Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vacation sewing

Right before going on my summer vacation I received my order from Honeysuckle Cottage. Right in time to prepare the stitchery to bring it with me on my vacation. I had ordered the new book "A Christmas Story" from Anni Downs and the "Stitched Angel Bag" from Cinderberry stitches.

And I finished this stitchery in just a day. Now I have to find the perfect fabric and sew the bag.
I had also prepared the third block from Gail Pans BOM "Angel Sewing Basket" and finished this too. I look forward to get the next block now. This will be a perfect wallhanging on my sewingroom. But still six more blocks to sew.
And finally I finished the rest of the blocks for my Leannes House. I look forward to sew it all together, baste it and then handquilt it. But I know I will not be able to finish it before Leanne arrives in the end of october. I guess when I have my surgery I will not be able to sew a few weeks.

Block # 7
Block # 8
And finally block # 9
I had prepared more Applique Design blocks too, but I was not in the mood for that kind of sewing. Stitchery is a very easy and fun work to do when it's hot and I do not want to think so much :)
Saying for today:
A hug is a great gift -
one size fits all and it's easy to exchange

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer holiday - part 2

After spending the weekend at the cabin we headed for Dønna, where my boyfriends mother lives. Only a couple of hours driving this time. Dønna is a island on the coast of Helgeland. If you want to read more about Helgeland and Dønna you can read about it here. Maybe you want to visit this place sometimes.

The next two photos is taken on top of Sjonfjellet (Sjon mountain).
A beautiful wiew over to Glein where we are staying the next two weeks.

One evening there was such beautiful weather and we decided to go to Dønnesfjellet (The Dønnes mountain) It offers a fantastic view. In good conditions you can see Rødøy in the north and Vega in the south, together with most of the characteristic mountains found along the coast of Helgeland. I'll show you some of them.
This is Dønnamannen (The Dønna man). A mountain with a very special profile. If you lean your head to the right you can see the profile of a man lying there. Do you see him?

Syv Søstre (Seven sisters). It is possible to reach the seven tops in one days, and this trip will take about 14 hours. Do not think this is a goal for me :)
Wiew out to Tomma.

This photo is taken late in the evening at 22:00. You can see the sun is still shining. This is a wiew out to Løkta.
They also have a bathing beach at Dønna called Breivika. No bath for me this day. Too windy and cold :)
And I think you see what this is a photo of LOL It's North Europs biggest marble stone phallus, 89 cm high and 50 cm in diameter. It is standing on top on a very old burial mound.
Dønnes church is one of the three middleage churches on the Helgeland coast. Build in stone and with a specific architecture. The church was buildt at 1100's, so it is very old. It also have a mausoleum build at 1600's. I have never been inside this church, but I will next time.

Now our vacation on Dønna is over and we are on the ferry from Dønna to Sandnessjøen. Another photo of the Seven Sister mountains.

It feels good to be back home and back to normal routines. This morning I have been reading blogs and mails. And I see there is a lot of beautiful quilts made while I've been away. I look forward to clean up my sewing room now and start on my projekts again. I have done a lot of sewing while being on my vacation, show you in my next post. Next week I have been allowed to start working 20%, and I look forward to that too. Will do that until my surgery august 22nd.
Now............heading in to my sewinroom to check my treasures there :) I got some really goodies in my mail when I came back home. Show you later ............teasing teasing teasing :)
Saying for today:

The only thing self-cleaning in this house is the cat

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm back :)

My summer vacation is now over for this time. We came back home late yesterday and it feels good to be home. We had two great weeks.

But I have missed you all. Two weeks without any internet connection. That's hard :) I missed reading your blogs and getting emails from you. That means I have a whole lot of mails and blogs to catch up now. I looked at my bloglines and I noticed a lot have been going on while I have been away. So I will now enjoy some days browsing through all the blogs. But I have decided it will be almost impossible to comment on each and every post so I have decided I start from scratch now with my comments. So please don't feel disappointed if I do not post any comments on your posts this last two weeks.

This trip started on friday 13th with 13 hours of driving up north to Mo i Rana where my boyfriends sister live. We were going to meet her at the mountain to join her and her family at their cabin. We arrived the cabin at nine in the evening, had some food and then we went on a little party out on a little islet. We were picked up with a boat and it took one minute to get to the islet. If you look at the photo below you can see the little islet in the middle of the photo.

