Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Project a month Challenge - January

Today is the last day to finish up a WISP for january month. Kris and I are getting a lot of reports of finishes and it so lovely to read all your mails.

Remember now to:

List your finished project in your monthly list in the sidebar. Kris and I are going to check your lists in a few days. And every listed project is giving you a lottery ticket in january prize draw.

Important words in this challenge :

UFO = UnFinished Objects
WISP = Work In Slow Progress
Wisping = This is what you are doing when you work on WISP's
Very Wispy = Projects that are very very old

Saying for today:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No reply

Still there is a lot of bloggers that has no reply when they leave a comment. There is a few bloggers that have left comments on my blog that they want to join the challenge, but it is impossible to reach you because when I click on your "name" hoping to reach a blog, there is no link to any blog. Sorry I am not able to answer you.

Chookyblue has a tutorial on how to change from no reply.

Joy of Life BOM

And then there was time to prepare the next block in the Joy of Life BOM. I am sewing it together with Bjørg (no blogger) and now Irene (also no blogger) has joined us in this BOM.
It is always so nice to come together to prep the blocks. Discussing colours, making templates and cutting pieces. Just three of us but the table (and the floor) is filled with our stuff :)

We helped Irene starting her first block and have given her a lot of homework to next time.

Bjørg had "cheated" and finished block number three. I know we agreed to start on this at home early in january and she is a fast sewer so I should have known she would finish it before we had our next meeting.

And here is Bjørgs blocks so far. Four finished and one to prepped.

I started to prepare both block number three and block number four. So I have a lot to sew now. But I love to do needleturn applique. Will show you more photos later, but I have to make a lot of bias first so I can start sewing on these two blocks.
Quilt meeting tomorrow. Hope the ladies brings a lot of things to show and tell. I'll bring my camera.
Saying for today:
Making a friend takes a moment,
being a friend takes a lifetime.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leannes House and The One project a month Challenge

The last days I have been quilting on my Leannes House.  And I have finished all quilting on the blocks.  004 I have a lot of templates for quilt borders and today I tried to find one that will be perfect for the border around this quilt.

005Some of the borders were to wide, some too small, some too busy for this quilt.  Want one that wonæt steal the attention to the quilt.


So these are the two that I think will suit this quilt.  There is a lot of hearts on the quilt and I will have hearts in the border.  But which one???  Please help me to choose. Number 1 with the big hearts or number 2 which is smaller??


Yesterday I got a new book in the mailbox.  I had ordered the new Tilda book some days ago and I am very pleased with it.  A lot of cute things to make from this one.  And the best is that my DD also love these books, so perhaps it will inspire her too want sewing.


One Project a month challenge

It has been so fun receiveing so many lovely mails from you ladies that have joined this challenge.  Looks like we have pushed a button.  And you have all been so eager to finish something.  That’s great.  And you still have some more days to make more finishes.

Royalty-free Clip Art: Elderly Seamstress Woman Sewing A Dress

Just rememeber to list the finished project in the monthly list and send a report to me or Kris.   All finishes that are listed in the monthly list jan 31th will count as a lottery ticket in the january finish lottery.  Kris is hosting the prize for january.  And please send a final report to Kris so she can register you in her lists.

How many finishes do you think we have for january month???   

When we started this challenge we had no idea that so many would join.  We appriciate it so much and there have been a lot of new blogs to visit for me.  And there have been several no bloggers that have now started their own blog.  So if you have time you should visit the ladies on our challenge list and see all the lovely projects they have finished.

I have not updated my list (compared it to Kris’s) but will do it very soon.  So there might me some on Kris’s list that are not on mine, but you will be there soon :)

Kris and I are going to close signing up for this challenge jan 31th. 

Sewing Kit In a Jar

Saying for today:

Laughter is wine for the soul--laugh soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness. Comedy and tragedy step through life together, arm in arm... Once we can laugh, we can live.
--Sean O'Casey

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Post #2 for today :)
Some days ago I got a lovely mailbox surprise in my mailbox. My dear friend Nancy sent me a "get well from the flu"-package. Two beautiful fabrics and a hanger. And look at that funny sign - "quilter on board". I got to hang that in my car when I'm going to quiltmeetings and of cours at our annual quilt meeting in march.

Today another surprise in the mailbox. All the way from Australia. Some time ago I was one of Helen Stubbings PIF-friends. And today came what she had put together for me. A cute handmade card, a package of her NPNT cards, a iron on patter and......................

LOOK at this beautiful cushion. I LOVE IT. As you see I have already placed it in my sofa. I have for long time wanted to change the pillows in my sofa, so this was the perfect PIF for me. And I love the colours in it. So now I have to do something with the other cushions. Perhaps change all of them to stitchery cushions??? THANK YOU Helen for this wonderful PIF.

Warming quilts

This is the photo that came in the local newspaper yesterday. So fun that the newspaper took interest in this warming quilts sewing day.

Saying for today:

A lot of people like snow.
I find it to be an unnecessary
freezing of water.

