Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our summer visit in Grimstad - The quilt shops

After some days with Anita and her husband we moved over to Nancy who also lives in Grimstad. On monday we had beautiful weather and we enjoyed stitching out on the porch.
They have a beautiful cat called Gizmo and here he have found his place. On top of all the quilts.

We got time to visit some quilt shops. On saturday we visited Merethes Quilteatelier, but I forgot to bring my camera so I have no photos from this shop. But I managed to buy three fabrics and a box.

But on tuesday Nancy and I went to visit another quiltshop in Arendal. It is called QuilTen. It was a very nice quiltshop with a lot of nice quilts and fabrics. Here is some photos from this shop. In the back of the shop they had a sofa where we could sit and look at books and drink tea. Did I buy something.........................yes yes yes......LOL I show you further down all of my purchases.Today it was time to head back home to Elverum. But on the way home I knew there was another quiltshop. And my boyfriend asked if I wanted to stop and have a look. What a silly question. Of course I wanted that. So we had a quick stop at Quilteloftet. Here is some photos from this shop.

And here is the purchases from my first days on my summer holiday trip. Five days and three quiltshops :) But I know there will be not so many quiltshops where we are going next.
14 fabrics, one sewing box, one tea cup with cats on, two embroidery frames and 3 DMC embroidery threads. I have already used the embroidery frames on my stitchery and I love them. I have some plans with the fabrics in front. Have to do some sketching before I start.
Saying for today:
A quiet time in a quiet place;
a daily need for a moments grace


Laila said...

HI. Your trip must have been a success. Lovely quilt shops and great friends. Love your new fabrics...wonder what you will make.

Darlene said...

Beautiful quilt stores and wonderful purchases! Those are the type of embroidery frames/hoops that I use and prefer them to any other kind. In fact, I don't own any other kind - LOL.

Gerry said...

What fun shopping must have been. It looks like Gizmo has the most comfortable spot to be had. LOL.

Also, on your boat trip...the photos are beautiful. What perfect weather. I'm glad you had fun!

CONNIE W said...

Wow, all those beautiful shops and all that beautiful stuff in them! Makes me want to run to a quilt shop!

Susan said...

What a wonderful trip. I love your purchases. You found some great fabrics and that little sewing box is so cute! Every time I see any of you ladies sewing out on a porch with friends, I want to be there! I don't have any stitching friends with porches. =(

I love seeing the shop pics!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

That cat looks sooo comfortable! and those quilt shops are very inviting!

Hanne said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation photos and your lovely purchases :-)

Katie said...

I'm so jealous! What wonderful quilt shops. Even better, what a wonderful porch to sit and sew on! :)

Belvie said...

I love the outdoor porch areas where you sit and sew! I visited Norway in 1995 and noticed that almost every house had a nice area to sit and enjoy the outdoors. We were in Raufoss and Gjovik. Are you familiar with that area?

I love seeing the quilt shops you visit too. It is just interesting to see what the quilt shops in other countries are like. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

JoAnna said...

Your trip looks so peaceful and fun. I can't imagine anything better than the ocean and quilt shops.

My husband had an orange cat named Gizmo that lived to be a very old and friendly kitty. It looks like he is living his next life in Norway and he seems very happy!

Carole said...

Wow, such lovely quilt shops! Nice goodies you bought! Thanks for sharing your vacation. Enjoy the rest of it!

Nina In Norway said...

Lovely fabric. Cant wait to see them in use.

Judy said...

Love the quilting box and I love the srping loaded hoops. I haven't seen those in a while around here. I need to find a few for some smaller projects!

Little Penpen said...

Wow, it looks like you are having so much fun! I think you have a great life!

Beti Copetti said...

Beautiful place! Fabrics and quilt shops are a heaven to me.
Love your blog to!
I put a link from my Casa al mare to here!!

Casa al mare

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