The islet was not big :) But we were about twenty people out there. Laughing, playing guitar, singing and making coffee on the open fire. Look at the wiew from this little islet. Isn't it beautiful. This photo is taken at midnight. You know this far north the sun never goes down during the day. But this day it was clouded and the sun hided behind the clouds. Even though you can see the snow in the mountains it was not that cold. Wearing a thick sweather and sitting in front of the fire kept me warm.

You probably don't believe me when I tell you at 02.00 this night/morning all the girls (and one little boy) jumped out in the water for a bath. Off with all our clothes and into the water, but not for long :) After the bath a nice glass of wine at the rocks. And we all fet so warm after the bath. I will also mention that we took another bath later this day when the sun was shining.
This is the wiew from the cabin the day after. The sun was shining and it was so warm.
And this is a photo of the cabin we stayed at.
During the day a rainfall came and made a lovely rainbow. Not only one rainbow, but we counted four rainbows.
We stayed at this cabin this weekend and on monday we continued our holiday driving to Dønna. I tell you more in my next post. And save the quilty stuff at last :)
Saying for today:
A home is built of peace and love … and not of wood and stone,
a place where happiness lives and memories are sewn

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer time

Tomorrow morning I'm going on my next vacation. This time to the north of Norway. This time I will not be able to read any blogs or do any comments.

When I visited Grimstad I helped my friend Nancy starting her own blog. So pleas visit Nancys sting og ting to say hello to her. Today is also her birthday :) She is a very skilled quilter who also designes her own patterns. And I know she has a lot of beautiful quilts to show you.

I have had time to do some stitching this week. Block # 7 of Leannes House is finished and I have only two blocks left until I can start quilting. I will do these two on my next holiday. And then I will show you the top all together.

I got a mail today telling us about the program of Leannes visit in Norway in october. I am so looking forward to this event. Looks like both Leanne and Gail Pan is having patterns in australian counyty thread 7/7. I have to order this magazine. It's a pity they are not available in Norway yet.

Now I have to pack more sewing projects and some clean clothes. Leaving early tomorrow morning.

See you later :)
in about two weeks.
I'll miss you all.

Saying for today:
Of course there is such things as angels.
Only sometimes they don't have wings ... and we call them friends

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our summer visit in Grimstad - The quilt shops

After some days with Anita and her husband we moved over to Nancy who also lives in Grimstad. On monday we had beautiful weather and we enjoyed stitching out on the porch.
They have a beautiful cat called Gizmo and here he have found his place. On top of all the quilts.

We got time to visit some quilt shops. On saturday we visited Merethes Quilteatelier, but I forgot to bring my camera so I have no photos from this shop. But I managed to buy three fabrics and a box.

But on tuesday Nancy and I went to visit another quiltshop in Arendal. It is called QuilTen. It was a very nice quiltshop with a lot of nice quilts and fabrics. Here is some photos from this shop. In the back of the shop they had a sofa where we could sit and look at books and drink tea. Did I buy something.........................yes yes yes......LOL I show you further down all of my purchases.Today it was time to head back home to Elverum. But on the way home I knew there was another quiltshop. And my boyfriend asked if I wanted to stop and have a look. What a silly question. Of course I wanted that. So we had a quick stop at Quilteloftet. Here is some photos from this shop.

And here is the purchases from my first days on my summer holiday trip. Five days and three quiltshops :) But I know there will be not so many quiltshops where we are going next.
14 fabrics, one sewing box, one tea cup with cats on, two embroidery frames and 3 DMC embroidery threads. I have already used the embroidery frames on my stitchery and I love them. I have some plans with the fabrics in front. Have to do some sketching before I start.
Saying for today:
A quiet time in a quiet place;
a daily need for a moments grace

Our summer visit in Grimstad - The boat trip

My boyfriend and I have been in Grimstad for some days. First we visited my friend Anita and her husband. We had planed a trip with their boat, but the weather was not so good so we did not go for a long trip. But we had a very nice tour around the coastline of Grimstad on saturday evening.

Here is Anita in front of Mathilde.

Idar, Anita and Tom.Me hoping not to get sea sick. But I did well. It was so fun.

And now some photos from the coastline. It is so beautiful. It is so romantic with white small houses, the boats, seagulls screaming and the waves. In beutiful sunshine. But when the weather is bad I guess it is not that romatic.

Safe back at the harbour. This was a really nice trip. Thank you Anita and Tom for taking us on this boat trip.

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