Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Project a month Challenge - January

Today is the last day to finish up a WISP for january month. Kris and I are getting a lot of reports of finishes and it so lovely to read all your mails.

Remember now to:

List your finished project in your monthly list in the sidebar. Kris and I are going to check your lists in a few days. And every listed project is giving you a lottery ticket in january prize draw.

Important words in this challenge :

UFO = UnFinished Objects
WISP = Work In Slow Progress
Wisping = This is what you are doing when you work on WISP's
Very Wispy = Projects that are very very old

Saying for today:


Sigrun said...

Jeg har listet opp de 9 ferdige prosjektene jeg har fått ut av totalt 10 ufoer. 1stk. har celledelt seg i 2 og 3 stk. blei til 1stk. ferdig prosjekt. Nye ideer kommer når man finner fram gamle ufoer, kanskje derfor de av og til blir lagt til side. Når man finner dem igjen og ser på dem med nye øyne kan det bli noe helt annet. Det er noe av det som er spennende med denne hobbyen. Ha en fortsatt fin helg.

Laila N said...

Hei May Britt

Eg har nesten fått gjort ferdig januar ufoen min.

Eg pukka opp utfordringa di hjå Har ikkje hatt googlekonto før no i kveld, så eg har ikkje kunna skreve innpå til deg.

Kjekt med slike spark i baken.

Mvh Laila på

Juliann in WA said...

I just posted my fourth finish for the month. Off to a great beginning, thanks again.

Kirsi said...

May Britt,
thank you for explanation about combination of letters. I have divined they mean something like that but I haven't had enough courage to ask ...

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Hi May, Thanks for letting me join the challenge. I'm new to blogging and am slowly figuring it out. I think I've enabled my email now. Thanks again, Kelly :-)

Anonymous said...

I finished a couple tops but not the quilting on them:-((( So next month I will have alot of finishes!

Laurie said...

I finished 2 projects this month; not the one I first planned but I'm happy! I think I'll try for an easy finish and a hard or bigger project finished each month.

Edna said...

I hope that its not too late for me to ask to join in. I actually have one finish for January! My blog has gotten behind a bit but I shall try to update it in the next day or so. Let me know if I can still 'play'. Thanks!!


Laurie said...

How are we to send you a picture of our finished projects?

Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

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Susan said...

What a great idea your challenge is. I'll bet it helps lots of people to finish projects this year.

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