Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to normal......almost

I think my daily routins are coming back to normal again after the big quilt event. Am I too old to go on such hectic trips or is it because there are so many impressions and ideas spinning around in my head because....

I just feel like curl up like Rusken and just sleep and sleep.

But I want to stay focus on my projects, and when I read Hannes to do list this week, I realized there has been several weeks since I focused on chosen projects. I started so clever in the beginning of this year, but then I kind of lost focus. So here we go with my to do list this week:

Focus #1: I am so fond of this BOM from Lappemakeriet. When I came home from the annual quilt meeting package #3 waited for me in the mailbox. Kit for 3 sixpointed star blocks, and sunday I got Laila's leftovers from her kit. She has anohter colour choise of this BOM and we are swapping leftovers to make another projects. There is not enough leftovers to make the block over again, so we add a little from our own stash and makes a leftover scrap quilt of our own choice. And the leftovers from the leftovers goes to Hanne. Wonder what she will do with the tiny scraps . A fun swap to do with friends.

Focus #2: Last year I had big plans having this easter quilt up on the wall. With barely 3 weeks until easter starts I have pulled it out of the box. I still have some quilting to do on it, but hope to have it up on the wall for this easter.

Focus # 3-4-5: Okei.....what to choose. I have the stitchery of the easter bunny that I want to turn into a tablerunner. And I am working on the last stitcheryblock for the Angel among us quilt. But then the first block in AnnAKa's new christmas BOM came. I want to start stitching on that too! And the week are going to fast.

Have you noticed something different with the photos on my blog. I think they have become better thanks to my new camera. Still have a lot to learn about this camera, but my DD (the photgrapher) tells me it is great. Have to ask her to teach me using it. Reading manuals are booooring.

Saying for today:

Everyone has a photographic memory, but not everyone has film. ~Author Unknown

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Jane meeting

Almost back to normal after the big quilt event last weekend. I have not done a single stitch in almost a week, so it felt good getting together with my DJ-friends. In october last year we had a workshop with Hanne teaching us to make DJ-blocks. And now some of us has agreed to meet and sew together. My box with DJ-blocks have been put away for several months now. Time to bring it out in the open again :)

Think some of the other girls also had problems deciding how to sew the blocks.

But it helps to have a discussion aroung the table to find the best way to sew a block.

I chose to work on a applique block today.

I have no plans making the whole DJ quilt yet, just sewing a block now and then, perhaps just one block each month when we meet. So far I have seven blocks. Too many other projects that I want to focus on.

Saying for today:

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NQF's annual quilt meeting 2011 - part six

More inspiration

Lappemakeriet was another wonderful shop attending the quilt meeting.

and they have som wonderful BOM's. I am now sewing on the one with the eight pointed star. Package #3 had arrived when I came home sunday evening.

I love this BOM from Lappemakeriet.

Stoff og Ide was one of the local quiltshops attending the annual quilt meeting.

Fun to see what the northern quiltshop had in their shop. Almost like all the other shops, but they did have some patterns from local designers.

Quilteglede had also come to Tromsø with their shop.

And this is Åsne with her shop Quiltefryd.

A lot of temptations in this shop too. I love this tablerunner.

And so fun to see the original Life is Beautiful quilt from Hugs and Kisses
still have a lot of blocks to sew on this one :)

And of course the kit for this quilt came home with me.

I guess you understand that my head now is spinning with sooooo many ideas. I just need more hours each day to get it all done.

NQF's annual quilt meeting 2011 - part five

It is always fun to go and seek inspiration in all the quiltshops that attend the quilt meeting. This year it was not as many as usually. Perhaps because the meeting was held far up north in Norway. But all of my favorite quiltshops was there and all those temptations!!!!! See for yourself.

Here is Kathrine from Kathrines Quiltestue.

I love this little quilt and have bought both the pattern and fabrics. It is a schnibble pattern. And I am still thinking about the new BOM they are going to have (the small blocks above the quilt)

You see there was a lot of temptations in this shop, and then over to the next shop

Quiltegården, that won the prize as the best quiltshop attending the annual quilt meeting. Congratulations to you!!

I am waiting for the first package of the BOM to the right. It is a new pattern from AnnAKa and it has sooo cute christmas stitcheries on it.

And I bought the pattern for Gail's cute winter blooms. Hope I get some time to start on this one soon.

Saying for today:

Why don't all this inspiration
come with some extra hours each day.

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