Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On the roll with UFO's

I am on a roll working on my UFO's.  This weekend I spendt a lot of time in my sewingroom and look.........

First finishes was these three small doiley's.  Design is from Hugs'n Kisses.  I never finished them in time to be Christmas gifts last year, but now I can put them in my gift box ready for next Christmas, or other upcoming events.

Next finish is this Christmas table runner.  My friend Bjørg (no blog) designed table runner as a mystery sew along in my quilt guild some years ago.  Now it is finished.  Does it get in my gift box, or into my Christmas decoration box??

As I am on the roll with my UFO's I found this stitchery.  What to do with it?  I got inspired from Hanne and have decided to make a table cloth for my kitchen table.

I have joined a sew along group on facebook and we have been working on Plus Quilts.  This is how far I came this weekend.  This will also be for my kitchen table.  And this one has special memories in it.  All the backgrounds is 6 inch cuttings my friend Deb gave me when I visited her in november. And the Plus's is fabric I brought back with me from USA. So every time I look at this one I will have good memories of all my Plus Friends in USA.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Sewing weekend

When having freezing cold outdoors (we had as low as minus 29 C this weekend) the best thing to do is to spend some time in the sewingroom.

 I pulled out a lot of my fabrics.  Mostly the "fresh" fabrics from my trip to USA in november.  Felt good to start cutting into these new fabrics.

Rusken does not go outdoors when it is so cold, and he loves to spend time in the sewingroom with me. And he loves to sit on my fabric or at the spot when he is mostly in my way.

With a new blade on my rotary cutter I was ready to cut in my new fabrics.  Notice that I have a little jar for all my used blades and needles.  Do not want to just throw them in my garbage.  

And this is how far I came with this project.  I have joined a sew along on facebook (closed group) and we are now doing the Plus quilt.  I had so much fun sewing it.  If you want the pattern you can visit Lailas blog here or Stinas blog here.  My plan is to something for my kitchen table, but to get a square tablerunner with not square blocks ........I have to do some thinking and drawing.  But I will manage......I hope.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A new year and new possibilities!

Happy new year all my friends.

I have not forgotten my blog, just been a bit busy lately.

I know there is a lot of things I should have blogged about,
some day I may do it (or not),
but for now I just start at today.

January is always a month where I like to work on my UFO's.  And last weekend I chose which projects to focus on for a while now.  I actually feel good working on these projects and it makes me happy.  

I love to do needleturn applique and I have restartet to make blocks for my Stonefields quilt. I am not sure how many I already have done, but there is some.  I have been thinking about making it smaller, but just for now I just enjoy sewing the blocks I prepped a long time ago.

Stitchery is so relaxing. I started sewing AnnAKa's christmas early in 2011.  This was a project I always brought with me when I sat by my mothers hospital bed.  When she passed away in october 2011 I could not manage to stitch on it again, so it has been kept in a box.  Now I am ready to stitch on it again. And while working on it now I can remember all the good times when she and I sewed together.  Think this will be a very special and dear quilt for me to hang up for Chrismases to come.

I have also found some UFO's that just need some finishing touches by the sewing machine.  Some was to be Christmas gifts 2015, but if I now manage to finish them now I have an early start on Christmas gifts for 2016.

And I will do my daily threads of handquilting.  It does not sounds that I will make progress with just a few threads each day.  But actually it does!!!!  And my shoulder and arms will not hurt.  

Saying for today:

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