Tuesday, February 25, 2014

High up….


High up on the closet there is a box…


and in the box there is a quilt

(suprisingly there was just one in this box LOL)


a quilt I sewed a looooong time ago


and it will get a scrappy backing, just hope I have enough batting.

With Annie Downs coming to Norway in May I decided it was time to finish the Angel Story quilt.  I am so lucky to join her class at Kathrines Quiltestue May 8. (just call her if you want to join the class too) and she is also visiting Quiltegården May 6 and 7 (so call Siv if you want to join there).  It would have been fun to bring this quilt to show and tell. 

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The final Olympic sewing

Last day of the Olympic games 2014.  Just waiting for the closing cermony to start.  It has been ups and downs in Sochi, but I am so proud of the Norwegians.  11 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 10 bronce medals, total of 26 medals is amazing.

A lot has been going on in my sewing room too.  No gold medals for me (that had to be a finish) but I think I got a lot of silver medals in doing good progress on several of my olympic projects.


This was not one of the projects I had picked, but when I discovered that Annie Downs is coming to Norway in May for a one day class (which I of course have joined) I decided to pull these stitcheries out of the box.  The one to the left was half done, and the one to the right was not started.  Now they are both stitched and I just have to look for two frames.


I have finished all stitcheries on this one.  When starting to sew on the borders I discovered I had too little fabric. Luckily I found it in a shop and it is washed and ready to be sewn on.  Still have some hexagons to applique.


My plan was to go for gold with hand quilting my Antique Sampler quilt, but my shoulders refused.  But 1/3 is quilted.


Guess this is the project that got my focus these last days.  When all applique was done I started to rotary cut all the fabric.  And then I just had to start to sew some parts together, and then the quilt was growing and growing.  I could not stop sewing.  Originally this quilt is done in English Paper Pieceing, but I wanted to do by sewing machine.  I really love the look of this.


Now I am waiting for the closing cermony to start.  And enjoying sewing some blocks together.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

New banner

Today I decided it was time to make a change on my blog. As you all see I have put up a new banner.  I just wanted something more “quilty” on my banner and these photos are two of my favorites. This is more ME. Hope you like it.
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mrs Hartigan’s stash progress


Mrs Hartigan’s stash (design Sue Daley) is another of my Olympic projects.


Today I have rotary cut all pieces for this quilt.  I bought a bundle of fabrics for this quilt at Quiltefryd last april when I took a class with Sue.  And then added a few of my own fabrics.


All four appliqued center pieces are done.


And now I am ready to sew it together.  Originally it is to be done in english paper piecing, but I have decided to sew it together by machine.  Just have to figure out how to cut the applique parts to the correct size and angle.


And this is how far I got today.

Now over to some relaxing stitchery and watch the olympic games on tv.  Or a good movie. 

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Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Olympic quilt games has begun


This was one of my Olympic projects and yesterday I took it out of the box


and finished the stitcheries on it while watching the Olympic opening cermony.


Today I started to add the borders.  Sadly I did not have enough blue fabric for the outher border.  Have to call the quiltshop on monday to hear if she have more of the one I bought. If not I have to buy another blue, or perhaps make a scrappy border.  The hexagon borders (minus the top and bottom) and the hexagon flowers are ready to be appliqued down.


Today while watching Norway take two gold, one silver and one bronce medals I did some needleturn applique on another of my Olympic projects.  Will continue working on this one this evening.

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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Training camp weekend


This weekend Hanne visited me and we had a sewing room training camp. And of course she challenged me to have some finishes.  First two I picked was a toilet bag that I made in a class wiht Hanne several years ago (loooooong time ago) and a drawstring bag I made also a looooooooooong time ago.  Just a few little details left before they was finished, so why I have put them in the UFO drawer I have no idea.


First finish took about three minutes.  Just had to pull the cord through the linings.  Easy peasy to do with one of my favorite tools. It is called the Easy Threader and is perfect for pulling cords.


Second finish was the toilet bag. Just had to sew down two short bindings inside the bag.  Took be about one hour (with a lot of chatting and coffee ).  Voila……two finishes early saturday morning.


Then I started to quilt the rest of the table runner I started to finish last weekend. Just had to quilt around the hearts and the bottom green parts, and to sew on the binding.


While watching a good movie saturday evening I sewed down the binding, and now I have a new table runner on my table.  This is also a design from my friend Bjørg (no blogger)

THREE UFO’s FINISHED IN ONE DAY, yohooooooo doing a happy dance.
And I have already picked some more small UFO’s to work on the next weeks.
I have too many small things in my UFO drawer.  Stitcheries, small applique motives aso.
Have to do something about this.


Sunday morning after breakfast Hanne and I had planned to sew some angels.  You remember the skinny angels we have made earlier.  Now it was time to make those chubby angels.  It is always fun to have a sewing companion in the sewing room. 


This is my chubby angels. I love the look they have and I know I am going to sew more of these.

And with these angels i have FIVE finishes this weekend.

Yohoooooooooo !!!!!!


Here are my two chubby angels (to the left) together with Hannes chubby angel.  It was so fun to make them.  Hanne and I have already made plans for what to sew when we meet for our next sewing together weekend.


Now I am going to relax and just do some progress on my “One day at a time” quilt (Sue Daley design).


Rusken have stayed a lot in the sewing room together with us.  I have started to wash all my “Shipshewana” fabric and Rusken found a nice sleeping place in the fabric pile.  He is for sure a real Quilt cat.

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

January Quilt meeting


Thursday was the first quiltmeeting in my quiltgroup this year.  We had invited Kathrines Quiltestue to join us this evening and they came with two cars full packed with quilty stuff.


They had also brought a lot of inspiration to show us. 


We got overloaded with inspiration.  Thank you Kahtrine and Nina for driving the whole way from Oslo to Elverum in snowstorm. 

Then there was show and tell from the members of the quilt group.  Enjoy the photos.


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