Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Quilte rally 2017

Last saturday I took with me 15 ladies on Quilterally (quilt shop hop).  We met early morning and startet our shop hop day with smiles.  This is the third time I am fixing a trip like this and inviting quilt friends to join me on the bus.

First stop was at Meretes Quilteloft. She is a popular long arm quilter and has a lot of great backings.

Love this heart quilt she had on display.

Merete put the things we shopped in pink bags (love that it is not plastic bags) and as you see it already starts to fill up on the shelf.   And this was our first stop!  Two more places to go. And I love those happy faces.....is it because of happy shopping?

Second stop was at Kathrines Quiltestue.  Always a joy to visit this shop.  Kathrine and the girls are so seviceminded and always smiling.

Anna Malin and Helle is having demo on rulers and other usful things that we didn't knew that we needed.  And of course we need it.

Lots of inspiration to see everywhere.

Like this pillow.  I bought the pattern and the tool to turn fabric tubes.

After a couple of hours in this shop it was time to check out and move on to the next shop.

Kristine, Anna Malin and Kathrine by the bus to see us off.

The top shelf in the bus is filled with more bags. 

Last stop on this quilt rally was at Bærums Verk and Lappemakeriet.  This is a beautiful place to relax and go for a little walk by the river.  

Lappemakeriet always has lots of inspiration. 

This is one of my favorites today.  I love the snowball block, and bought the paper templates to make them. The table runner in the back is on my to do list.

We were so lucky having such nice weather. The day before it was raining bad.  Felt so good just to relax in the sun.

And now we are walking along the river to have some dinner.

We had ordered dinner at Værtshuset Bærums verk. A beautiful guesthouse with wonderful food.

And after shopping for ten hours, lots of inspiration and ideas spinning in our heads and a wonderful dinner, it was time to start our two hours drive back home.  We can all agree we had a wonderful day together.  We all have lots of  new ideas and new projects to start on.

Back home I put all my buyings out on the coffee table.  WOW.......Think I went a little bit crazy. But for the most of all I actually have a plan.  I was pretty good following my shoppinglist.

Saying for today:

Friday, October 13, 2017

September quilt meeting

I know.....this should have been posted two weeks ago.  But I have just been so busy with work and a family gathering.  But here it is.

Last thursday in september my quilt group has invited Liv from Quilteland to tell us about triangles on a roll and borders made easy.  She had also brought wiht her quilts to inspire us.  I love to use triangle paper and now I will try the borders made easy. Using triangles on a roll makes corners perfect every time......LOVE IT.

And then there was show and tell.  Enjoy.

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