~Carl Reiner

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Warming Quilts sewing saturday

13 ladies joined this sewing saturday. I had hoped for more ladies to join, but I guess they were busy doing other things. But the ladies who was there had a wonderful time sewing and laughing while making Warming Quilts.


This is the label Lise made to sew on the back of the quilts. It says: Warming quilts, Elverum action 2009.

And here is some photos from the long sewingday; starting at 10:00 until we turned off the lights at 18:00.

001Berit, Inger and Bente is planning one of the quilts using old blocks (ufos).

002 004

Anne Ida was alway smiling while sewing. And look at the big pile of fabrics that have been given to these Warming Quilts sewing days. And not to forget all boxes of fabric we had brought along to use in our quilts. Plenty of fabric.

005 006

Anne Ida finished her quilt very fast. She used blocks from a swap. Bente is planning her quilt at the floor.

007 And then there was time for food. We ordered Peppes Pizza and the fun thing was that it came delivered in taxi.

011 012

And during the day more quilt tops was finished.

013 016


And even more.

It was amazing to see the quilt tops being finished. And every lady was so happy making them.

031 032

Thank you ladies for joining me on this wonderful sewing together.


These quilts will be (when they are finished) be donated to the Warming Quilts action. And soon some long term sick children at the Radiumhospital or Rikshospital will enjoy these quilts as a warming thought from us. And I know I will arrange such a sewing day later this year.


And back home at my place we could relax after a long day. And what do quilters do when they relax. Some are looking in quiltingbooks (Bjørg), some are sending a sms to a friend in australia (Anne Ida) and some are looking at blogs (Hanne and Bente)041

And some are taking photos (Lise)

Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend.

This is the first time I have tried to blog using Windows live writer. I am very curious how this post will show in my blog. Perhaps a complete unreadable chaos LOL. If it works maybe I will use it more.

Saying for today:


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Warming quilts

Today we have a sewing together making warming quilts. More photos later when i come home. We have a great time together.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A new stitchery and TEPPER SOM VARMER

Feeling much better today so perhaps I go back to work tomorrow. Still everything is going in slow motion, and the cough is still there (but not so bad). Today I felt like starting another flu medicine project. Some time ago I received these wonderful buttons and the pattern belonging to them from Sonya at Giggle buttons blog. Today I decided to start on this little stitchery and will look for a frame this week. I have also joined her Giggle Buttons Club and look forward to receive the first package with buttons and pattern.

And the next in my post will be written only in Norwegian as it is an invitation to a sewing weekend for Warming Quilts.


LØRDAG 17 Januar

Dette er en invitasjon til dere som bor i nærheten eller har mulighet til å reise til Elverum lørdag 17 januar.

Invitasjon ble delt på på Elverum Quiltelags siste medlemsmøte og dette er en påminnelse til dere. Pluss at jeg inviterer ALLE som har mulighet og lyst til å komme å sy sammen med oss.

Vi skal sy tepper til aksjonen Tepper Som Varmer. Ta med deg symaskin, stoffer, skjøteledning, strykejern, skjæreutstyr og mat. Har du ikke lyst til å frakte på symaskin, kan du stryke eller skjære stoffer. Har du ikke stoffer så ta med symaskin, for regner med at det blir masser av stoffer å sy av. Har du lyst til å sy alene gjør du det. Vil du samarbeide med noen andre så går det også ann. Vi har fått sponset 10 m vatt fra NQF. Men mangler desverre bakstykker, så hvis noen har store biter med bakstykker så ta med det.

Vi har fått leid kantina på Elverum Tekniske Verksted på Grindalsmoen.

Og vi starter opp kl 1000
og fortsetter utover ettermiddagen/kvelden så lenge vi orker

I kantina har vi kjempegod plass til å boltre oss med symaskiner og stoff.

Vil gjerne ha en liten tilbakemelding på om det er noen som vil være med. Det er mange som sa de skulle være med. Og jeg vet at det kommer quiltere fra både Hønefoss, Lørenskog, Oslo og Rømskog pluss en del damer fra Elverum, så her er det fin mulighet til å bli kjent med andre quiltere. Og nå håper jeg at DU som bor i nærheten også har lyst til å komme. Send meg en liten mail så skal du få veibeskrivelse.

Saying for today:

Write it on your heart
that every day
is the best day
in the year.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, January 09, 2009

Flu medicine

The best medicine to heal from flu is staying in bed, drink a lot of water and of course new projects.

Like the new free BOM "A christmas wish" from Gail Pan. I was lucky to have exactly the same fabric as she had and this was a nice little project to stitch in bed. I always use a very thin batting behind my stitchery and recomend all of you to do the same.
And next portion of medicine was this cute free BOM from Bunny Hill design. I really love this cute snowman in the basket and can't wait to see who/what she puts in the basket next month. I have put some other buttons at it, but I know I have those heartbuttons some place in my sewingroom.
Feeling a little better now, but the cough is horrible and keeps me awake all night.
Saying for today:

Getting an idea should be like sitting down on a pin;
it should make you jump up and do something.
--E. L. Simpson

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