedy delivery. I love this book.  In fact, all books from Quiltmania is great.  They are written both in english and in french.  This book is a treasure, lots of inspiring patterns.  If you want to look through it click here.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Airport sewing


Back home after being travelling up north in Norway for some work meetings.  And I am so happy I brought with me my sewing.  Lots of hours waiting at the airport, but the time goes fast when I am sewing.  English Paper Piecing is so great to do while waiting and chatting with the others I was travelling with.  I had prepped several small plasticbags with This Goes With That hexagons  and it is so easy to just grab one and start to sew.   And I am so happy my small scissor passes the security every time. 

So if you are going to travel somewhere, dress som paperpieces and do some EEP.


At the hotelroom in Harstad I sewed togehter the applecores for the tablerunner we startet in Sue’s class last saturday.  Now she is up in Trondheim giving four classes, and I wish I could join them there.  Have fun girls!!!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yesterdays class - progress

Today I have just been relaxing and sewing on the tablerunner I started yesterday in Sue’s class.  And I have been thinking of all the nice people I have meet the last days, all the inspiration, laughter, chatting and stitches we have made.  Now I am loaded with vitamin Q and good memories


All clamshell is appliqued on the background.  And yes Sue, they was fun to sew as you said.  All applecores are sewn together and ready to be sewn together.  I am making a progress on the challenge you gave me.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another day in class with Sue


Yesterday Hanne and I did some homework for todays class.  And after eating breakfast and packing our suitcases there was some time left before leaving for the class.  And what do a quilter do.  Some sewing of course!  This is why I love English Paper Piecing so much.  You can sew it anywhere and anytime.


Guess Hanne is taking some photos for her blogposts later today.

There was a bigger class today.  And several ladies was travelling a long way to attend these classes.  Some ladies came from Bergen, some from Kristiansand, some from Oslo and then me from Elverum.  Addicted ladies that knows how to enjoy several days with sewing and friendship.



Today we was making this tablerunner and I learned some new tricks doing applecore and clamshells.


Sue is a wonderful teacher and I know that I will take more classes with her.  Hope she will return to Norway with new projects.


And my clamshell rows was growing and growing.


And happy smiling faces all over the classroom.

Some wonderful days that had to come to an end.  Now I am safe back home with a vitamin Q level sky high.


Rest of the day I will be relaxing with my feet up and some more hexagon or clamshell sewing. This is the two projects we have been doing these days. To the left “One day at a time” and the tablerunner project is called Remember when.


And of course I had to buy some of Sue’s new projects.  The one to the left is called Mrs Hartigan’s Stash and I LOVE this one.  Åsne at Quiltefryd had made a starter bundle of fabrics to make this quilt and I bought it together with fabric for the cornerstones and the background.  I also bought the pattern “In my garden”. 

Now my head is filled with ideas and vitamin Q.  Thank you Sue for giving us some wonderful days. Big hug from me.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

My first class with Sue Daley


My first class with Sue Daley. This is the third time I have met her, but the first time I have been able to take a class with her.  Starting to dress our hexagon for todays quilt.  And look …..I am using blue fabrics…………and I love it.


Sue is giving a great demonstration how to do a knick a knot


a lot of cocentration


During the lunch break Hanne and I walked to Quiltefryd to do some shopping. I needed some background fabrics and I found the most wonderful backgroundfabric!!

Some photos from the shop Quiltefryd, which is one of m favorite quilt shops.



Then back to the class and sewing some more hexagons


Believe it or not, I am really loving to work with these blue colours


Back at the hotel room we had a lot of homework to do. 


Prepping pieces for tomorrows class.


Ready for tomorrows class.

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