Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend in Trysil Knuts fjellverden (weekend in the mountains)


Thursday evening after work two friends picked me up and we drove up to the mountain.  With big backpacks and buckets in our hands we walked to the cabin.


We went to look for the cloudberries when we arrived and found some litres.  But friday was the day for our long trip to look for the berries.  We spent over 5 hours out in the sun this day. And almost the same the next day. Today I stayed at the cabin, have got a bad cold, but I am so satiesfied with all the berries I picked the three other days.

I’ve got several questions about cloudberries and you can read about them here.


I love to walk in the mountain.


And with this beautiful weahter it felt good to just sit down and have a cup of coffee.


Back home at the cabin …..


……relaxing with cloudberries and cream.


It has been a wonderful weekend.  I have enjoyed every minute.  And now I have made jam of the cloudberries.  My favorite jam !! 


Of course I had brought some sewing in the backpack.  A quilter never leaves home without some sewing.  I almost ran out of sewing !!!!  All the hexagons I had brought was sewn together.  Next time I have to remember to bring some more sewing.

Thank you Britt and Bjørg for a wonderful weekend.

Saying for today:



Radka said...

It is not the first time I hear about Scandinavian dedication to cloudberries; but 8km WALK to the cabin??? And back?....:-) :-)

helen said...

Congratulations for your walks - you really earned your cloudberries with cream! :)
And you even still did some sewing - wow!
Great weekend!
Best wishes!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like a great hike to your cabin - the photos look so pretty - I'm not sure what cloud berries are but they must be great to go in search of them. I wish I had a cabin like that it looks so pretty and peaceful. I too always bring some hand work.

Melody said...

What a beautiful place. I've never heard of cloudberries, are they like raspberries?

margaret said...

cloud berries are new to me you certainly good lots and can see you all have a great time in the cabin, trust your cold has gone now and you are feeling better. Lucky with the weather we have been having torrential rain and thunder storms here

Ondrea said...

I have never heard of those berries so I than you for the link. They look yummy. What a wonderful place in the photos. You must be fit. You can never have too much stitching.

CecileD said...

What a lovely weekend you spent with your friends !!
Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us !

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