Monday, March 21, 2011

NQF's annual quilt meeting 2011 - part one

If you all wonder why I have not been blogging the last week/weekend it is because I have been inTromsø at the Norwegian Quilters associations annual quilt meeting. And I did not bring my computer :) I have had some wonderful days together with almost 400 other quilt ladies. And I have a lot of photos to show you. So lets start.................

First I will show you the winner in the
viewers choise

This quilt is made my Sølvi Krokeide and is called "Mood Indingo". It is a wonderful quilt with a lot of details. Sølvi has won viewers choise before and you can see another of her quilts here.

Then over to the
winners in the quilt competition
"Soup made on a nail"

Winner traditional quilts: Magnhild Tautra

Second place traditional quilts: Eirin Haltuff Smestu

Third place traditional quilts: Eirin Haltuff Smestu

Winner in open class: Turid Tønnessen

Second place: Kjersti Thoen

Third place: Eva Melhus

Congratulations to all the winners. You can see better photos of the quilts and read the judges comments here (only in Norwegian). Photos of the other quilts in this competition will come.

I guess there will be a lot of posts from me the coming days :)
Just have to relax, unpack, upload all photos and in between also go to work :)

Saying for today:

May all of your ups and downs
be with a needle and thread

1 comment:

Grethe said...

Kjempe takk for at du viser mye fra helgen i Tromsø! Vi er mange som følger med på blogger for å
få litt bilder derfra rett inn i stuen. Mye flott å se på,skjønner jeg.
Gøy med alle som vant;sannelig ikke lett det der`suppe på en spiker`:-)

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