Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend in Trysil Knuts fjellverden (weekend in the mountains)


Thursday evening after work two friends picked me up and we drove up to the mountain.  With big backpacks and buckets in our hands we walked to the cabin.


We went to look for the cloudberries when we arrived and found some litres.  But friday was the day for our long trip to look for the berries.  We spent over 5 hours out in the sun this day. And almost the same the next day. Today I stayed at the cabin, have got a bad cold, but I am so satiesfied with all the berries I picked the three other days.

I’ve got several questions about cloudberries and you can read about them here.


I love to walk in the mountain.


And with this beautiful weahter it felt good to just sit down and have a cup of coffee.


Back home at the cabin …..


……relaxing with cloudberries and cream.


It has been a wonderful weekend.  I have enjoyed every minute.  And now I have made jam of the cloudberries.  My favorite jam !! 


Of course I had brought some sewing in the backpack.  A quilter never leaves home without some sewing.  I almost ran out of sewing !!!!  All the hexagons I had brought was sewn together.  Next time I have to remember to bring some more sewing.

Thank you Britt and Bjørg for a wonderful weekend.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cabin trip with “Trådsnellene”


For the first time in many year all “Trådsnellene” (the name of our quilt group) was able to join the fall long weekend reatreat at the cabin.  We have had such wonderful weather all weekend.  Been able to sit outside every day. Lot of laughter and chitter chatter.


This year I did not bring my sewing machine.  Focus this weekend was my Stonefield blocks and handquilting on my Aunt Sarah quilt.  Out in the sun all day long, relaxing and just enjoying life.


We had a lot of wind most of the days so we had to keep all our small pieces safe.  My blocks was several times hanging in a thin thread LOL. 


Other girls had brought their sewing machines, and when the sun got to hot or the wind got to strong for my blocks outdoors, I spendt my time indoors with them.


Time for some photoshoots.  Mette sewed a lot of these blocks during the weekend.


Aud finished up several of these beautiful tablemats.


Åse finished this beautiful table runner.


Kjerstin worked on these tablemats.  Love the eyes of the owls.


Anne Britts christmas table runner


Mette is sewing tablemats for Christmas.

There was several other projects too, but when the photoshoot started a lot was already packed out in the car.  We always forget to take photos before packing.


I finished six blocks for my Stonefields quilt.  Had planned to glue a lot of hexagons, but that was too boooooooring to do LOL  So relaxing to just do needleturn applique.


But I handquilted my daily threads on my Aunt Sarahs quilt.  I am almost half way done with the quilting. It is a great idea to andquilt a few threads in the morning and a few threads in the evening.  Doing it this way my arms is still good, and I see the progress.

This has been a wonderful weekend with friends.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Stonefield quilt


Of course I have started The Stonefields quilt.  Like so many of you, I could not resist this beautiful quilt. Love needleturn applique, love hexagons and I love flying geese.  This quilt has it all !!


There has not been so many warm evenings this summer, but I have enjoyed the few ones out on my porch.


For this quilt I will just try to use fabric from my stash.

I have done a few blocks and hexagons.  And have prepped a lot of both.  Easy to just grab a block or some hexagons as a on the go sewing.





A little layout so far of my blocks.  Think I am quite happy with the colours. 

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